Your Mother’s Words

by Fashqn1/9/17

I wrote this for the daughter of a friend who just passed away, but I hope it can comfort others who have lost their moms

There will come many moments when you’ll want to hear
Your mother’s words, and her voice
To give you counsel and sound advice
Help you make the very best choice

But remember that God is there with you
In all the wisdom and peace that He brings
He will guide you and help you in every situation
While allowing your soul to sing

There will be many times when memories come close
That may carry a smile or a tear
And you’ll wish so desperately to hug your mom
And feel her presence near

But God will hold you, and make you feel safe
On His love you can always depend
For He knows your needs and every desire
And His answers, and comfort, He’ll send

There will be many milestones in your life
When you wish your mother were there
When you hunger and crave her own personal touch
And the ways she always cared

But God will remind you that she’s there with Him
In that wonderful, joyful place
He’ll supply that assurance each time you’re in need
Through His perfect, and never ending grace

In times in the future , you’ll forget for a moment
And perhaps even pick up the phone
Wanting to share some news with your mother
Instead of going through it alone

But in every moment like that He is near
And will remind you even as tears fall
That she’s safe in His place, with your granddad and others
And that He can answer your call

And just when the pain or sadness feels greatest
and you feel lower than you’ve ever been
He will draw even closer and whisper so sweetly
One day you’ll be with her again

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One Response to Your Mother’s Words

  1. Anniel says:

    Lovely, as is usual for your wisdom. Thank you once more.

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