Voodoo Cab

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu7/29/15
Some thirty years ago, on one of my business trips to New York, I took a cab from La Guardia to Manhattan. My mind being elsewhere, I neglected to tell the driver to go via the Midtown Tunnel. Before I knew it, we were traveling through an area I had not seen previously. And what I saw was shocking. We drove by neighborhoods which resembled the remaining bombed out façades I had seen on some of the back streets in East Berlin in 1973. Not a few third world country ghettos were less depressing than the slag heap we were driving through.

I sat in back, silently taking in the decay and destruction, wondering how such a place could exist in the USA. After a few minutes, I asked the driver our location and what all those crumbling buildings were? He told me we were in the South Bronx and that the buildings were remnants of housing projects. We talked a little more before I asked the obvious question, “How could this type of thing happen and who was responsible for the state of such buildings?” Without a moment’s hesitation, my driver somewhat heatedly replied, “It’s the damn niggers!”

I could not help but raise my eyebrows at his statement as the driver was the color of 80% dark chocolate. As I was about to delve into his remark he followed up with, “Me, I’m from Haiti.” He then began to discourse along the lines that the stupid people had ruined their own homes, etc., etc.

So there it was, being a “nigger” was not a question of color to this very black man. Rather it was a question of one’s behavior, culture if you will. Vandalism and criminality were not to be practiced or admired. Clearly, this man did not feel any kinship with those who had destroyed the area we were driving through. No doubt, he saw himself as an individual who was given the chance to improve himself in this country regardless of his pigmentation.

We kept talking during the rest of the ride, but I do not recall anything which was said after we crossed over on to Manhattan. What has stayed with me was thought that the man did not pretend a wrong was right or justifiable simply because people of his race had perpetrated the evil. Clearly to his mind, it wasn’t the color of one’s skin which made one a success, rather it was one’s ethic. This lesson has never left me. • (1329 views)

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    That’s an interesting story, Mr. Kung. And thanks for not watering it down with the white-man’s condescending use of such vapid terms as “n-word.” This is what happened. This is what he said. This was his point of view. Live with it. More than that, he had a point. There are “wiggers” in this world as well, such as as they are called. Trashy behavior knows no boundaries. That’s white people trying to act like…well…n-words.

    And there is a “black” culture out there that is horrible. The Haitian driver called it “niggers.” We might call it gangsta culture. Whatever it is, no one ever sees it. It doesn’t exist, just like the black gangs that are beating up people don’t exist, at least according to the media.

    So what we’re supposed to do is pretend there isn’t an “n-word” culture. But there is. And it’s a cancer on our land and on the people who perpetuate it. And as your essay denoted, it’s a highly destructive culture.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      And as your essay denoted, it’s a highly destructive culture.

      I have to tell you that seeing these ruins was a shock to me. I could not understand how such things could exist in America. It wasn’t just one or two buildings. There were many. Hollowed out skeletons smirking at society.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Well, the Orwellian truth of the matter, Mr. Kung, is that “black lives don’t matter.” They are mere political tools for Democrats and the Left. As long as they can keep blacks ramped up on paranoia and filled with righteous and racist anger, they can get away with this stuff. The Democrats have reduced the black man back down to a political plantation.

        They should have taken Booker T. Washington’s advice or even Thomas Sowell’s mentor’s advice (who was black). He told Sowell upon graduating something like “Don’t come back here making excuses for why you can’t make it in a white man’s world.” Booker T. Washington counseled honest, hard work and good values. What are blacks told today? They’re heads are filled with all sorts of poison and few white people (given the racist nature of this entire situation) generally won’t touch it. So blacks are Left to rot on the plantation of liberal politics just as whites do the same (here and in other areas of the world as recounted by Theodore Dalrymple, for example).

        What can one say about human beings? Grievance, prejudice, anger, revenge, and just plain loafing are often more powerful than the drive to lead a good, honest, decent, and productive life. Black lives most certainly do not matter (at least to the Democrats and the Left) or they would not abuse them as they do.
        I think part of the problem — perhaps the core problem from the Left’s perspective — is that they look at the destruction blacks (and liberal Democrats) have brought to black cities and neighborhoods and have conveniently written off the black man as incapable of taking care of himself. This opens the door to the kind of down-talking care-taking condescension we see from liberals who think they should be everyone’s nanny (because they are better). In my experience, it’s the liberals who actually view the black man as a lesser man and they try to cover this up by exaggerating their supposed solidarity with the black man. (“I think he doth protest too much.”)

        As Rush says, conservatives want everyone to do well. We don’t want racial grievance. We want a colorblind society. This is not what the Left and Democrats want and you’ll not likely hear even Trump take on this truth. (But who knows?)

        • Timothy Lane says:

          The Left wants everyone depending on the Behemoth to serve as their agent in a struggle between groups. Of course, it can’t serve as every group’s agent, but they figure that if they can combine the votes of their clients with the votes of those non-clients who let themselves be fooled, they can win a majority. What it does to society long-term is irrelevant.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          Well, the Orwellian truth of the matter, Mr. Kung, is that “black lives don’t matter.” They are mere political tools for Democrats and the Left. As long as they can keep blacks ramped up on paranoia and filled with righteous and racist anger, they can get away with this stuff. The Democrats have reduced the black man back down to a political plantation.

          I truly do believe that the majority of the inner party Left would rather rule over the ruins and rubble of civilization rather than simply be seen as average people in a prosperous society.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Immigrants traditionally work harder than natives do (after all, that’s why they come here) and often even appreciate the country more — such as a famous encounter by Ayn Rand when she was campaigning for Wendell Willkie in 1940, and when challenged why an immigrant should care, responded, “That’s right, I chose to be an American. What did you do, aside from being born?” This can be considered a good example of what this could mean. (Unfortunately, the modern welfare state and multiculturalism have done a lot to change this pattern.)

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Immigrants traditionally work harder than natives do

      I am convinced this is even more the case today than ever before. One of the main reasons business interests want so much immigration, particularly on the lower end of the wage scale, is that they have given up on a large section of American society which is simply not employable.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        …is that they have given up on a large section of American society which is simply not employable.

        I’m on record of being for a “swap” program. For every one “hard working” illegal alien that we make a citizen (amnesty), we export four welfare loafers. To where? Is Australia still available?

        I’m not convinced that this whole game is about “Democrats want new voters/Republicans want cheap, hard-working labor” as one commonly hears. I think the truth of the matter is that the Democrats want the votes…as do the Republicans. The illegal aliens (one conservative commenter recently called them “undocumented aliens,” to show you how people are caving) have become politically and socially untouchable. They have become the poor people who act in the role of mascots that guilty white people can take care of to show how “compassionate” they are (again…feelings over standards…think “feminism”).

        If Trump is correct about most aliens being below the bell curve in education, I doubt that most business can use this “hard working” illegal alien any more than they can use the college graduate who majored in “gender studies.” I think the issue is that the Democrats want voters as do the Republicans. And the Republicans arrive here because they are too cowardly to confront the “illegal aliens are victims” meme. So all that’s left for them is to pander.

        Plus, it’s just no longer (if it ever was) automatically true that “big business” equals Republican. I don’t have numbers, but it seems apparent that most big businesses are thoroughly on the Left.

        I think anyone who advocates denying illegal aliens benefits, jobs, citizenship, etc., faces a *social* pressure. We’ve just romanticized the idea of illegal aliens from south of the border just as we have romanticized homosexuals. That is the problem.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Well, black welfarites could be exported back to where they came from. I’ve suggested this as the only “reparations” for slavery — send them back with the average yearly income of a resident provided they permanently repatriate themselves.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            I think it was the columnist William Raspberry who went to live in Africa in search of his black roots. As I recall, he was disabused of his romantic ideas about the Dark Continent rather quickly. He came back with a new admiration of America.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              I have a book (Not Out of Africa, I think) somewhere around here on the subject, by a Detroit black. I think his name was Keith Richburg. That’s probably what you’re thinking of.

              Addendum: Wikipedia lists Richburg as the author of Out of America, which sounds like it could be what I remember.

              • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

                Could be. I remember reading about this at least 20 years ago, thinking “duh”.

                It seems most people have to learn the hard way.

              • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

                The Book. Sounds interesting.

                …his journey in the book sours him on Africa and wipes many preconceptions out of the window. Before anyone can help Africa, he concludes, Africans need to help Africa. The descriptions of tribalism, dictatorship, factionization, and senseless murder seemingly as a way of life, are disturbing and graphic. Richburgh pulls no puches. The irony is that in the process of reading a book where the author ultimately concludes that Africa may be less ‘salvagable’ than we thought, it is obvious that he is not callous about this judgment, that he remains all-the-while sympathetic, and that this conclusion is one of the hardest ones the author has ever had to make (he tells us THAT much).

                Many who’ve read Out of America denounce Richburg as an out-and-out “uncle Tom”. He is a black man who realizes that he is an “american” before he’s an “african-american” (as if I’m ‘european-american’ instead of just plain ‘white’). The irony is that those who are shocked that Richburg, a black man, would DARE criticize Africa seems to prove RIchburgs ancillary point. Black leaders, intellectuals, and arm-chair diplomats have pussyfooted around Africa, ignoring abuses of ‘human rights’, ignoring the deadly tribalism and murder, so as to keep the image of “Africa – the glorious motherland” alive. We may, of course, criticize Europe (“the hegemonic western world”) but dare we ever criticize atrocities in Zaire?! How dare we!

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s an article on illegal immigration that contains the central truth about both illegal immigrants and blacks (the “untouchable” victim groups):

    As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee denounced a bill to require verification of citizenship before registering to vote or applying for public benefits, saying it “inflames those who are racist and bigots.” (Voters LOVE being called bigots!)

    In no sane universe is it “racist” to require a voter to prove he has the right to vote. This shows you how deep Cultural Marxism (with its emphasis on oppressors and victims) goes. Mike Huckabee is supposedly not only a conservative Republican but a Man of God. But his comment above shows neither. He’s simply regurgitation the Marxist meme, ready and willing to besmirch all America for short-term political gain.

    Our nation is infused by either corrupt (or just sociopathically opportunistic) politicians such as Huckabee…including Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Chris Christie. These guys would spread racist lies about their own country for their own political gain. That article concludes:

    Out of nowhere, non-politician Donald Trump has shot to the top of the polls by denouncing America’s widely unpopular immigration policies. All those high-priced campaign consultants are standing around scratching their heads.

    Americans can see they’re being forced to subsidize people who are being brought in only to outvote them, provide cheap labor and change our culture. All the donor money in the world isn’t going to help you, Republicans, if the voters hate you.

    Who knows if that Haitian cab driver has changed his mind since then. But unlike most people, he wasn’t afraid to see what he saw. But the truth, as Orwell noted, has become a revolutionary act. Entire cities are crumbling and that’s not a news story because, the truth is, “black lives do not matter.” But everyone pretends they do. Everyone is afraid of staring down the beast that so many black lives have become. So many are afraid of being called a racist for pointing out the racial huckstering of the Democrats and their lackeys.

    And instead of doing something that improves the lives of blacks, they’re left with cheap slogans: “Black lives matter.” Their lives don’t actually matter when it comes to the quality of schools, abortion, the state of cities and neighborhoods, drug use, crime, gangs, bastardy, and violence. Let the black world burn so long as we don’t force the black man to face up to his degenerate culture. That does not apply to all blacks but it does apply to many.

    And look how many whites are slouching to that same Gomorrah. Being a dirt-bag is an equal opportunity employer. Good values and ethics, and worthy goals, are good for everyone. But people have been turned into mere political tokens to be used and abused as the need arises.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Mike Huckabee is supposedly not only a conservative Republican but a Man of God. But his comment above shows neither. He’s simply regurgitation the Marxist meme, ready and willing to besmirch all America for short-term political gain.

      The man is a scoundrel. He is a tele-evangelist who dumped his altar for bigger things in politics.

      Once must never completely trust politicians, but any preacher who jumps from the pulpit to the political arena should be shunned as a pariah.

      The Huskster is a low rent P.T. Barnum.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        When you are against taking steps against illegal activity because people might be offended, you have lost it as a preacher…but perhaps gained something as a politician.

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