What Islam has to do with Islam

by Kung Fu Zu 1/11/15

I thought some of you might have interest in how Europeans are looking at the recent terror acts in France. So I decided to translate this piece for your edification.

The German daily, “Frankfurter Allgemeine” published the opinion piece, “Was der Islam met dem Islam zu tun hat” in the January 11, 2015 online edition. This is the first time I have seen someone in one of the leading German newpapers come out and point out that a terrorist act by a Muslim does have something to do with Islam and that it can’t be denied. This is a positive change. But some of his following comparisons are based on faulty logic. I understand that when trying to get people to reform, perhaps it is good psychology to reassure them that their failings have been seen in others, so as not to alienate them. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. That being said, I believe the writer makes some other fundamental errors and I seriously doubt he has read the Koran.

The following is a quick translation of the article. The intro reads,

“Again after the attacks in Paris it comes reflexively: That has nothing to do with Islam. But Muslim groups must ask themselves, why their religion brings forth so many terrorists. And what they can do.”

The body of the piece is as follows,

“The pattern is known: If somewhere in the world, on basis of Allah is great, heads are cut off or women are raped, if suicides bombers, to the glory of this Great One, blow themselves and others into shreds, it doesn’t take long until someone says all of that has nothing to do with Islam. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President, could fill a complete poetry album with such expressions.

A few months ago he got excited that people murder people after they yell, Allahu Akbar. “That doesn’t belong to the true identity of Islam..that has no place, never, in our religion.” At other times he complains of the growing Islamophobia of the West, the racism and bias against Muslims. Terrorist organizations such as ISIS or Boko Haram misuse Islam, according to Erdogan.

As Pope Francis recently visited Turkey, Mehmet Gormez, head of the Turkish official religious organization Diyanet, announced Islam is a religion of peace, and terrorism is rebellion against God: “As Muslims we reject extremism and the spilling of blood.” The Turkish foreign ministry condemned the massacre in Paris in a similar way: “The culprits have gravely betrayed the civilization (read Islam) to which they claim to belong. It is obvious that these brutal attacks will serve no other purpose than to prepare the ground for islamophobic, racist and xenophobic circles.” And the Central Council of Muslims in Germany announced: “Through this act was not only our Prophet betrayed, but our belief was betrayed and our Muslim principles were dragged through the mud.” Germany’s interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said to the “Suddeutschen Zeitung” shortly after the massacre: “Terroristic attacks have nothing to do with Islam.”

The Inquisition also had something to do with Christianity

The minister is correct when he warns against putting all Muslims under general suspicion. Terrorists alone stand about as much for Islam as Dresdens Norgelsachsen* with their black red gold Monday evening Christianity stand for patriotism. The great majority of Muslims are not radical and certainly not terroristic. Almost all Muslims are law abiding citizens, honest taxpayers, loving parents, caring Spouses, and Islam is a religion of love. Amen.

Only: Exactly as the crimes of the crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, the horror of the dunkers in Munster, the human destruction of the conquistadors in South America, the pogroms in tsarist Russia and all the many other misdeeds out of the Pitaval** of the West, which certainly had something to do with Christianity-in that they showed its ugliest, most horrible, stupidest face- so naturally crimes such as that in Paris have something to do with Islam.

How what is written is interpreted-and by whom

That is in the Muslim world (and for the desire of a cemetery like peace in the West) all too often swept under the prayer rug. The majority of the men, who murder in Allah’s name, have prayed in the mosque and read in the Koran the justification for their deeds. That Muslim groups such violent acts condemn is natural, as when someone says “bless you” when another sneezes. But instead of reflexively saying terrorists misuse Islam, Imams, Muslim functionaries and the leaders of Islamic influenced States should afterwards ask, whence this misuse. The claim that the massacre had nothing to do with Islam has the quality of the claim that the Gulag Archipelago had nothing to do with Stalinism, because Stalin propagated the freeing not the incarceration of the working class. That Stalinism was an ideology of love-can be proven with quotes from Stalin. And Christian Koran burners in America have nothing to do with Christianity because the Bible does not mention them. This is to be so removed from reality as Oceania, as discussed by George Orwell: War is peace, freedom is slavery, and Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

But just because one isn’t in Oceania doesn’t mean that the perversion of an ideology can simply be separated from the ideology. In the Koran one can find cover for love of humans and hate of humans, which is why nobody can win the battle of quotations as to which suras are to be followed and which are draft suras. It doesn’t depend on what is in the Koran. Rather it comes down to how it is interpreted. Whoever has rank and a name as a Muslim, must therefore warn daily: Some who mouth our belief, have the moral plague-and we can only find peace, when we, if Allah wills it, discuss how we must heal them. As long as all the Imams and Sheiks do not ask, why their religion creates so much perversity and why the teachings of their Prophet bear so many people who murderously call out to him, will crimes such as those in Paris be repeated. Sometime near us.

*I believe this refers the Pediga movement which has taken hold in Dresden and is for cutting back immigration.

** Causes celebres


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6 Responses to What Islam has to do with Islam

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The great majority of Muslims may indeed not support violent jihad, just as the great majority of liberals may indeed not support the suppression of dissent, but there are certainly a very large number who do — and are taught to do so by their imams. If radical Islam is just a perversion, then perhaps its defenders can cite a single Muslim country in which women are truly equal. Perhaps he can explain why we have the Saudis flogging a blogger for the crime of dissent, Pakistan jailing a doctor for helping the US locate bin Laden, the Taliban and Boko Haram slaughtering children for the crime of being educated. After a while, one realizes that thuggish Islam is in fact mainstream, the product of a religion designed for pre-medieval desert raiders.

  2. SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

    Muslims that do not like free societies ought to stay within their own societies instead of immigrating and polluting those other societies. I believe every Muslim in America could leave here and we would be just fine without them, in fact, perhaps better. Snowball fights in Hell are more likely, however.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s a remarkably good editorial from NRO: The Hate Whose Name They Dare Not Speak

  4. Rosalys says:

    If Islam is a problem, why are there so many peaceful muslims?


    • Timothy Lane says:

      There are basically 3 groups of Muslims. First, you have the violent adherents of Islam, who follow the vicious admonitions of the Koran. Second, you have the sympathizers, who accept the vicious admonitions (including taqiyya, lying to deceive the infidels in the jihad). Third, you have those who do not accept the vicious parts. Some are simply unaware of them (a lot of Muslims are as ignorant of the Koran as a lot of Christians are of the Bible). Some actually reject the vicious parts of the Koran in favor of other, much more reasonable parts (Sufis, for example, who are commonly targeted by the jihadists because of this).

      There are 2 basic problems with the genuinely peaceful Muslims. First, we have no way of knowing which are genuinely peaceful, and which are merely deceiving the infidels in accordance with taqiyya. Second, those who are ignorant of the vicious parts can turn violent (or supportive of violence) if they are informed of those parts (say, by a radical imam at the local mosque).

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