We’ve Turned a Corner…

by Fashqn   2/27/15

We’ve turned a corner and some might say
That America has darkened and lost her way

But we can’t give up; there’s always hope
And a God above to help us to cope

The signs are not good; persecution is seen
Christians being killed for what they believe

Beheadings , atrocities, too numerous to list
Without any doubt left that evil exists

But God in His word told us all long ago
That we would eventually reap what we sow

A nation with all moral clarity denied
And all of the directions He’s given defied

New hatred arises against all the Jews
A repeat of history is found on the news

But we , so complacent, continue each day
To think of ourselves and to go our own way

When God must be first; to Him we must turn
If we want to get grace that we never could earn

His love hasn’t changed; but the world has, its clear
And His power alone can protect us from fear

We must turn away from distractions around
Stand up for Jesus; let strong faith abound

Forget all the temporal things that will go
And open to Him our heart, mind and soul

Allow His spirit to direct all we do
Turn away from the crowds and join with the few

Who truly remember all His word has foretold
And stand against evil, steadfast and bold

Surrendered to Him; who created us all
Before things we’ve trusted in topple and fall

Trusting in prayer and knowing His voice
So that in these dark times we will make the right choice

The answer through the ages, and forever, is the same
We will not find relief until we call on His name

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2 Responses to We’ve Turned a Corner…

  1. Anniel says:

    Your poem really is an “Amen” moment all the way through.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    No matter how hopeless things look (and they look pretty bad), I’ve never been able to give up completely, and I hope I never will. The odds get longer, but they still aren’t yet impossibly long.

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