Written after the Aurora Colorado shooting

by Fashqn3/2/14

The sound of a gun

We cower in fear

I cry out to God

And hope He is near

It happened so fast

Like the blink of an eye

And now all around me

Are loud, panicked cries

A moment of fun, then a terror so bold

The silence in suffering is empty and cold

One impulsive decision brought me here on this night

Now my mind is confused as I cower in fright

Where does this kind of evil come from so fast

How long will the sobbing all around me now last

I’m scared now to move, unsure what I’ve seen

The violence was scheduled to be on the screen

That thought makes me stop short and question anew

Where on earth am I now; what’s the world coming to?

Why do we accept all the violence and gore

Pay good money to see it and clamor for more

Why are we fascinated with evil like this

That’s now interrupted our moment of bliss

The chilly reality makes me feel dread inside

My thoughts are chaotic as I kneel here and hide

I’m filled with such shame as I suddenly see

That all those in this place have been living like me

Never thinking of how much this evil has grown

Very rarely repentant over seeds we have sown

Taking for granted our next precious breath

While satan stood plotting our cruel and quick death

I can’t say for certain if I’ll escape on this night

Or face sudden eternity before the dawn’s light

All around me are echos of tears, groans of pain

The carnage is sickening; the bodies now slain

“Dear God, help us all” I whisper out loud

As I lie here so helpless , in the midst of this crowd

But I realize as I speak those words that I mean

That I’ve been changed here tonight by what I have seen

If He grants me the gift of escaping from here

I must turn my heart to His Son, it is clear

When everything changes in a moment, you see

It’s amazing how clear and how sure you can be

That all that’s important is God and His plan

My trust has to be in Him alone; not in man
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One Response to Written after the Aurora Colorado shooting

  1. Glenn Fairman says:

    very good imagery.

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