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SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/18/18
What the Drudge Report Was Meant to Be  •  In this anti-establishment age, people are increasingly moving toward anti-establishment news sources. Many good examples exist, but as far as news aggregators go, one stands out: Whatfinger News (Whatfinger.com).

That’s right, not the Drudge Report. That titan of news-aggregator traffic loses out because of an area in which it may be without peer: providing eyeballs for left-wing websites. More on that momentarily.

It’s not hard to put your finger on what makes Whatfinger stand out: much more news, more conservative news and better views. Whatfinger is well organized and above-board, presenting headline news from various sources, categories for right-wing and left-wing outlets (with the latter far smaller!), and a prominent video section.

Most of Whatfingers’ readers are ex-Drudge fans alienated from Drudge due to perceived establishment bias. And its web traffic levels reflect the anti-establishment wave. SimilarWeb shows Whatfinger’s “numbers at 1.63M in the traditionally slow month of December while back in August they were pulling in about 400K hits. That’s a pretty fast-paced build in the Sabermetrics of digital publishing,” reports Liberty Nation.

Speaking of a liberty nation, Drudge just doesn’t seem to be doing much to help us maintain that status. Let’s first understand that, as they may teach in journalism school, everyone and every entity have a bias. Note that unlike a “prejudice,” a bias doesn’t have to be negative by definition. What really matters is whether you’re biased in favor of the Truth — or a lie.

Unfortunately, too many of Drudge’s sources have a very definite leftist bias; this is not mere perception, either. As Liberty Nation also informs, reporting on a 2015 study:

The Drudge Report is Numero Uno for referring traffic primarily to the rogue’s gallery of narrative-driven left-wing media outlets like CNN, the New York Times, and The Washington Post. As a conservative who’s now well versed in the power and money that traffic gives these outlets, one must ask[:] What’s up with that? Why is such a robust website on the right driving so much traffic to the left? Don’t these legacy properties [that] perform palace guard functions for the establishment already have enough influence and power to get there on their own? Do conservatives need to be giving them a helping hand?

Note that traffic is a website’s lifeblood, equating to influence and income. Feed the beast, and the beast grows. Wither on the vine the knights trying to slay the dragon, the knights get slain. We conservatives already have to deal with Twitter’s shadowbanning, Facebook’s censors and Google’s blacklists. Et tu, Drudge?

Perhaps Drudge’s failure is explained by O’Sullivan’s First Law: “Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.” A more precise way of putting it, however, is that any institution not rooted to ageless principles will bend to the age’s preferences.

Matt Drudge, the eponymous founder of the Drudge Report, has embraced the label “conservative.” Sadly, however, he too often seems to be conserving the legacy media’s power.

As to power, Drudge is still where it lies in the news-aggregator business. But if Drudge is the aging heavyweight champ, Whatfinger is the younger, more vibrant up-and-coming contender who only needs a title shot to hoist the belt. I hope it gets it, too, because the current media status quo has conservatives heading for a knockout.

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10 Responses to Whatfinger News

  1. Steve Lancaster says:

    I have noticed the same about Drudge and O’Sullivan’s First Law still seems valid. Unfortunately the same is also true of National Review.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    I’ve never accessed Drudge, or Whatfinger for that matter. My main news sources are Town Hall and Hot Air, though I get some from updates I get on my e-mail account.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      As the culture moves left, the chore for linguistic contortionists who make their living selling words is to suddenly discover why some liberal thing is, and always has been, a conservative thing. Jonah Goldberg, for example, suddenly declares that gay marriage is a good thing.

      We don’t have to do that here. Or, if our views change, we can certainly be honest about it. “Brad now approves of global warming because his largest customer is a software business which makes millions in churning out various computer climate simulation applications.” And I would do that. Why lie? Why lie to yourself?

      We don’t aim here to be perfect or perfectly objective. There is no such thing. But we can be honest about what we believe and why we believe it. I’m just not a big fan of groupthink. But the human species is built for that. We’re a social creature. We quickly and easily come together under different styles, ideas, signs, banners, or even hats with little or no thought to whether any of the underlying philosophies, morals, or principles are coherent, make sense, or even aren’t downright evil.

      That’s the aspect of “Thinking Outside the Daily Drama.” Whether Drudge has moved left or not, I don’t know. I scan his headlines once in a while. It’s a good way to find amusing articles. I’ll check out Whatfinger but, geez, what a mess of a layout at that site. It needs a little organization and styling.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I’ll check out Whatfinger but, geez, what a mess of a layout at that site. It needs a little organization and styling.

        You are absolutely correct.

        The Drudge site is not attractive, but Whatfinger is irritating. They need to do a lot of work there.

        I have noticed that Drudge now included many more left-wing publications than before, but if one’s intent is to expand one’s business then one must include more online sites than just conservative sites.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          As this culture becomes almost thoroughly “Progressive” in every way that matters, it’s a conundrum for those professing non-Progressive views. There’s still a business model whereby you want to expand your customer base.

          Look at us here. Since I called “bullshit” on the entire conservative media being little more than a form of book-selling to those who find entertainment value in everlasting complaining (as opposed to being an active reform movement), we’ve lost writers. But then that sort of exposes what they were all about in the first place. Complaining.

          As for general content, I don’t object to someone writing outside the box. I just ask that they be honest about it. And I think it’s inherently impossible to be a “Progressive” thinker to be honest about things, if only because life’s truth are mostly conservative.

          Drudge’s site is ugly in a sort of old-fashioned black-ink-on-cheap-white-newsprint way. It’s a easy way to scan headlines that have an aspect of Barnum-and-Bailey to them. There’s always some weird stuff in there, such as Drunk Driver Tries to Order Tacos from a Bank of America Drive-up Lane.

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    A number of places, including Whatfinger, have reported that James Comey will spend a year teaching a course on ethical leadership at his alma mater, the College of William and Mary. Some of us might wonder what he knows about the subject (Judge Jeanine discussed this with a guest, and one of them suggested he should teach leakership). The link is:


    • Steve Lancaster says:

      I saw that, my first thought that it was from the onion. William and Mary, the historical figures should hang their heads in shame.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Tbere’s so much news today that belongs in The Onion or some similar parody publication. I can remember once coming up with a parody of a department store Santa getting into trouble for saying “Ho, ho, ho” to a girl named Tina Brawley. By the time the issue appeared, Santas were advised in some places not to use the phrase in order to be suspected of calling anyone a “ho” (i.e, whore in black rap lingo).

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