What White Democrats Really Think About Black Americans

HarryReidby Patricia L. Dickson   5/24/14
On any given day of the week, one can turn on the liberal media and hear how the Democratic Party is the one party that cares for black Americans. Liberal pundits such as Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and of course Al Sharpton are forever fighting the purportedly racist Republicans on behalf of black Americans.

Just a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi told Americans that Republicans were trying to take food out the mouths of black Americans by cutting food stamps. She then stated that 50% of food stamp recipients are black Americans.

And let us not forget that the Democrats are fighting hard against the supposedly racist voter ID laws on behalf of the poor blacks who are either unable or too stupid to get an ID card in 2014. When Newt Gingrich called President Obama “the food stamp President” during a presidential debate in 2012, both Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell immediately thought of black people and accused him of racism.[pullquote]You will almost never hear a Democrat utter the term “self-sufficient.”  Democrats will help sign up poor blacks for food stamps and welfare; they will have a voter registration table at the social service office, but they wouldn’t dare send someone from the local community colleges to set up a table at that same office.[/pullquote]

As a black American, it is infuriating for me to listen to white Democrats’ claims of helping blacks when all they are doing is making sure that blacks remain dependent upon Government handouts. That stance reveals what they really think about black Americans.

Has anyone noticed that whenever Democrats give campaign speeches in black neighborhoods, their speeches never inspire or uplift? The Democrat politicians (and race baiters) all say the same things in speech after speech. The deck is stacked against youthe rich are greedy, and whitey is out to get you. Democrat politicians never encourage black Americans to get some kind of formal education in order to get a good job so that they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty. You will almost never hear a Democrat utter the term “self-sufficient.”  Democrats will help sign up poor blacks for food stamps and welfare; they will have a voter registration table at the social service office, but they wouldn’t dare send someone from the local community colleges to set up a table at that same office.

The negative effects that liberal policies have had on black Americans should be enough to convince anyone that the Democratic Party does not, as it claims, care about black Americans. However, my experience with white Democrats during the 2008 Presidential campaign really revealed to me how they viewed black Americans. While living in New York City during the fall of 2008, I was approached daily by so-called well-meaning white Democrats who would engage in unsolicited political conversation with me. Although I have had several such personal experiences, I will just share a few:

  • A white female senior citizen approached me in the garden at The Museum of Modern Art as I was standing next to the statue of François-Auguste-René Rodin. She began telling me how Obama would be a much-needed change for America from George Bush in order to improve our image around the world.  She said that George Bush was the reason that the Middle Easterners hated America.  I responded by telling her that the Middle East has hated America way before George Bush, and I began giving her some historical facts such as the bombing of the USS Cole, Khobar Barracks and the World Trade Center in 1993. She angrily snapped at me and said, “I know my foreign policy!” I then sarcastically responded, “Then why don’t you try to become the next U.S. Secretary of State.” She then turned and walked away. It was obvious that she did not expect a black woman to know any historical facts.
  • Another incident occurred in Manhattan one afternoon while I was sitting on a bench eating a hot dog. A white lady came and sat by me and asked me who I was voting for in the upcoming election. When I told her that I was voting for John McCain, her smile quickly turned into a frown. She then began to tell me how black people needed Democrats to help them and that Republicans did not care anything about them. She said that I was lucky that I had a good job (in a condescending voice), but others blacks are not so lucky. I told her that all anyone needed was jobs and education. That really made her angry! She then sarcastically said, “Well why don’t we just line them all up an exterminate them,” and she got up and walked away.
  • I was standing in front of a Richard Nixon exhibit at The City Museum of New York when a young white man walked up and stood next to me. We started discussing President Nixon’s history and I could tell that he was shocked that I knew so much history. He started asking me about the upcoming election and for whom I was voting.  I told him that I was a Republican and that I was voting for John McCain. He wanted to know why I (a black female) would not support candidate Obama. I told him that for one, I disagreed with his position on abortion. He told me to my face that abortion was a good thing because he used to be an inner cityschool teacher (he had since quit) and that we needed to abort as many ofthem as possible.
  • I was exiting the subway carrying the book The Conservative Mind by Edmund Burke. A white man (a total stranger) standing beside me look down and saw the book in my hand and said, “What are you doing reading that book, you are supposed to have a Liberal mind, what happened to you?” (i.e., how did you escape the Democrat plantation?) The ONLY thing that saved that man was that I happened to be wearing my military uniform and I could not speak freely because my response to him would not have reflected favorable upon the U.S. military.

There is nothing more disheartening and infuriating than to witness the continual destruction of the black family as a result of liberal policies. There are many able bodied black Americans that have tremendous talent that is being wasted.  Democrats would rather these talented individuals remain dependent on the government so they spread division, lies and inflamed hearts with charges of racism.  The constant drum beat of claims of racism coming from white Democrats should reveal for anyone listening what they really think about black Americans.
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4 Responses to What White Democrats Really Think About Black Americans

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Outstanding, Patricia. We need to puncture this myth of the uber-caring Democrat. As Rush Limbaugh says, the Democrats depend upon a permanent underclass of people. That pull quote I used above says it all. It’s now highly offensive to the liberal way of thinking to be a self-sufficient, hard-working American who looks for opportunity from any place but government hand-outs.

  2. Rosalys says:

    “What are you doing reading that book, you are supposed to have a Liberal mind, what happened to you?”

    The weird thing, Patricia, is that of the two of you, YOU are the one with the liberal (in the classic sense of the word) mind. His is the narrow mind stuck on stereotypes.

    There is nothing more disheartening and infuriating than to witness the continual destruction of the black family as a result of liberal policies.

    True. And having done such a masterful job they are now wrecking havoc on the rest of us. They can’t keep their hands off or their noses out of anything. They can’t leave anybody alone. These people destroy everything they set their sights on! It’s like Midas touch in reverse!

  3. Anniel says:

    Patricia – I read you on AT and just then my son came in and asked if I had read this wonderful woman on the site. I showed him your picture from stubbornthings. I think if he weren’t already married he’d be headed your way.

  4. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, one can’t beat personal anecdotes, but I do recall reading back when I was in college that blacks often got tired of the way liberals treated them (such as in college). The problem seemed to be their sort of amazed (“Oh, wow, a black”) attitude. We had a discussion on racial attitudes in one of my economics courses in which one white student mentioned his concern at encountering a group of blacks on campus — and the 2 blacks (out of around 40 or so students) proceeded to ask how we thought they often felt. (I thought of this when I read about Obama’s account of his virulently angry reaction when he went to a mostly-black party with a couple of white friends — or maybe acquaintances in view of his reaction to them — who commented afterward that they could understand how he felt being surrounded by whites most of the time.)

    One can note a few other indicators of liberal racial bigotry. The basis of affirmative action, to the extent that there’s any logic at all to it, is that blacks are inferior and need a lot of help to “qualify” for any difficult position — and there’s no indication that they ever expect this to change. In addition, the liberal decision to sacrifice black children to the teachers’ unions is a spectacular crime against the race — and one committed by black as well as white liberals. The fact that liberals seek to appeal to blacks (and Hispanics and women and homosexuals) primarily on the basis of fear of the Other (Republicans/conservatives) rather than by actually improving their lives is itself indicative of something — though I think it’s more likely the reality that their ideology is emotionally necessary to them (this is the sort of person I refer to as a professional liberal, a category Harry Truman considered inherently intellectually dishonest) despite being very undesirable in practical terms.

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