The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS

UncivilWarSuggested by Taleeb Starkes • A disgusted Black man boldly confronts the dysfunctional and criminal subculture (along with their apologists) that exists within the African-American community. This race-realist endeavor exposes many inconvenient truths and will certainly become a catalyst for candid conversation.
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10 Responses to The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS

  1. mochamadness says:

    I haven’t purchased the book yet but from what I’ve read online about it, this young man is speaking the TRUTH! He’s absolutely correct when he states that niggers and hood rats are obnoxious, disrespectful, and the major problem in black neighborhoods. It’s a good thing when young, black men, such as Taleeb Starkes, recognizes that the white race isn’t the cause of the destruction within the black race. It’s niggers, hood rats, and their ghetto offspring who are the blame.

  2. Glenn Fairman says:

    Let’s not forget the wiggers and chiggers that are right up there with them. In the name of defiance from a wrong that was not theirs to bear, they proceed to spread excrement all over their souls and call it their measure of justice. I deal with them everyday…..dumber than a bag of rocks and hopeless caricatures created not by the white man but by themselves. Truth is, everyone can be a nigger if he has a mind to.

  3. mochamadness says:


    What you said is true, but at least non-blacks don’t blame blacks or racist blacks for ALL of their problems. A very large % of blacks have been blaming whites for problems blacks have brought on themselves for years and years. Can’t find a job, blame whites (and racism). But yet, these blacks don’t look for jobs (won’t even fill ou an application), or they wanna be drug dealers for years and most of their adult lives, or they wanna freeload off others, and the list goes on and on. And blacks have the nerve to be jealous and ignorant toward working-class people of any race.

    Even the Chinese, Koreans, etc catch entirely too much flack from ignorant, disrespectful blacks. Here they are operating legit businesses in black communities, working hard everyday, and providing shelves of necessities blacks need on a daily basis and blacks will cuss them out for no good reason. If blacks can’t get something free or a discount, they become so enraged and out of control. Its gets so bad, people and children have no choice but to hurry up and leave the store. Thats terrble when kids aren’t even safe in a store and they’re with an adult.

    There are way more black criminals robbing stores in black neighborhoods than any other race and blacks wanna cry racism. They will say things like Chinese or Koreans don’t need to have a business in “our” neighborhood anyway. What?! If it weren’t for non-blacks opening up stores, black people would walk around naked and starve to death. Ignorant blacks are angry and bitter out of jealousy. They are jealous because they don’t have what it takes to operate a legit business like knowing how to read and write, working with numbers, keeping the store clean, and having patience.

    For awhile now, decent black people haven’t had any patience with ignorant blacks. Its a waste of time and energy dealing with them. People like Taleeb Starkes, Bill Cosby, J. Willard Fair, and Pastor C.L. Bryant speak honestly about the REAL

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Al Sharpton made his bones by targeting Jews and Asians as well as ordinary whites — Freddy’s Fashion Mart. Asian immigrant storekeepers were also the biggest targets of the 1992 LA rioters.

  4. mochamadness says:

    problem(s) within the black race and they identify who are the REAL troublemakers. And its not whites, Chinese, Koreans, or any other non-black. Its the very large % of blacks who refuse to look in the mirror, take some responsibility, and hold themselves accountable for their own actions and behavior.

    But the main reason why blacks have been/are ignorant for so many years is the lack of good leadership. I was beyond shocked when I read information online about MLK (paid prostitutes for sex), Jesse (being sued by an openly gay, black male for sexual discrimination), and Al (his father began a relationship with Al’s step-sister). These so-called leaders of the black race grew up in dysfunctional households, weren’t the decent people we thought, and were/are just as corrupt and sleazy as common criminals. Its no wonder blacks are scatter-brained.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Indeed, good “black” leaders such as Allan West are few and far between. And I put quotes around “black” because only a backward, tribal mindset supposes that the amount of melatonin in one’s skin is dispositive of one’s ability to relate to another human being. Allan West is who he is not because he is black but because of his superior ideas and character.

      • Wesley Williams says:

        Allen West does not view himself as part of the black community. He identifies himself as an American. He.does not feel that he should be part of such a leadership.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I agree with you, Wesley, Perhaps that’s why I put the “black” in quotes when referencing black leaders. I do believe that Allen West is an American leader.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            If I remember correctly, West chose not to join the Congressional Black Caucus, unlike Tim Scott.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              West is an American. The rest of these “black caucus” guys are socialist agitators and racial grievance mongers. What universe do we live in where a “black caucus” is considered good but a “white caucus” would likely be considered racist, not to mention “exclusionary”?

              Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. And if people don’t become aware of this stuff by bringing it consciously to mind, this is how they are corrupted as well.

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