When Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Ignorance2by Anniel12/13/15
I have been trying diligently to keep up with and understand what passes for serious thinking in the world these days. Honestly, things change so rapidly that remaining sane is almost a losing battle for anyone with any attention span at all. What’s true today may be false tomorrow.

Once in awhile, for a few brief moments, it seems that Charlie Rose and other talking heads open their eyes and entertain a cogent thought. Then they blink and the stupidity sinks back in. I thought just a couple of weeks ago that a lack of curiosity and imagination sufficiently explained why Rose and his ilk misunderstood the American people, but now I think there are some added dimensions: Total ignorance; a lack of desire to learn anything new; and fear.

When a person is steeped in the progressive culture, where lies become embedded in a person’s core, is it even possible to change in any meaningful way? Ignorance means to be unaware, whether by training or choice, and changing that ignorance for reality is apparently fraught with huge amounts of personal pain.

Charlie Rose said he knew the Clintons “as much as anyone.” He went on to say that he was surprised by some of Hillary’s changes, that she used to be a “centrist, more like Bill, but now she is swinging a little to the left.” Centrist? Bill Clinton? Hillary? Really? A little to the left? Even Charlie should be appalled when Hillary says she never, ever blamed Benghazi on a video and thereby branded the families liars. Maybe Charlie just has a bad memory.

Rush Limbaugh played the sound byte of Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose in 2008, after Obama’s first inaugural, saying they knew very little about Obama. Again, they still don’t, and deny the little they do know. How do they excuse their ignorance?

Is there anyone at all in the MSM, or a politician, who you think gives a second of thought to you or your needs? They seem to be willfully ignorant of their own audience and constituents. Are they too lazy to develop a better understanding of us? Or do they even care?

After the Paris Terror attack Obama showed himself to be cold-hearted and completely tone deaf, but most narcissistic IgnorantManpsychopaths are that way. To equate Climate Change as a ” slap in the Face” to the terrorists was sophomoric and an unbelievable insult to the people who were slaughtered there. But only in the U.S. do such gun crimes occur, according to our dear leader. And he doesn’t want to “profile” Muslims. Christians, you bet, but not Muslims.

Even Obama should be a bit more concerned about the San Bernadino, California shootings. He is really creepy, as are Hillary and Huma. They appear to glory in the whole affair. Huma is still a proud Muslim. Has anyone heard any of these three, the president, Hillary or Huma, express any concern for the Americans killed there? Or for their families?

And Saudi “prince” Alwaleed tells Donald Trump he is a disgrace and needs to withdraw from the race for our American Presidency. He’s incensed that Trump wants to keep Syrians out. But Alwaleed himself is building a fence along his own border to keep the Syrians out of his land, so who is he to tell us what to do? Trump asked him how many refugees Saudi Arabia has taken in. The Prince is now in the spotlight and he ought to remember that he who wears a crown should sleep with at least one eye open.

And of course there’s the purported U.K. rabble signing a petition not to let Trump enter their land, although even that may be bogus with over half of the signatories not from the U.K. But what if it is true and goes before Parliament, then Trump wins the Presidency and refuses to travel to the U.K.? Would the Queen, her pathetic son, or Members of Parliament be embarrassed? What if Trump divested his U.K. holdings?

The matter of being fearful to admit that we are in danger is intriguing. Fear in this case might get you killed. And no one thinks that will happen to them. (Just don’t make the jihadists mad, or your head may be on the chopping block.)

Hillary Clinton thinks her lies have been wiped clean. She says we should not insult every member of a religion, and that Love Trumps Hate. Other women, even some Republicans, say they respond to that. So goes life in these United States today.

So many questions. What are we to do? How do we drain the cesspool of the Beltway? Should the Dems and GOP be skewered and a Third Party established?

Help me out here, are the progressives indulging in a suicide pact and expecting us to join them? • (698 views)

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4 Responses to When Ignorance Is Not Bliss

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The progressives/liberals/leftists/Orwellian fascists/whatever aren’t engaged in a suicide pact in that they think they will get away with it. Other Americans can and will pay a high price, but (as usual) they think they can get their “virtue” on the cheap, at everybody else’s expense. Of course, they can also be wrong.

    Unfortunately, if they are, the rest of us will probably pay an even higher price for their willful, invincible ignorance. For example, if (say) the jihadists detonated an atomic bomb to wipe out Versailles-on-the-Potomac, it would do a great deal of good in decapitating the forces of evil in the US government. But it would also kill a vast number of people who don’t deserve that fate.

    • Anniel says:

      Timothy, The fate of our own citizens should be the first concern of our government, but it seems like the last. We’re expected to just do what we’re told. So the next attack, or attacks, will probably be worse. And if it’s coordinated attacks it could be horrendous. In the meantime we’re told by our betters not to read “Huckleberry Finn” to keep students from learning anything that might stretch their minds.

      I hope we don’t have an attack, but I’m not betting we won’t. Maybe a lot of people, from bottom to top, need a wake-up call before we can straighten this mess out.

    • Tom Riehl Tom Riehl says:

      Cicero said that the first law is to keep citizens safe. Hardly news.

  2. David Ray says:

    Unless I’m deceived, Trump actually let Jake Trapper bait him into slandering Justice Antonin Scolia.
    Trump. Please flush your head out, before you embarrase yourself any further.

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