Two outcomes from a visit to the DR

by Steve Lancaster    5/22/14

Two weeks ago I went to my GP for a checkup. He assured me that I was in great shape for a man of 80, I’m 66. He noticed a spot on my back, referred me to a dermatologist who took a biopsy and two weeks later a small skin cancer, Basel cell, was removed, most likely the result of sunburns on China beach Vietnam in 1970. This is in theory the way our medical system is supposed to work. However, if my only source of medical care was the VA hospital.

To see a GP for a physical at the local VA, which is well regarded in the South, is at best 90 to 120 days. Had this doc seen and diagnosed the spot on my back it would have been another 90 to 120 days to see a dermatologist to do a biopsy, which the lab would have, A. Lost, B. diagnosed correctly but had the wrong patient or C. gotten wrong. At no time in this process would anyone from the VA contact me with information of any kind.

The sad joke among vets is, don’t get sick after 4 July. Why? That is when the money runs out and there are no new funds until 1 Oct.
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Actually, spending on veterans has been increasing rapidly. How much of that reaches the vets is an interesting question, of course. Government exists to serve the interests of the governing class, and under the Fascist Messiah they no longer feel it necessary to pretend to care about the people they’re supposed to serve.

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