In the Wake of 9/11

by Glenn Fairman   11/9/13
(For Shellie)  •  In the wake of 9/11, we retrieved a gauntlet that had been thrown down by blood sworn enemies to the American Idea. What occurred on that morning was tantamount to a civilizational Declaration of War that has transformed us in ways for which we are still not fully cognizant. Our legitimate resolve sent fresh faced soldiers dutifully marching into Hellish regions–sons and daughters redeeming the cost of liberty before returning home, some perhaps as emotional or physical shells, and some not returning at all.

While the craven amongst us chose the rhetoric of denial: the moral path of least resistance, still others answered the clarion call, manned the ramparts, and poured themselves into the breach. Incandescent lives, known perhaps only to their family and friends- all whom share a piercing loss that will never fully heal.

We remember 9/11, where valor rose from the smoldering ashes of a Burning City, and in the aftermath, warred down a new century’s tyranny without blinking, without regard to life or treasure–without standing down. In Arlington, or in a verdant shrine in a thousand home towns, the answer to 9/11 bears witness. It is the solemn echo of sacred duty, of towering sacrifice, and of abiding love.
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