Wonderful Hillary Wanted to Join USMC

by Anniel11/13/15

On the November 9, 2015 Jimmy Kimmel Show, Hillary Clinton was asked about her characterization of Republicans as “enemies.” In attempting to walk-back her remarks she made this incredible statement:

“. . . What I have found in my 20 plus years of experience in this arena is that when I am in office, I have great relations with Republicans. They say wonderful things about me. . .”

Wonderful? When? Which Republican?

In a recent interview with Jeff Zeleny, a Chief CNN Reporter, Hillary said that in the 1970’s she attempted to join The United State’s Marine Corps and was “gently” turned away by a recruiter because she was a woman.

Hillary and Bill were married in 1975, so either she was trying to escape marriage and moving to the backwoods of Arkansas where Bill was beginning his political career, or, what? —She really desired to be a marine but the famous “War on Women” was already underway?

Or is this just another, uh, untruth that doesn’t make a difference at this point?

Zeleny is only giving her two Pinnochios until he hears more from Hillary’s campaign advisers, who have refused to comment on the matter.

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4 Responses to Wonderful Hillary Wanted to Join USMC

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Apparently Slick Hilly only gets 2 Pinocchios because they can’t prove her claim false (a couple of friends say they heard about this at the time). But it’s always safe to assume that everything she says is a lie, just as one can assume with her husband (Slick Willie) and her former boss (Slick Barry). Liberals seem to prefer pathological liars.

    • David Ray says:

      She was tagged “congenital” liar. (Leave it to liberal idiots to so default in deception that they amase so many adjectives.)

      Al Gore seems to excell in the “compulsive” department, but that’s him.

  2. Rosalys says:

    Back in the ’70s I tried to join the army. I too was turned away, but not because I was a woman. It was for a minor medical issue which needed to be taken care of before it became the military’s responsibility. In the interim I met my husband and decided to get married instead. Several years before that my sister, a nurse, joined the navy as Lieutenant JG. She was not the first woman, trail blazing the way for other women to join up; she was not the only woman in a vast sea of men. She even received promotions, up to Lieutenant Commander. The military was not turning away women in the 1970s! Can you imagine a twenty something Hillary, fresh from Wellesley, radicalized by Alinsky, even wanting to join the military – let alone choosing the marines! This is just another Hillary lie. Honestly, that woman can’t tell the truth about the time of day!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      As I noted in a Memorial Day posting a year ago (I think), my second cousin was a Navy officer in the medical field, and her experiences (which may well have been related to the very long-standing VA scandals) led her to attempt suicide some years ago. She survived for a while, but with her mind destroyed.

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