Viva USA!

IllegalImmigrationThumbby Anniel   7/19/14
I have decided to extend my heretofore silent boycott of Mexico and invite you, my fellow citizens, to join me in a general country-wide boycott of all things Mexican. But, wait – just now, looking across the room at my half-Mexican grandchildren reminds me that I don’t actually mean all things Mexican, I’ll keep loving my USA born son-in-law, too. And I crave the food at La Casita, but some things we must forego. Can we all agree on that?

So how is this hypocrite doing with our boycott so far? Well, we can always boycott the corrupt Mexican government; the cartels and other gangs; maybe exports from the whole Central American region – Don’t you hate being put in the position of needing to do something to get your point across? I do. But some action still must be taken lest we lose everything in our own land.

Turning little children into shills for anyone who wants to use and abuse them makes me ill. The President of Guatemala actively colludes with the President of Mexico to move these swarming hordes to the US border, and no one protests. And El Presidente de Guatemala denies that anything is wrong in his own country, which tells you a lot about him – just another lying political opportunist.

You Gringoes who thought you could move to Belize and be safe and rich might want to think again when you see your new country making deals to aid both Mexico and Guatemala in moving the children, just so long as they don’t get dumped in Belize. Where will you run to now, and will your money be transferred wherever you go?

Mexico itself, and most of Central America, is a hell-hole of impoverished children and their families. Do the parents there really send their little children, infants even, north all alone hoping for a better life? Do loving parents do that? If not, who is responsible for rounding the children up and sending them on their perilous journey? Were some of the children stolen from the poor for use by the powers that be? Who benefits from sending them off, and how do they benefit? Someone is making money on these children, back in their home countries, on their journey, and here, in our country. The very law that was meant to stop trafficking of such children in the US is now being corrupted and used to enslave them. Who’s behind that and how can they be stopped?

I don’t know enough about the money to follow it in Central America, except for the animals cum humans who run the drug cartels and the violent gangs they spawn. The fact that Drug Central in the US seems to be Chicago is very suggestive, but the people there need to recognize that problem and deal with it. Maybe Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson will be willing to help turn off the spigot?

The pathetic users here in the states are the largest part of the drug problem. With the so-called “war” on drugs all but defunct and the cartels operating, both south and north, being so actively facilitated by politicians and law enforcement, what can possibly be done except to let the users kill themselves by their drug(s) and life styles of choice? That sounds so heartless, but what else to do? Pay for their habit(s) so the poor dears don’t have to?

In all these matters the Attorney General is busy elsewhere with very substantive things like outhouses on parade floats. Do you ever wonder how he and his cronies live with themselves? Do they never look in the mirror and cringe now that they are literally “in the toilet?”

As for the president, I hate to even see his photos, but lately he looks to me like his total insanity is shining through. Some of the news reports indicate he’s “cooler” than ever – well, no. His eyes look possessed and like he doesn’t even care anymore if people see his evil. His pool hall “date” with the governor of Colorado and his so called “meeting” with the Governor of Texas should have been moments of clarity for the whole world – Who knows, maybe they were, but the media won’t put that news out. And our own Jefe doesn’t have a single moment of grace for an active duty marine held as a prisoner-of-war (sorry, don’t know what else to call him) in jail in the corrupt Mexican Justice system. Got lots of time for Bergdahl, but none for anyone who deserves better. And an airliner shot by a missile? Barely registers with this narcissist, who heads off to yuk it up at a fundraiser.

So – Whom do we boycott? How do we proceed when so much hangs in the balance? The truth comes seeping slow, but we must start right here, in the good old US of A. We must figure effective ways of getting out word on why, how and whom we must boycott. It always comes back again to us, you and me, loyal Americans who love our country. What has become our role? Are we able to do more than wring our hands, weep and write?

Personally, I will not ever, for any reason, go to Mexico, nor any Central American country. As much as possible I’ll check labels and will not buy any products from the whole area. We can let their goods rot on the shelves as far as I’m concerned.

I will not buy from nor deal with any business or group that supports amnesty in any form. I read today on Drudge that Microsoft is to lay off 18,000 people, even while urging the government to bring in more “guest workers.” Sorry for that Bill Gates fans. I know it’s hard to hurt his very deep pockets, but we can try.

The Chamber of Commerce sells us down the river of amnesty without even a blush, so we need to speak out about that group, too. No fees or attendance at luncheons. Call your local affiliate and register your disapproval.

For years we have had no TV in our home. Why listen to the liars in the media? We have one local news source I trust, so I will support them.

Maybe we need to take a second look at NAFTA. I wouldn’t mind giving favored treatment to real friends. What do we import from Canada? I know some US manufacturers of medical equipment have moved to Canada to avoid the FDA restrictions here. So, medical equipment, grain, oil, natural gas – give more favorable treatment to whatever they have.

And what about the politicians on both sides of the aisle who are anxiously beating the amnesty drums? The Republicans need to be held as accountable for the current situation as the guilty Democrats. I will continue to make phone calls and sign petitions hoping that holding their collective feet to the fire will finally mean something to even the dimmest bulbs in Congress. We all need to speak out against the traitors in our own land, and call them what they are. Truth will win in the end, of that I am certain.

For now I’ll keep a boycott by sweeping my own door-step of the filth and lies that pile up. I’ll love my family, of all ethnicities, and aid those who keep the law and honor it, even though we have not always treated legal immigrants fairly, to say the least. Insist that immigration Laws be followed. I’ll stay away from businesses I know hire illegals.

Cleaning our own door-steps is where all dirty jobs begin, so I invite you to begin your own boycott today and let our government officials understand how seriously we take this matter. We can make our homes and cities safe again if we throw the buggers out in the next election and stand by the good men and women who are willing to stand with us.

From our home to yours- God Bless the United States of America. • (964 views)

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5 Responses to Viva USA!

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Unfortunately, this little diatribe against those who are selling out America either for political expediency or for the sake of cheaper labor is all too accurate. Certainly I won’t be going to anywhere in Latin America anytime soon, but then I wouldn’t be anyway. (The closest I’ve been to Mexico in the past half-century, and maybe ever, is visiting San Antonio in 1997.) I certainly won’t be consuming the most infamous Latin American exports (cocaine and marijuana) either, but then I never have, so that means nothing. As for other products, who knows what comes from Mexico or other dubious “friends”? Note that most of what we call Mexican food is actually often referred to as Tex-Mex, just as so much of what we call Chinese food is actually from Chinatowns in America (e.g., chop suey and chow mein).

    As for Eric Holder’s ability to look at himself in a mirror, this would only be a problem if he had a conscience. I know of no evidence that he does.

    • Glenn Fairman says:

      San Bernardino is the closest thing to Tijuana, so why travel when you live in 3rd world conditions already?

  2. Glenn Fairman says:

    As for me, I will be undermining the Mexican economy in October when I visit an all-inclusive resort in Puerta Vallarta. In addition to a very inexpensive luxury room, I and my party will attempt to bankrupt the place by eating and drinking (soft drinks for me) a King’s ransom —a noble attempt at shutting the place down. As a more insurgent-like tactic, I will attempt to ruin the plumbing……..

  3. David Ray says:

    I remember when Mexican scumbags were pissing in the Corona beer vats ear-marked for American consumers. I also remember when the Mexican darlings were chanting “Osama” to American soccer players and booing our national anthem.
    I’ll keep that in mind while carrying my Glock 26.

    Of course we have a fellow Marine still rotting in one of their jails for “illegally” swerving into that cesspool. (Perhaps if little Barry could bother himself to squeeze a phone-call in between one of his fundraisers.)

    • Timothy Lane says:

      But haven’t you heard? We had to ransom Bowe Bergdahl because we never leave any of our people behind. Except in Benghazi (note that “ghazi” means holy warrior, cf. “the murderous ghazis” from whom Dr. Watson was rescued by Murray in the introductory portion of A Study in Scarlet) and Mexico, of course.

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