Up is Grapefruit

by Pat Tarzwell   5/30/18
To all the fine writers and thinkers here at StubbornThings, I have a little rant that has been bugging me for a few weeks and I offer it for your amusement or simply to laugh at my reaction.

All in all we’re just another brick in the wall.  Or maybe we are just through the looking glass?  Well, here’s another fine mess we are in…so tiny a thing and so large a reaction. (By me only, I suppose.)

This mess started simply enough. You see, my wife is on a school board.  She came home from a meeting a few weeks ago and said that they gave out an award for the Science Teacher of the Year.  Okay so far.  The teacher, a female Latina (this will have some relevance soon) — this “science” teacher — gave a long lecture to the board about how horrible the board was because they did not have the proper diversity, because they are all “white”.

Well, as I can happen to do sometimes, I lost it and started my over-reaction.  “Moron,” I began. “You are supposed to understand science!  One of the members is full-blood Indian. (Native American for the “PC” — Politically Cowardly — crowd.) That would make a full 20% of this board and is an over-representation of that population.  One of the members is half Hispanic. And because Obama could be a black president at 50% black, I am going to count her as another 20% of the board as being Hispanic.  Moron. Four out of the 5 members are women, that would be 80% of the board. If you had a brain then maybe you could understand that is an over-representation of women.  Hello, science idiot. The fifth member is a short bald white guy. I think his 20% is also an over-representation as well.  How the hell can this crap go….” (I continued but got interrupted.)

At this point my wife says this just gets better.  She reads the criteria for this position (although, not officially, I contend one of those criteria must be single-digit IQ, but I digress). Get this: To win Science Teacher of the Year, first you must be a female minority. Remember, this was not the Female Minority Science Teacher of The Year Award, just Science Teacher of the Year.  I started again, but you get the point.

Can you imagine the intolerance? What if some black woman was a great science teacher, but identified as a white man? She would not be qualified, right?  The jokes just seem to flow, but our country is at stake and maybe too far gone already.

I do not have any answers and I am just ranting here I know. But are we the mortar in this wall, are we the bricks, or are we just the dirt under the wall?  Whatever got us into this fine mess, we truly are in a land where up is not even down anymore. Up is grapefruit and left is Friday.

Pat Tarzwell was born conservative, runs a successful hi-tech business, and lives a red-state life in a deep grapefruit one. • (171 views)

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28 Responses to Up is Grapefruit

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I always thought it was bizarre when Goebbels & company — in whatever movie or documentary — would sit around and pontificate about the racial makeup of this or that person. I see little difference (minus the gas ovens) of a “Latino” pontificating about the racial makeup of a school board. It is offensive, racist, and should not be tolerated.

    • pst4usa says:

      Dewey himself, the father of modern education, could not be more proud of this idiot. If I remember corectly Stalin called these types “useful idiots”, I do not think he could have been more accurate.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Southerners inculturated themselves into thinking of blacks as inherently lesser human beings, and thus they had fewer rights….just above cattle, if that.

        The same has been done by “people of color.” We’ve glamorized them as victims. And in order to create a victim, you have to create an oppressor. Whites therefore are in the role of “just above cattle…if that.”

        The irony of this new kind of racism coming from people who profess to be the most enlightened and benevolent of human beings is surprising only to those who have no sense of history and not the least familiarity with human nature. That would be 95% of the people brought up in “Progressivism.” But little progress has been made other than just switching who the victims are. Peace on earth and goodwill to mankind is still nowhere in the offing, especially with these fruitloops running things.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          A lot of people have noticed that the Demagogues haven’t really changed their racist tactics. They’ve just reversed the races. I will note that once, when Strom Thurmond was filibustering about civil rights, some fellow southern Democrat was noting that “he really believes this shit”. They didn’t; it was just something for the folks back home in Buncombe county or wherever.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Dennis Prager often uses this quote:

            “There are two races of men in this world but only these two: the race of the decent man and the race of the indecent man.” Viktor Frankl

          • pst4usa says:

            I do not know where this fits, but I was out this morning politicing, (walking in a parade), and I got to talk to a few Democrat candidates that filled as independants. I asked why they would do that, they are know Democrats; they said that the party has gone too far to the left to be associated with.
            Imagine that, Democrats having to hide their party affiliation in Washington State because they have gone too far?
            Maybe, just maybe there is hope for us yet.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Perhaps the unwise Latina was the only minority woman, and thus the only person “qualified” to receive the award. But how did she get the job to begin with, given her obvious lack of qualifications for teaching any actual science? (I don’t see how anyone could mistake a full-blooded Amerind for a white, particularly since the unwise Latina probably was no darker-skinned.) Oh, I forgot, you live in the Seattle area. You have my deepest sympathies for that predicament.

    • pst4usa says:

      You know, some times I just want to scream out the window, ” I’m mad as hell and I not going to take it anymore. Maybe if we could get 50 million or so to di that all at the same time, they might just hear us….nah…they would’nt listen anyway.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        I doubt they had that many even in the famous scene in Network A lot of people don’t realize that the point of the scene is that the woman in the corporate leadership is happy about all the people yelling because it shows how much influence their show has.

  3. Steve Lancaster says:

    Is it any wonder that the state of education in this country is so low? At one time a high school education was an accomplishment, now it is just a gift for attendance. At one time a university degree was an indication of a known level of learning and acquiring the skills to continue learning. Now it is just an indication of parents ability to get the kid out of the house. An advanced degree used to be an indication of scholarship and not indoctrination.

    We play games in school and everyone gets a participation award. So science teacher of the year is just an award for showing up.

    • pst4usa says:

      Steve, I got in trouble years ago when I yelled at one of my son’s teachers. I had just gotten a report card and had no idea how he was doing in class. So I asked abd found out he was doing fine, but that they had given up on grades because they did not want the competition to hurt the feelings of kids that were not as bright as others. That did not go over so well and I asked what would happen to the stupid kids that were allowed to move on without haing to learn to work harder. blah blah blah came the answer and away I went.
      Till the next week when home with my son comes a kit to sell some crap for a fund raiser for the school. And here is what sent me throught the roof, there were prizes for the kids that sold the most. Hmmm, sounded like competition to little ol me. So the next day I went in and dumped the the contents of the kit on her desk and said my son will not be participating in this crap! I will however be holding him to a very high standard on things that matter, like education since no-one at this school seemed to care about that sort of thing. Needless to say I hurt her feelings and to this very day I cannot find the compassion to give a crap.

      • Steve Lancaster says:

        I had much the same experience when my daughter was in first grade. I talked to the instructor, principal and the superintendent and got nowhere. So, I pulled her out of public school and found a private school. The best parental decision I ever made.

        • pst4usa says:

          I unfortunately was not so wise. I just played the role of Don Quixote, ti;ting against windmills my whole life. I suppose it worked out, my kids in the end turned out all right, but that was all their mothers fault.

          • Steve Lancaster says:

            Kids grow sometimes because of what we do as parents and sometimes in spite of it.

            I had a healthy distrust of the education system in CA in the 80s and 90s both my youngest son and daughter turned out ok. My oldest son grew up in Israel and he is doing just fine.

  4. James Wilson says:

    Democrats spend a lot of time looking for racists under the bed, when all they have to do is look in the mirror.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      As in:

      I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Of course, King started out as a Republican. In Alabama and Georgia, he knew which party opposed civil rights. Paging Lester Maddox and Bull Connor . . . (Ironically, the liberals got Maddox elected by running a write-in campaign for liberal Ellis Arnall. It got just enough votes to deprive Bo Callaway of a majority, throwing the gubernatorial election into the Georgia legislature, almost unanimously Democratic.)

    • pst4usa says:

      So very true James.

  5. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Thank you Pat for calling this idiot bitch out.

    Conservatives have been too polite for far too long. In order to have a civil discussion, we have allowed the left to start every discussion with some insane premise which is neither true nor logical. Once we allow conversations based on such insanity/falsehood to proceed, we are lost.

    Everyone who claims to be for America and the West must stop accepting the bogus a priory positions which the left spout. Do not let them start any conversation with lies and misdirection. Call them out. Bring them back to the truth and reality.

    It will take work, educating ourselves and losing some of our manners, but I have come to the conclusion that there is no other way.

    P.S. Up is not grapefruit, it is post office. I think Friday may be flexible.

    • pst4usa says:

      I think there is a deep philisophical discussion to be had on whether up is grapefruit or post office. But as long as we can all agree that up is no longer up or down, I think we can have a civil discussion indeed.
      I just don’t think I can take much more of this culture of feelings, forget truth, that does not matter anymore, forget facts, who cares the most wins! “Feelings, nothing more than feelings…Trying to forget m…” oh hell let’s change it to… forget everything else! That seems to be the state we find ourselves these days.
      I have never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I have always tried to be a knife, maybe dull, but a cutting tool none the less.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I just went to the up to mail something to Brad. It started out as vegetable, but may end up being something altogether different by the time it reaches the crazy coast.

        • pst4usa says:

          Hey! I resemble that remark! We progressive types like to refer to this as the left coast if you do not mind.

  6. Rosalys says:

    I love all these accurate and snarky comments. Take heart, Fellas. You are sane. We live in an insane world, and there is no reasoning with the majority of these cretins. If it weren’t for the fact that I have children and now a grandchild, I could contentedly wash my hands of the whole mess.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Unfortunately, while the one-eyed man may be king in the land of the blind, the sane man isn’t king in the land of the insane.

    • pst4usa says:

      I must agree with Timothy on this point. If government was contained to its proper place, size and scope, it would not matter who was king, but the king’s power grows unchecked and we send the bulk of our kids to be indoctrinated by these morons…err… I mean “Teachers of the year”.

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