Update on My Local Political Activities

by Patricia L. Dickson10/28/15

I attended an event hosted by The California Republican Women Federated that honored military wives throughout Southern California whose husbands are deployed. The wives were bused in from military bases throughout Southern California and treated to a lavish dinner at the luxurious Hotel Irvine and presented with gift baskets valued at $120.00 each.

The event began with a prayer, the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. It was truly awesome! The guest speaker was California U. S. Congresswoman Mimi Walters, the only female Republican in the U.S. Congress from California.

Mimi Walters

Mimi Walters

At the The South Orange County Republican Assembly October meeting, we were blessed to have the handsome and intelligent Dr. Nikan Khatibi as the guest speaker to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal. Dr. Khatibi has appeared on numerous news shows discussing Obamacare.  His beautiful mother and sister were also present.   Dr. Khatibi and his family left Iran when the Shaw was overthrown. His father was a very high ranking officer in the Iranian Armed Forces. Dr. Khatibi was able to not only bring the perspective of a conservative Republican, but that of a member of a family that has excellent insights on the situation. I truly enjoyed his presentation because he provided a historical overview of Iran that afforded me the insight to better understand the dangers of the Iran Nuclear Deal.  After his presentation, I briefly spoke with him. He gave me a hug (I am still relishing in the moment) and said that I was very energetic.

Nikan Khatibi

Nikan Khatibi

Rebecca Friedrichs, a California public school teacher was also in attendance at our monthly meeting. She briefly discussed her case that is before the U.S. Supreme Court: Friedrichs vs California Teachers Association. Lead counsel Michael Carvin filed the opening brief on behalf of Ms. Friedrichs and her nine co-plaintiffs before the Supreme Court. The brief urges the Court to strike down its past precedent and recognize that compulsory union dues violate the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech and association. Ms. Friedrichs, a conservative republican, objects to the current practice of forcing teachers to pay union dues that end up in democrat campaigns coffers.

I am co-sponsoring an upcoming meeting in November with several veterans (some are currently serving in local public office) to start an Orange County Veteran’s charter. I am also planning to attend several other events in November.

The California Republican Assembly convention is scheduled for February. At that time, we will endorse a candidate for president going into the primaries. I plan to be a delegate for that convention.  I have been extremely busy with a full schedule going into 2016. I must admit that my experience in local politics has been very exciting so far.

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Elizabeth and I attended a local GOP rally in 2000, and one thing I remember (which is why this reminds me of it) is that at the end a woman sang (well) Lee Greenwood’s superb “God Bless the USA” (which I believe is in the Poetry section at my suggestion). Another nice aspect was meeting a local Republican candidate who had compared affirmative action programs to Austro-Hungarian nationality policy.

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