White Girl Bleed A Lot

WhiteGirlBleedSuggested by Taleeb Starkes • “Reading Flaherty’s book made it painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is even greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities across America.” — Thomas Sowell
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  1. mochamadness says:

    I have been told that this book is based on the black on white crime epidemic taking place in America. In major cities and small towns, black thugs (male and female) are attacking non-blacks, especially whites, for no reason. Their excuses are ‘they were bored’, ‘this is for Trayvon,’ and other pathetic reasons. Non-blacks are gonna have to ‘stand their ground and stand up and defend themselves against these hoodlums. It’s not against the law to defend yourself against the lawless. I believe EVERYBODY has the right to kick azz if necessary.

    And these crimes (black on white) should be reported. From my understanding blacks become upset and angered when black thugs are shown committing crimes on televion. So what! They shouldn’t be making people’s lives miserable. Turn the tables on them and make their lives just as miserable.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Actually, one of the most important reasons for reporting these crimes is so that blacks won’t mistakenly think that interracial crime is mostly white-on-black. Most of them aren’t thugs, but as long as they’re misinformed (by the deliberate decision of the synoptic media) on this issue, too many sympathize with the thugs.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I haven’t read the book either. But clearly there is an intersection of victimhood identity and pragmatic party politics in regards to forever seeing blacks as victims. It’s a poisonous philosophy and politics, for as soon as you designate someone a victim, you have to overlook their transgressions while demonizing others. And to deny that blacks are victims is to be racist, at worst, uncaring, at least. The one smart thing that George W. Bush said is that this kind of politics leads to “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

      The politics of all this stinks from top to bottom. It’s just another issue the Left uses to grow the government. The personal issues are even worse. To create a victim-minded person is to baste someone in constant grievance. And thus you get to the point where an entire sub-culture thinks it has the right to break the law and abuse other people.

      And it pollutes thought. I actually had some dumb-ass at National Review criticize me for using the supposedly demeaning term “sub-culture.” He either had no idea what the word meant (a possibility) or simply had his mind, heart, and character bent by the politics of the Left which hears demeaning things even when they aren’t there. Their ideology is based on themselves as the heroes and everyone else as the villains, so they must maintain this political narcissism by hearing dog whistles everywhere.

      This is the kind of grievance or vendetta culture whose purpose modern civilization itself is meant to transcend. But the Left is dragging us back to a more primitive orientation. It is the Left who is splitting us up into groups according to skin color, sex, etc. Not only are such low-brow politics draining from a psychological point of view (Who likes being surrounded by stupid people?), but it sucks all the oxygen out of the air of polite society. Instead of healing fissures it creates them. And the largest mind-f*ck of all is that these same people tell you that they are all the height of “tolerance” and “compassion.”

      • Timothy Lane says:

        I suspect the idiot who complained about “sub-culture” thought it referred to an inferior culture rather than a smaller group within a larger culture (a subgroup, but he’d probably complain about that term as well).

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