Video Series Review: Sunny TV

by Timothy Lane   11/10/13
One delight I’ve encountered over the past 3 months is the satirical videos put out by Sunny Lohmann, originally on Facebook and then at her website. Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller is a fan and started showing her weekly videos, which is how I found out about her. Sunny TV is now up to 13 episodes, all available at her website (many are also available at the Daily Caller, which now runs them, but it can be hard to find them there).

Lohmann takes a good like at the Obama follies each week and finds a humorous way of tweaking him (and the best way to treat such an arrogant, self-important bastard – that’s not an insult, his father was already married in Kenya when he came to Hawaii to study – is to mock him and make his pretensions look as ridiculous as they really are). For example, after he told Jay Leno about the need to improve port infrastructure at Gulf ports such as Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville, she had a map on her next video showing the ports as well as the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Then she said that the NSA had given her a new map correcting the error; it was the same, but with “Ocean” crossed and replaced with “Gulf.” Similarly, when discussing the peculiar Obama notion that Morsi’s election made him sacrosanct regardless of his behavior, she discussed him while putting up a photo of Hitler (noting that he was also elected).

Sometimes she can get a little emotional, as when she discussed the appointment of Cass Sunstein (who hever met a Big Government abuse he didn’t like) to the oversight panel looking into the NSA spying on Americans. At one point she had to remind herself, “Angry’s not funny. Angry’s not funny. Angry’s not funny.” But usually she manages to keep things more lighthearted, such as last week, when she discussed the zombie outbreak and how to deal with it: Just show them their health insurance bill. (“You have to show them theirs because for some reason they can’t extrapolate.”) This goes a long way toward curing them, though they remain dangerous – “After all, they’re still Democrats.” The most recent one deals with Obama’s proud (and private) boast that he’s good at killing people.
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Sunny Lohmann took a long hiatus (motherhood can do that to you), but resumed doing videos last week. At present, she’s doing daily comments on news events (the first was on the San Bernardino atrocity), as usual from a conservative viewpoint. But she does promise to get back to humor videos (they take longer to do, of course), presumably satirical. Her web address is, though I suspect she can be reached on youtube as well.

    A related item is a satirical piece on the Daily Caller, “Burglars for Gun Control”. This deals with the sad story of a pair of burglars who found themselves up against some intransigent gunman — to be precise, a young woman with her little baby. (At one point the burglar suggested that if she dropped her gun, he’d drop his knife and they could fight mano a mano on even terms — the burglars against the woman and her baby. For some strange reason, she rejected this reasonable offer.) The link is:

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