Wearing Blinkers

Blinkersby Anniel   7/7/14
In the past, reins controlling dray horses were equipped with blinkers on the bridle so the horses could only look forward and not become distracted from their work. Blinkers also prevented the horses from being frightened and bolting if they perceived danger in their surroundings. The vanity of some dray men led them to keep their animals perfectly groomed and to beautifully decorate the blinkers their horses wore. But no matter how lovely, the horses were still dumb animals, blinkered by their owners.

People can also be placed in blinkers if they are not careful what it is they choose to believe and whom they choose to follow. Men’s blinkers are the fear, lies and beautiful baubles used to convince them to stay on the path desired by their “owners” so they will not be distracted by other voices or ideas. Thomas Jefferson said that men are not born with saddles for other men to ride. But now there are men who do believe they were born to ride.

Fear is often ginned up by the owners, the “riders,” to corral and blinker the unwary. So crisis after crisis — global warming, war on women, voting rights, racism, all the usual suspects — appear on cue daily as distractions to truth. As enslaved and blinkered men and women begin to understand the fact that they are being lied to, they are able to turn and see all about them and identify the dangers they face. They may find they have forgotten that it is the natural right of all people to “own” themselves.[pullquote]Men’s blinkers are the fear, lies and beautiful baubles used to convince them to stay on the path desired by their “owners” so they will not be distracted by other voices or ideas.[/pullquote]

Today the people most clearly wearing blinkers are those who are at or near the top of the destructive forces in motion in the nation. Their own peril clearly escapes their notice. Many of our not-so-distant ancestors knew what it was like to lose baby after baby to illnesses we no longer fear. It didn’t matter if you lived in a hovel or a palace. Tsar Peter the Great lost at least nine of his thirteen siblings, mostly to illness, while in his early youth and only three of his own fourteen children survived to adulthood.

When thousands of destitute and diseased illegal alien children are used as expendable pawns and deliberately dumped indiscriminately into our towns and cities, do the elite really believe that they, personally, will remain unaffected by the results? When the President’s own daughters are infected at their tony school by some third world contagion, who will he blame for their illness? Will Pelosi’s loving kindness continue if she or someone in her family becomes ill? Everyone, top to bottom, in the nation is facing the same perilous time from this regime’s careless actions.

A dear liberal friend came to visit me recently and commented in an offhand manner that we needed to cut our current population in half in order to save the world, and that doing so would not hurt her feelings at all. I was appalled at such a heartless sounding thought from my normally “kind” friend. I asked what she thought the population of the U.S. should be and she said “about what it was in 1940.” I asked her how she would enjoy living the way people did in 1940. She didn’t know what I was saying because she really believes that we will continue living our present life-style with no changes because “we know so much more now.” Talk about blinkered.

The greenies and and other activists fail to understand that our current state of technology and life style exist because we have the population to sustain them. If we were to cut our population so drastically, within two generations we’ll be severely restricted and maybe even back to hauling by dray horse again. Long distance air transportation will be limited, manufacturing and trade will drop, and technological advancement will retreat. Who will do the work that needs doing to keep the infrastructure in repair and services operating? What about such simple things as repaving and filling potholes? Who will do the mining and smelting, and build the tools? Even the people who plan to keep their wealth and power will lose many of the advantages of an advanced modern civilization.

Sandra Fluke is back in the news in the Hobby Lobby case and shows she is another fool wearing blinkers. My late brother, another blinded soul, told me that Rush Limbaugh was wrong to call Sandra a “slut” and that she was just a poor girl who was “trying to take control of her own body.” I asked, “So why doesn’t she?” He thought that’s what she was doing and that the US was the only country “that doesn’t supply health care and contraceptives for its own.” I finally gave up talking to him. “Taking control of one’s own body” used to mean growing up and doing just that, taking care of one’s self. I’m an adult and certainly don’t need anyone from the government in the bedroom with me (gag), nor in any other room for any reason.

Our culture of abortion, death and the exploitation of children will have to be answered for. Who is really claiming the children being brought into the US? The black market this administration has opened by deliberately bringing in these children is totally evil, and Obama doesn’t care since he has become the pimp for every perverted psychopath in the nation. We all need to remove our own blinkers and finally see him and his minions for what they are – traitors, one and all. Every time I vow to not speak so harshly against some of the members of this regime, they pull another hellish scheme out of their hat.[pullquote]The black market this administration has opened by deliberately bringing in these children is totally evil, and Obama doesn’t care since he has become the pimp for every perverted psychopath in the nation.[/pullquote]

Someone said that, “It’s surprising what you hear when you listen.” All of us who listen and hear are perplexed by the refusal of many citizens to listen when truth is spoken, or to remove their blinkers in order to see. We remove our own blinkers and then it seems we preach only to the choir. We hope more will join that choir. But what other recruitment avenues are open to us without adding more coercion to the coerced?

Our one recourse in charity at this moment is to tell the truth, openly and fearlessly, and let the judgment of God and the righteous of this nation rest on the heads of the traitors from both parties aiding this ruinous regime. Sometimes even speaking to or about the enemy takes great courage, but we still need to be of good cheer while we speak and pray. • (2731 views)

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9 Responses to Wearing Blinkers

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Annie, this is a truly astounding essay. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    I’m not so sure that Barry Screwtape Obama really is “a pimp for every perverted psychopath in the nation” (very nice alliteration, by the way). Wouldn’t that require pimping for himself and the rest of his Gang? It would be hard to be a more perverted psychopath than Barry Zero, Eric Holder, or slimy Harry Reid.

    Treason is specifically defined in the Constitution, and we conservatives (at least those of us who revere our guiding document) should rely on that. On that basis, Barackula hasn’t committed treason, except perhaps in the Bergdahl deal. I see him and his lackeys as a criminal gang (which in fact is what just about any Chicago pol is likely to be).

  3. Anniel says:

    Timothy – you don’t consider refusal to protect our borders, criminal use of the EPA and IRS, or refusal to aid citizens on foreign soil treason or “high crimes”? There are so many crimes this administration is guilty of that seem to qualify as “high crimes and misdemeanors” that it’s an insult to our intelligence how they think they can continue. Add to that the oath breaking and payouts to all and sundry who toe the line and what a criminal enterprise we have. I stand by calling them traitors. Richard Nixon had to resign over nothing in comparison to these con men and women. But such is the so called Justice system these days that there is no center to hold to except truth telling.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Crimes, even high crimes, certainly. But treason? “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” His betrayals on the border certainly are atrocious, but not technically treasonous according to the definition in the Constitution. The Bergdahl trade, on the other hand, qualifies if indeed the decision to trade him for 5 prisoners was gratuitous rather than necessary (a suggestion that has been made because he was held by the Haqqani, not the Taliban, and the Haqqani would be unlikely to be interested in trading for the release of such prisoners). If nothing else, Mexico, Guatemala, etc. aren’t formally enemies.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

        The Left is at war with this country, as founded. They are subversives from within. It is an important question when political differences cross over to “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And I have to agree with Annie. Given the track record of what we’ve seen from Obama, he’s stepped over the line from mere “policy differences” to actively trying to subvert the rule of law and the Constitution.

        How simple this question would be if, say, Canadians were taking arms against us and crossing over the border to take territory. But we have the subversives from within where taking land, as a foreign army must do, is beside the point. They must instead steal and subert our ideas, including the Constitution.

        But I’ve been saying that since day one. Why George Will would have ever let this leftist stooge share his home for an evening’s dinner is beyond me. I would have sent him packing. The Left hates this country. They want to remake it into a Communist country ruled by their totalitarian party. We need to wake up to this fact and not have our attentions diverted by the bobbles they throw us. It bothers me no end how many useful idiots there are who fall for the environmental utopia stuff, or this really stupid “war on women” rhetoric. God help me, it’s a tonic for the soul when a real woman (Annie) writes about this.

        Also note that Patricia, in the same vein, writes often about the “useful idiots” among blacks who buy all the racist rhetoric. Enough. We need to wake the hell up and give all of these Leftist thugs the heave-ho. Some do indeed deserve to stand trial. But most must be shamed out of polite society.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, given what use Barry Screwtape Obama would make of the power to declare all internal enemies to be traitors, no doubt to be judged in the Star Chamber), internal enemies don’t qualify as “enemies of the United States”. Nor does Mexico, though in view of their provocations on the border (at the behest of the drug gangs and coyotes, if there’s any difference between them) they probably should be.

          We disagree not in condemning Obama (after all, I refer to him routinely by a name that implies that he’s a major demon of Hell, and also as a gangster), or in what crimes we would indict him for, but in the specific legal terminology.

  4. Anniel says:

    Fast and Furious, giving “aid and comfort” to the drug cartels bringing poisons to be distributed from Chicago, threatening US citizens in their own homes and cities, illegals kidnapping women and children, and murdering citizens in cold blood while gangs take over, there are so many wrongs against the US that these people and those who aid and abet them in the administration have to answer for. And the refusal of Holder’s Justice Department to take action against anyone is certainly more “aid and comfort” to the enemy. Benghazi makes my blood boil, but the exploitive use of children is one of the worst crimes in the book. The children coming over the border are being given willy-nilly to whoever wishes to claim them, for whatever purpose. Slavery for many of them is a reality. And a democratic congresswoman greets them with lollipops at the border. Children are never supposed to take candy from strangers, but it could be a Mr. Goodbar instead.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I consider Obama as the ringleader of a criminal gang, and would be happy to see him jailed for the rest of his life after his presidency. I simply say that we have a specific constitutional definition of treason, and his behavior — bad though it definitely is — doesn’t quite qualify. My disagreement is purely over the specific charge you would levy against him. Otherwise, we agree on the indictment of Barry Screwtape Obama, far and away the worst chief executive in the history of the United States.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I agree with you. There is no doubt the man has broken the law and it would be wonderful to watch him rot in Leavenworth, but unless someone can show he intentionally aided an enemy country or group such as ISIS with the aim of damaging the USA, I think it would be hard to get him on a charge of treason.

        The general damage he and his criminal cabal are inflicting on the country is no doubt more serious than treason.

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