For Want of Ten Righteous Men

by Glenn Fairman 5/18/14

If one were to take the moral temperature of America, who would doubt that the ethical scales of a majority of Americans would now tip in favor of the deadly triumvirate of abortion, homosexual marriage, and cannabis enthusiasm? Such wickedness occurred in the times of Noah and Lot: where the feet of humanity were swift in their pursuit of iniquity and the hands of men nimbly acquiesced to any abomination in their war against the holiness of the… Most High.

The time is coming, and may soon be upon us, when the decay of civilization reaches its critical mass, and no amount of wisdom, pleading or intervention will serve to awaken souls who delight and make common cause with iniquity – who relish in the evil of their parched imaginations. Ten righteous men will not be found to put an end to God’s looming judgment wherein the furnace of oblivion renders all evil as chaff. The proud, the ungodly, the sensual, and the uplifted chin will be brought to a time of weeping and sullen bitterness. Having professed themselves as enlightened beings without a guiding star or master — except their own appetites, the Children of Darkness are doomed to reap their full measure of judgment. Having forsaken the only means of escaping the Great Tribulation, they will soon find that the Door is slammed shut and nothing remains for them but the maelstrom.
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4 Responses to For Want of Ten Righteous Men

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, it would be hard to find 10 righteous men in Washington, DC, and I’m not sure New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Chicago would qualify either. Back then they only had 2 such towns, but of course that was a smaller country, and they didn’t have any universities.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Having professed themselves as enlightened beings without a guiding star or master — except their own appetites…

    A little fire and brimstone preaching is just what the doctored ordered. Man distinguishes himself from the animal by having standards for his appetites…and — most importantly — wanting to have such standards. And he wants such standards not in order to squelch anyone else’s fun or because he is offended that someone else is having more fun than he is. He sets such standards because he understands that there is more to live for than breeding like flies, scratching every itch, and getting stoned out of one’s mind. That is, man has a noble purpose. He is more than just an animal and ought to act like it.

    I would agree that what we will allow and not allow is an ongoing question. And sometimes what is not allowed is driven by impulses no more noble than those who push for everything to be allowed. That’s where wisdom comes in. And our society has lost track of the entire idea of wisdom. It is simply enough to be lost in our passive amusements, to be animals with hi-tech gadgets, or to give in to whatever fashionable pop whim is wafting in the air at the moment.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      So if one of the differences between man and animal is the desire for standards to control one’s animal appetites, does that mean it’s justifiable to refer to liberals as animals (which I frequently do) given that they have no desire for any such standards? (They also make a deliberate choice not to think for themselves, which is such a defining characteristic of man that the scientific name — Homo sapiens — can be defined as “thinking man”.)

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Absolutely, Timothy. Dennis Prager is often going on about how the Left’s view of humans is as “just an animal,” and how having adopted that view he is constantly living down to that standard.

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