Two Untitled Poems

by Fashqn8/23/14

Some days you seem so distant; vague and so obscure
Other days I sense your Spirit; beautiful and pure

Some days I hear your voice so clear; guiding all I do
Other days I search and search and feel I can’t find You

Some days I see signs everywhere; and know that You have spoken
Other days I feel alone; scared, unsure, and broken

Some days I think I’ve figured out my purpose here on earth
Other days I feel I’ve never done one thing of worth

Some days the sky is shining bright; I almost see Your face
Other days I stumble round; just feeling lost in space

Some days the prayers flow from my lips; natural and right
Other days just trying to form a thought is such a fight

Some days there is music in my soul ; and all I do is grin
Other days there’s total quiet and fears and doubts creep in

Some days I love to lift my voice and praise you with my words
Other days I question if my voice is even heard

Some days I just can’t figure out this crazy, mixed up life
Other days I still feel peace; amidst the toil and strife

Some days this life of faith I live; feels fragile; torn apart
But every day, I hope you hear “I Love You’ from my heart

I look outside my window on this blistering summer day
And ask myself what better time to stop my tasks and pray

Because all things look brighter after spending time with Him
The future is much clearer; not so cloudy ; not so dim

Perspectives seem to fall in place when I can feel Him near
And prayer brings me peace with Him; instead of doubt and fear

And as I pray, I realize, the needs that others face
I lift their names and ask that they be blessed with strength and grace

Every time I go to God in prayer, I learn anew
This life is not at all about me..or them..or you

Instead, it’s all about giving God His chance to work and shine
Through us , as we submit to Him our hearts , our souls, our mind

So that others see His glorious love , and all He has to share
And might be changed, and guided by, their own sweet time in Prayer

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