What CBS Local Won’t Let You Say

SexEdThumbby RobL
A daily scan of Drudge Report provides access to news stories across the land not otherwise easily located. This story caught my eye: CPS Mandates Sexual, Health Education For Kindergarten.

Perhap the most absurd news from an absurd week. I had to post my retort immediately. But fancy this — CBS would not let me, so I offer my satire here…

‘It’s not our fault they can’t read, they can’t add two plus two, can’t sign their name (it’s not culturally sensitive to teach cursive).

It’s our job to make sure as heck they know how to make babies, raise them fatherless, get as much dole as possible, vote at least twice, and ensure they cannot defend themselves from criminals and because criminals need to make babies, get dole, and vote twice per election too…

(and shhhh don’t tell anyone but it’s all good for us teacher unions)’


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5 Responses to What CBS Local Won’t Let You Say

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Some people may think a five-year old is too young for sex education.

    Oh, good god, what a bunch of flippin’ idiots. That should read “Some people may think a five-year-old is too young for sex indoctrination.”

    One is never too young to be indoctrinated into the cult of the Left. This is nothing less than the abuse of children. Let children be children. Only flippin’ psychos and dysfunctional adults would try to make them their object of their own sexual hangups or ideology.

    Only a sick mind would try to sexualize our children, taking time away from finger-painting so that the state busy-bodies and social misfits can try to spread their own phobias and pathologies.

    Let children be children. Do not use them as political tools. It should bother anyone that there are those who think that indoctrinating children into their own sexual attitudes is such a must that they must reach down into Kindergarten.

    This is what Jonah Goldberg calls “liberal fascism,” and that is the correct word for it. Do not let this BS become normal.

    • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

      I think the purpose is to introduce the concept homosexuality, bisexuality and sexual experimentation (if it feels good, do it stupidity) so when they come of age their mind is prepared to perform what ever deviancy the teachers wish.

      Nice thumbnail by the way, where did you find, wait… perhaps I don’t want to know.

  2. Kung Fu Zu says:

    The thought which comes to mind when I see that picture is; “what type of dick must this guy be to play a penis”. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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