Writings Published in Wall Street Journal 1971–1979

by Ramona Demery7/12/16

These verse samples were published in Pepper. . . and Salt in the Wall Street Journal from 1971 through late 1979. Many were also published in the Saturday Evening Post, Arizona Highways and other magazines and newspapers.

All of these light verses were gathered together and published as Light Verses . . . . Just For Laughs by Amazon, including the Kindle Edition, in 2002. Both editions are illustrated by Maria Alejandra Bidondo.

Since good humor should always be funny, even if dated, the following examples are offered for your enjoyment:

(. . . . cost estimates for the missile-firing
Submarine Trident were
censored out of the public transcript . . .
News item.)

Next year I’ll be much richer,
I’ll have some cash to burn.
I’ll print “this sum is censored”
Across my tax return.

Some are roll the bottom kind,
And some are squeeze-the-middle kind
Why is it every former kind
Gets married to a latter kind?

Whoever said that we keep young
By living with young is outrageous,
For how can our children keep us young
When so rapidly they age us?

Witch doctors and psychiatrists perform
essentially the same functions in their
respective cultures. . . News Item

Since their functions are parallel
Does it matter which a person sees?
Except there may be (who can tell?)
Quite a difference in their fees.

Jack the Ripper was a woman, a former top
sleuth at Scotland Yard believes. . . News Item

Jack the Ripper, of actions shady,
Could have been, I believe, a lady,
Now they’ll convince me, if they can,
That Lady Godiva was a man.

When only a baby just newly arrived,
On good warm milk I happily thrived.
I then found what’s best for easing my troubles,
Was colorful drinks all fuzzy with bubbles.
When these failed to satisfy my thirst any longer,
I searched and found something a little bit stronger.
And now after the years have swiftly unraveled
And fully the gamut of drinks I have traveled.
What will help me to sleep, the doctors have said,
A little warm milk before going to bed.

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3 Responses to Writings Published in Wall Street Journal 1971–1979

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Whoever said that we keep young
    By living with young is outrageous,
    For how can our children keep us young
    When so rapidly they age us?

    Now that I can see
    What the young do today
    I don’t feel so old
    Instead I feel quite sane.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Our children may age us prematurely, but what explains my (relatively) physical senescence? I didn’t have any.

    But some very nice light verse there. Not Ogden Nash or Edward Lear, I guess, but quite acceptable anyway.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The Little Buggers

    You stroke their hair and pat their cheeks,
    your life with them is dales and peaks,
    they cause you heartache, they give you love,
    are they from hell or from above,
    yet in the end they are your treasure,
    their worth to you is past all measure.

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