W.R.P (Whorish Regalia of Power)

by Glenn Fairman7/6/16

If “intent” now becomes the selective prism through which justice is apprehended, then any number of crimes can now slip through liberalism’s eye of the needle. In truth, this new caricature of justice is delivered with the winking of the eye — it is a rancid vintage offered in new wine skins, that “old injustice” decked out in the whorish regalia of power.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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3 Responses to W.R.P (Whorish Regalia of Power)

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Most crimes do require criminal intent, but there are some in which negligence is sufficient, and this is one. Of course, Comey knew that there would be no indictment no matter what he recommended. Some thing it’s just as well he didn’t — for example, what if Lynch had arranged a feckless, pro forma trial leading to an acquittal? But I doubt they would do that (the trial wouldn’t be ended before the election), so I think he should have forced the issue. Unless, of course, he really doesn’t want to take a walk in Fort Marcy Park.

  2. Steve Lancaster says:

    As some have predicted the “integrity” forces within the FBI and Justice Dept. seem to be strangely absent, perhaps they are waiting for another shoe to drop. By my count with the Clintons enough shoes have dropped to fill Amanda Marcos closet about 20 times. More likely, they did the math— integrity vs paycheck, we know what lost.

  3. GHG says:

    When the soul of the nation is no longer moored to transcendent morality, truth and integrity are not a requirement for high public office.

    It breaks my heart.

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