Turning the Tables on the Media

NoRINOsThumbby Tim Jones3/1/15
The Republicans have a serious messaging problem. Either they are totally clueless when it comes to public relations or they’re just “Democrat Lites” as they’ve been described over the years.

With the issue of funding homeland security ruling the headlines at this time, Republicans need to be talking every day whether it be news conferences, media interviews, Sunday morning news shows, or speeches on the House floor. But get it out loud and clear to the public the reason why they are not defunding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), rather it is Obama that would be defunding it because of his refusal to sign a bill that includes defunding his illegal executive order on immigration.

As usual, they are letting the media and the Democrats drive the narrative and get the better of them. The Republicans have the majority of the country behind them on the issue of immigration and against Obama’s executive action to give them temporary amnesty (which of course will turn into permanent amnesty). A win of historic proportion in the 2014 mid-term election proves this is the case Now they just need to hire a really good public relations agency or find a person who has extremely good media relations skills on how to speak over and through the national media.

Republicans need the mainstream media and possibly some left-leaning websites like Huffington Post to a least get out some if not all of their message. They need to start attacking not only the narratives but the premises of what the MSM is saying about an issue. For example, when they say DHS will be shut down, the Republicans should shout from the rooftops that it would only be a partial shutdown but maybe more importantly it would not be at their expense. CNS News and a small number of other sites reported this week that 200,000 out of 230,000 in DHS would still be working during a shutdown, as quoted by Steny Hoyer no less. Republicans need to get this message out far and wide, and to turn the tables on the Democrats, that they would be the ones responsible for a (partial) shutdown.

Republicans continue to go by the worn-out assumption they will be blamed for a shutdown and in turn endangering the American public. Clearly this is the angle Obama and Democrats will use if it should come to that, but Republicans need to counter that in no uncertain terms that it would be just the opposite if such a scenario occurred. And to keep driving home the point the that the original bill the House passed DID include funding for DHS, just not for the part that would fund those things that needed to be done, like issuing work permits, for Obama’s illegal executive action on illegal aliens to work. John Boehner deserves credit for saying multiple times “we’ve done our job” in funding the DHS.

There is no doubt that this issue along with Obamacare has shined a bright light on the Republicans and if they truly believe in limited government. Or are the Democrat Lites going to keep damaging the Republicans’ chances of winning the 2016 presidential election. They need to unify on their message and take the fight to the messenger day in and day out because if they continue to acquiesce to the narratives of the MSM and to their premises, they will continue to give the Democrats the advantage they need to keep them in office and keep their big government agenda alive. The day they can figure out how to really turn the tables on the MSM and get their messages through to the public at the national level, they will dominate the presidency for many election cycles to come. • (928 views)

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7 Responses to Turning the Tables on the Media

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    This is a point I made repeatedly on NRO during and after the Shutdown “crisis” in late 2013. The GOP leaders know that the synoptic media are shills for the Democrats — yet they act as if they expect these liberal activists to cover the issues fairly. Instead, they should hold press conferences announcing their actions — such as, during that affair, pointing out every time they did a new appropriations bill, and pointing out to all the individual appropriations bills the House had passed during the summer that Reidistan ignored, and exactly who it was deliberately maximizing the pain of sequestration and then the shutdown. Do that every day, and maybe even many uninformed voters would realize who’s guilty. And the same thing applies, as you say, in this particular business. But they never do, and clearly never will. The GOP needs a capable speaker as the visible face of the party. Perhaps they could choose Susana Martinez as GOP national chairmen (with Priebus handling the nuts-and-bolts work, which he seems to do well).

    • Rosalys says:

      Yes, they should and they must – but they never do, and clearly never will! So what are they? Wimps? Cowards? Immobilized by fear? Then what are they doing there? Why do they want the job? On the other hand, maybe they never will do anything about it because they don’t want to!

  2. Misanthropette says:

    Ah, which Republican Party is the author referencing? The one made up of 52 members of the opposition, or the progressive collaborators with the Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley, Bush family “amnesty at any cost even if it doesn’t conform with constitutional limits?”

    I will write these 2 predictions: Boehner has already decided to present a “clean” funding bill, which will lead directly to his well-deserved jettison as Speaker. Miracles do happen.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Unfortunately, while I agree that the first will happen, the second is another matter. You can’t beat somebody with nobody, and who does the opposition have to replace Backstabber Boehner with?

      • Misanthropette says:

        The Speaker need not be a member of Congress. I nominate me!

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I once suggested Margaret Thatcher on the grounds that she had more balls than the actual GOP leadership (combined). I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is true of you. It wouldn’t be hard to manage, after all.

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    Hot Air has a piece noting that Lisa Myers, formerly of NBC, is now pulling a Sharyl Attkisson by traversing the country criticizing the failure of TV newsliars to do their self-professed job by holding the powerful (either in business or government) accountable. Instead, she argues, they mostly take sides. She left NBC because of certain stories that Brian Williams and other Obama shills there didn’t want to cover, but makes the point that the problem isn’t exclusive to NBC.

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