We’ve Officially Reached the Pinnacle of Political Correctness

BernardinoJihadby Tim Jones12/6/15
One can now definitely conclude without a scintilla of doubt that we’ve reached the point where the long and winding road of political correctness has led directly to the deaths of fourteen in San Bernardino. And we can point to the fact that the country has reached the pinnacle of PC by electing a black man who had no executive experience, had not served a full-term in the Senate, and his primary experience was as a community organizer heavily influenced by Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky was the original community organizer who promoted “the ends justify the means” philosophy in seeking social justice through the existing power structures by lying, distorting, or obfuscating. Morality had absolutely no place in his political philosophy. Deceit may have been his more potent weapon he passed on to his followers like Obama and the Clintons. And political correctness is a form of deceit perfected by Alinsky and all of his acolytes have learned his lessons well.

If Obama had been a white man — let’s say he got his mother’s gene’s rather than his father’s since she was white and he was black — he would never have been elected president much less a viable candidate in 2008. For all of the women in the world hoping Hillary is elected president this election cycle, their wishes would have been realized seven years ago as she would have easily walked right into the White House.

It turns out a neighbor of the married couple who perpetrated the California massacre saw very unusual things going on in the apartment of Syed Farook and his wife Tafsheen Malik but was afraid of saying anything out of fear of being offensive and of being called a racist. Selwyn Duke writes in “San Bernardino Shooting: Political Correctness Kills”:

Then there’s the following, from CBS Los Angeles:
A man who has been working in the [Redlands] area [of terrorist Syed Farook’s home] said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.

“We sat around lunch thinking, ‘What were they doing around the neighborhood?’” he said. “We’d see them leave where they’re raiding the apartment.”

Does it occur to this man that, in a way, he has blood on his hands? We don’t have to ask if it occurs to the media, academia and entertainment culture-killers who conditioned him to be politically correct that they also have blood on theirs. They probably blame the San Bernardino climate-change incident on white microaggressions.

Nature abhors a vacuum, especially when it comes to power. And in the world, where the United States under Obama no longer takes the lead in ensuring either the security of the US or other countries for that matter, terrorists easily fill the vacuum and exploit PC to kill and maim. One of the sad ironies of the evolution of PC is the slogan “live and let live” that began during the protests of the Vietnam era. That mindset of not offending anyone and of not pushing back on anyone, culture, religion or country, has led directly to the San Bernardino massacre. Another real and dangerous irony is that well-meaning people who have absorbed our cultural doctrine of political correctness not to offend anyone now put at risk their own lives and those of others.

When political correctness began to bloom following the Sixties, it no longer became a way to a more open, compassionate, and egalitarian society as was thought to be the conventional wisdom. You had the Beatle’s “love is all you need” that became another mantra for the times. But PC was co-opted by the left as a type of insidious thought control in order to get everyone to surreptitiously accept and advance their worldview. It was insidious since it co-opted compassion, love and peace. Since everyone believes in those things, who’s going to argue otherwise while being played for fools. It was sinister in that it was a trojan horse for getting inside peoples’ heads – stealth thought control – and if you weren’t on board with it than you were immediately branded a racist, homophobe, sexist, Islamaphobe, etc. You can’t get a more perfect way to win a non-violent political contest than by using political correctness.

We are seeing the confluence of PC between the San Bernardino massacre and the current campus unrest that seems to be growing by the week. You have the president of University of Missouri resign over unsubstantiated allegations of racist remarks and a swastika created out of smeared feces on a wall, a raucous protest at Yale over an offensive Halloween costume, a Black Lives Matter group disrupting students at the Dartmouth library and denigrating them for studying and not joining the protest. And the most farcical may have been at Princeton where a group of progressive blacks took over the president’s office demanding the School of Communications remove the name of Woodrow Wilson because he was a racist. The irony here is so thick you’d have to take a chain saw to cut through it since Wilson was the original progressive president and a Democrat.

He was a racist because he did segregate the federal government between its white and black workers. And it was Wilson who decided the Constitution was a living document that can be interpreted any way one wanted in order to advance the public good rather than reading and interpreting it in its original and literal wording. Obama is the end result of the following one hundred years of evolving moral and cultural relativism that began with Wilson and his “progressive” legacy. And that legacy gave us a president who uses the political correctness and relativism to advance the power of the government by circumventing the Constitution through executive orders and promoting the heavy-hand of government in ways large and small through outright lies and distortions such as Obamacare and unconstitutional bureaucratic regulations.

Political correctness is nothing less than left-wing authoritarianism disguised as righteousness that disarms the natural instincts for survival and the identification of fatal threats. It is Alynskyite deceit in it’s most potent form. And it’s only a question of time when the next radical Islamic massacre takes place in the United States that can be walked straight back to political correctness. • (842 views)

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6 Responses to We’ve Officially Reached the Pinnacle of Political Correctness

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I’m not sure Slick Willie studied under Alinsky, though Slick Hilly certainly did, and Slick Barry studied under his students (and called it the best education he ever got). Nor was Saul Alinksy the originator of the idea that a (supposedly) good end justifies any means to get it, no matter how evil. Arthur Koestler argued that this concern was at the heart of Darkness at Noon and Arrival and Departure, and C. S. Lewis noted the consequences of this attitude.

    An even more spectacular example of the harmful effects of political correctness when combined with multiculturalism is seen in the Rotherham rape gangs — and the fact that the occasional efforts to report what was happening with a view of stopping them was squelched on the grounds of “racial sensitivity” (and those who objected were sent to sensitivity training). At least in Redland the couple hadn’t yet committed any known crimes.

    I mentioned elsewhere a New York Daily News item by Linda Stasi that, for all practical purposes, at least suggested that Christian microaggression was indeed to blame for setting Farook off.

  2. Rosalys says:

    “One of the sad ironies of the evolution of PC is the slogan “live and let live” that began during the protests of the Vietnam era.”

    Yes, indeed. “Live and let live” has morphed into “let live and die.”

  3. David Ray says:

    So many weasels in the press were so aching for the shooters to be evil white conservatives, but it turned out to be the usual Obama fan club.

    Sorry ’bout that liberal idiots . . . better luck next time.

  4. David Norris says:

    Anyone remember the television series “Hogan’s Heroes”?

    I’m thinking about the most amiable Nazi guard, one Sergeant Schultz, who had been brow-beaten by his superiors to behave in a particular manner. His mantra was…”I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!”

    It seems we now have a whole population (generation) of Schultz’s that have been created in order to maintain the status quo of false narratives and political correctness.

    Their marching orders are subliminal…”Better to let innocent Americans be killed and maimed while hearing nothing, seeing nothing, knowing nothing, saying nothing, rather than risking the threat of being called a name…like racist, or islamo-phobe.”

    Doesn’t anyone remember the old adage about “sticks and stones” anymore, or has that been erased by the P.C. police as well?

    This is what numerous years of psychological indoctrination pounded into our heads by the mainstream media in favor of C.A.I.R. (council on American- islamic relations, linked to the terrorist organization Hamas) and the progressive left have done; it has created in us an impulse to reject our own common sense and instincts about danger, and to make us feel that protecting our communities and nation is somehow despicable.

    Already I noticed a C.A.I.R. spokesman on the TV whining about the many acts of bigotry and intimidation against innocent muslim citizens across the nation since the San Bernadino shootings.


    • Timothy Lane says:

      Nice comparison there. Incidentally, John Banner previewed his Schultz role in a movie called 36 Hours (with James Garner as the hero), in which Banner plays a very Schultzian German Home Guardsman. I reviewed the movie here a year or two back after seeing it on TCM.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Yes, we are a nation of Sgt. Schultzes. I hope someone is busy digging tunnels around all this nonsense.

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