Zombies Then And Now

by Timothy Lane   11/24/13

The similarity between liberals and zombies is obvious, and has already been the subject of a Sunny Lohmann parody, in which she observed that they can even be cured by showing them their health insurance bill (they can’t extrapolate, of course, so it has to be their bill). But even after that they remain dangerous, since they’re still Democrats.

However, Mark Baisley has an article on Townhall today that not only makes the comparison, but points out that this isn’t even a recent discovery. In the 1940 film, The Ghost Breakers, Richard Carlson described zombies to Bob Hope as walking blindly with dead eyes, and pointed out that they simply follow orders without knowing or caring what they’re doing. Hope then observed (Baisley includes a brief clip), “You mean, like Democrats.”

The problem has clearly been around for quite a long time, going back at least to the New Deal.
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4 Responses to Zombies Then And Now

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I’ll have to queue up that movie if I can find it. (I guess watching it via that Dailymotion link will be adequate.)

    There can be little doubt that the Democrats benefit from a mob mentality.

  2. Kung Fu Zu says:

    I remember reacting with a deep guffaw the first time I saw this. I just watched the clip and still couldn’t help laughing.

    Hope was the master of timing and presentation.

  3. Glenn Fairman says:

    Vampires and Zombies. The youth are attracted to the former because they are portrayed as forever young, beautiful and wed only to a vague narcissistic morality of ego and consumption–all at the expense of others who they cannot be bothered with in the least. Their lives must revolve around the theatre of darkness where blood and irresistible passion hold sway. And if they have sold their souls for the inescapable punishment of life consigned to the outer darkness, then such is the melancholy of life where it is too late to turn back—even if one could gin up the desire.

    Zombies are partakers of relentless consumption. They have sunk beneath the moral baseline of humanity and beyond the strictures of Good and Evil–no longer even partaking of animal graces. Their requisite lives and forms are rotting and in tatters, but their indiscriminate urges draw them onwards from wreckage to wreckage and feeding to feeding. In reality, they are the dead who walk among us–knowing not their true estate.

    With nothing higher to aspire to then satiation and appetite, Vampires and zombies are the archetypes of our secular age of consumption. A life contemplated in the basement drains where the tragic and the beatific visions of life are equally vacuous and are themselves dead words of a lexicon that have passed away forever with the memory of Conscience and Light.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Vampires and Zombies. The youth are attracted to the former because they are portrayed as forever young, beautiful and wed only to a vague narcissistic morality of ego and consumption

      I always wondered about that. For what it’s worth, my generation (or just a little earlier) was attracted to the Wild West. It was a place where a man could be a man. He could be a hero, self-reliant, and go on adventures. There was a lot to like.

      And I still like John Wayne films even though I’ve never lived that life. But he was a good role model for us.

      But, good god, I’ve never understood this craze for zombies and vampires. Okay, maybe the chicks like vampires because the male vampires are usually portrayed as a feminized male with nice hair with blood all over himself. Maybe there is a psycho-sexual bonding with women because of this.

      But I suppose you’re right that both zombies and vampires become personifications of a mindset with no higher aspiration than appetite. If you cruise what passes for movies these days, you’ll find that most of them are devoid of substance. Even Bond films have become pathetically stupid. Even movies that aren’t explicitly about zombies are about as one-dimensional. It’s as if generations of youths have been taught to un-think. And they’re doing that well. The more clever ones will tell you that they’re deep because they’re “libertarians.” Whoopee.

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