The Wages of Political Correctness

by Glenn Fairman 4/3/14

We live in a prickly age that wears its indignations on its shirt sleeves so that the world will behold our sensitivities and marvel. One that has the world walking on egg shells — lest some raw nerve be aggrieved by the mention of an “inconvenient truth.”

You know the drill: men and women using their feigned, strategically-directed outrage as tin snips to emasculate the written and spoken world. Forever growing bolder in their accusations and indictments, they issue their not so veiled advisories that if an individual should somehow see “red,” he should prudently called it “blue” for the safekeeping of civil order — for our “children’s precious sake.”

The seed of Orwell’s Dark Perpetual City is first planted in the dull and unquestioning mind and sprouts one hundred fold when it is tended in a moral vacuum. Such men, who value their skins to the exclusion of their souls, barter what yet remains of their rectitude and liberties for the thin gruel of fear. It all begins when one holds hostage the word that is burning to be spoken – or that is trembling to be put to paper. All tyranny is weaned in this conspiracy of silence, and we should not be surprised when that babe grows up to be a monster.
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2 Responses to The Wages of Political Correctness

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    ll tyranny is weaned in this conspiracy of silence, and we should not be surprised when that babe grows up to be a monster.

    Indeed. Common sense has become not only politically incorrect but socially unacceptable (the one leading to the other, of course). And as Mr. Kung had pointed out to me, one can’t solve a problem unless one can describe it.

    We are creating a monster. My purely theoretical question is whether or not Super-Nice-And-Tolerant-And-Enlightened Mr. or Mrs. Progressive will reach the point where party/ideological loyalty does not trump noticing (let alone standing up against) the various absurdities being promoted by the Left.

    Listening to a clip of Mr. Obama today on Dennis Prager’s show, it’s evident once again that he is a thoroughly absurd man. Obama was once again demonizing anyone who thought that the government running health care might be a bad thing. And a point that Prager noted regarding the “goal” of 7 million sign-ups is that those numbers themselves are beside the point. The point, as Dennis noted, for entirely dismantling the existing system was supposedly because of he 25 or so million who could not get health care.

    So as Dennis said, the idea that 7 million have supposedly signed up for ObamaCare is irrelevant. The only number that matters is how many of these people previously could not get insurance. If most of that 7 million are just people who got bumped out of their existing plans, then there is nothing to crow about. And as Mr. Kung had noted to me, given the compulsory nature of signing up, there is not much to crow about in this regard either.

    Of course, most here at StubbornThings understand that the one and only goal of socialists is not to help people but to express their megalomania via an all-powerful state. These types are not happy unless they can treat the masses as clay that can be impressed with their own wills. This is why it is commonly said that those who do not believe in God will tend to try to become gods themselves.

    We are living in Orwellian times right now and few notice or even care, including the Establishment Republicans who are more than happy to take the reins of this whole mess if they can.

    I’m, of course, the designated pessimist on this subject. I do not foresee America shaking off socialism and the strategic lies of the Left, even when the pain of these policies hit. It is more likely, as in Europe, that things such as double-digit unemployment will just be accepted as the new norm. We will live in, and accept, the kind of degraded and devalued culture that British politician Daniel Hannan has talked (and written) about.

    I’ll take it even a little further. Whether because of inflation or simply because the money runs out, we will likely eventually see thuggery that will make the WTO riots in Seattle look like a Boy Scout jamboree. Grievance and an entitlement mindset have been carefully and constantly engendered by the Left. That’s their path to power, by basically creating a democratic mob rather than thoughtful republicans. There will be no good end to this story in my opinion. The monster will shake the ground.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    The reference to weaning is appropriate because much of the root of this aspect of political correctness is the infantile demand for emotional entitlement. Liberals think they’re entitled to have their feelings assuaged at all times (as well as getting all they want in terms of creature comforts). So anything that makes them happy is evil, no matter what effect that principle has on society. It’s the perfect liberal emotion: narcissism in the name of altruism.

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