Why Has Immigration Become Such a Bone of Contention?

IllegalImmigrationThumbby Leigh Bravo9/16/15
Back in 2007, while President Obama was busy campaigning to become the first black president of the United States, the majority of Americans were fully in support of immigration reform, and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Flash forward to 2015 and you will see unbelievable levels of contempt and refusal to accept anything less than mass deportation of all illegals. Why?

When President Obama took the oath of office in January of 2009, the House and the Senate of the United States was controlled by the Democrats. Obama campaigned for the hispanic vote by making multiple promises of, not only, addressing immigration, but permanently fixing the problem. He spoke on the issue March 27, 2008 on the Larry King show.

“[We] have to recognize that we’ve got 12 million undocumented workers who are already here. Many of them living their lives alongside other Americans. Their kids are going to school. Many of the kids, in fact, were born in this country and are citizens. And so, it’s absolutely vital that we bring those families out of the shadows and that we give them the opportunity to travel a pathway to citizenship. It’s not automatic citizenship. It’s not amnesty. They would have to pay a fine. They would have to not have engaged in any criminal activity. They would have to learn English. They would have to go to the back of the line so that they did not get citizenship before those persons who had come here legally.”

However, even with a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate, President Obama did nothing to advance immigration reform. He mocked Republicans for demanding the border fence be secured,  and taunted his opposition by accusations that they would soon be demanding  moats and alligators to protect the borders. All this rhetoric while only 37 miles of the fence on the Southern border was actually secured. All this rhetoric while he stood by and did nothing to address reform in his first 2 years as President. As a result of pushing through Obamacare on Christmas eve, against the wishes of the American people, the Democrats lost their majority in the House.  As we all have seen since, without true leadership, immigration reform hit a permanent brick wall.

Instead of leading the discussion with Congress, President Obama decided to take matters into his own hands. Still promising change to the hispanic community in 2012, ensuring his reinstatement as president for another 4 years, immigration reform was once again stalled.  However, in looking at well documented time lines, most Americans were unaware of the president’s actions to ensure that the immigration laws on the books, were ignored and defied.  Obama, along with Eric Holder, of the Department of Justice, moved forward on suing any state that actually followed the rule of law on deporting illegal immigrants, including criminals. He refused to support E-verify, instead defunding the expansion of the program.  He terminated funding for the virtual fence along the border,  approved millions of dollars in tax credits  be paid to illegals immigrants, and routine border searches were stopped. President Obama drastically reduced the number of national guard at the border from thousands to 130. A 24 hour hotline was established for use by illegals while the president’s budget proposed severe cuts in funding to ICE. In 2012, the president bypassed Congress and unilaterally implemented the Dream Act, and announced the closure of nine border patrol stations, while putting into effect an aggressive campaign to recruit illegal immigrants to sign up for welfare and food stamps. In 2013, the Obama administration released thousands of illegal criminals into communities while advertising for babysitters for the surge of illegals over the border in the summer of 2014. Following the surge, millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on charter planes and buses to place un-vetted illegals into schools and communities across the United States.

Meanwhile as the economy continues to tank,  job creation at an all time low, and against the ruling of a federal judge, Obama passes out work permits to illegals like candy, sanctuary cities protect them while their own citizens are being raped and murdered, and Democrats across the country now pursue the passage of laws that allow illegal immigrants to vote in our local and national elections.

Is there any surprise that, as a result of Obama’s private war on legal immigration, that the majority of the American people are angry and demanding all immigrants be deported? This pendulum effect of emotion has been fueled from the beginning by a President who refused to lead the Congress to common sense reform and as a result has pushed the American people to drastic measures to stop the flow of taxpayer dollars, American jobs and unchecked support for those who have entered our country illegally.

The polarization and division of the American people, created and sustained by the current administration has made the problem worse, now amping up hate and discord for anyone crossing the border illegally.

Those in the hispanic community that continue to support Obama and vote for democrats ( basically and action of cutting off your own nose to spite your face) represents the truest definition of an oxymoran. Actions by President Obama and democrats produce incongruous and self-contradictory results in an issue that requires leadership,  and common sense reform.

The push for the destruction of our current immigration laws has done nothing more than create a bone of contention and division within the American people on Immigration reform.

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7 Responses to Why Has Immigration Become Such a Bone of Contention?

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Back in 2007, while President Obama was busy campaigning to become the first black president of the United States, the majority of Americans were fully in support of immigration reform, and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

    On what do you base this claim?

    I can well recall the uproar which arose when President Bush and Senator McCain tried to push through their immigration reform around this time and they were soundly defeated.

    It took many people, including myself, to urge our Congressmen to fight the Bush/McCain cabal. I personally visited my Senator’s office and gave her advisor an ear full. I have always believed that it was this attempt by the RINO’s to grant amnesty and open the borders that gave birth to the Tea Party. It took a little while for the movement to coalesce, but this poke in the eye of average Americans got things moving.

    • Leigh Bravo says:

      If you check polls at the time, over 70% of Americans were in support of some type of immigration reform..not amnesty. They wanted borders closed and immigration addressed. The difference after 7 years of Obama breaking our immigration laws, the majority of Americans want illegals deported period!!! Even though Democrats and Obama want illegals here to vote, they refuse to reform immigration because then they would actually have to follow the rule of law instead of letting anyone and everyone in to the country. They would actually not have the ability to let everyone in and grant them driver’s licenses and the vote. As a result, Americans want all illegals gone and numbers allowed in reduced. His actions have turned Americans against immigrants which is in direct opposition to what hispanics vote for Democrats for……did that make sense?

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I agree with you that over 70% of Americans were for some type immigration reform. I do not, however, agree with the balance of your statement, “and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.”

        I have never seen any poll which supported that.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          My opinion on that, Mr. Kung (and I simply must have an opinion), is that probably most Americans did believe in some sort of fuzzy “path to citizenship.” I think it was an easy platitude to mouth because no one thought it would effect them.

          Well, guess what. I do think people are now seeing the effect. Often is the case where I see some piece-of-shit truck on the side of the highway stopped at the side because something fell out of it onto the road. They always look like illegal aliens to me.

          And I think “multiculturalism” and all that baloney sounded just fine as long as there wasn’t a price to pay for it.

          We will witness Europeans waking up to the fact that they are paying a huge price for importing millions of Muslims into their lands.

          Perhaps there is no issue that crystalizes the difference between conservatives and Establishment Republicans. Conservatives believe in American Exceptionalism, that we are not just a zip code or a time zone but a special idea. Establishment Republicans reject that and believe the multiculturalist schtick that if we just all genuflect to some fuzzy notion of “tolerance,” that’s all we need. Libertarians have the same fuzzy notion of society thinking that it takes no more than private contracts.

          For those who reject that America is a good idea and one worth preserving and passing on of course see no need for immigrants to assimilate. As Rush noted today, people now are made to feel guilty about their culture. So there are a relatively few who see it as something worth preserving, who see it as something beyond the consumerism and vulgarianism that pervades the culture.

          Trump has tapped into the small number of Americans who still think that America is a good idea and that this nation must take care of its citizens first. The evil of Cultural Marxism has made that a controversial notion. And, of course, the evil, gutless, money-grubbing Establishment Republicans will have nothing to do with anything regarding controversy unless it is bashing conservatives.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            The problem with the polls is tha they never ask the appropriate questions. As Ann Coulter pointed out in her most recent book (and in many columns), they offer a false choice between some sort of unspecified reform and deporting everyone now. They never give an honest choice of reforms that are really under consideration.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Immigration became a bone of contention because our elites want as many immigrants as possible (the Democrats because they know that the immigrants will eventually become their voter base, the GOP because the Cheap Labor Lobby donors bought them), whereas ordinary people don’t. (Poll results are variable depending on how the questions are worded, but it seems clear that people want less immigration, not more.)

    And, incidentally, illegal aliens aren’t having work permits handed out like candy. Can you imagine Michelle Obama allowing them to hand out candy? (This is a variation on a joke included in Mission: Tank War by Michael Kurland.)

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