by Anniel   4/17/14

Of late the faded photograph, grainy and old,
intrudes upon my mind
and sears my sleep:

The women – naked, exposed –
led helplessly to an open grave,
Striving, still, to shield their beauty,
Hands covering breasts and mounds –
Enclosed by encircling arms, one protects her child
now never to be born.

Nearby with rifles stand
who think they are men,
leering at the capturing camera,
Bearing witness forever to their unholy glee.

In the vast economy of God,
Whose loss is worse?
The women, whose beauty is only transformed,
Or the unthinkers who destroy themselves.
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4 Responses to Ur-Men

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Is there a particular massacre you had in mind here, or was it just a generic comment on such atrocities? I could easily see something like Babi Yar, except I don’t know if the victims there were naked.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I want to thank Anniel for the lovely contribution. I sort of figured it was something like contemplations concerning a holocaust photo.

    This is why it is all-important for man not to stress his animal nature via atheism, nor his intolerant streak through fundamentalism, but become a spiritual being bathed in wisdom, compassion, and wisdom (it’s so important, I said it twice).

    Any doctrine of Man as God — whether in the form of Objectivism, socialism, Communism, or whatever — is bound to create misery. Unless we voluntarily kick ourselves off our ivory tower and inflated conceptions of ourselves and embrace, to some extent, our inherent poverty, we are too easily led to be beasts.

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