Trump Is The Only Candidate That Can Get The Black Vote

Trump2by Patricia L. Dickson8/17/15
After reading the words that he spoke last weekend at a campaign stop in Hampton, New Hampshire, Mr. Trump yet again proved that he intends to win and is not afraid of a good fight. From all that I have heard from him so far, I believe the Donald Trump is not afraid to go into the black community and keep it real.  Trumps keeps it real. From global warming to international trade, Trump speaks in a language that anyone can understand. He said the following about the difference between how the United States and China is addressing global warming:

Mr. Trump, you said that the concept of global warming was created by China [to hurt the United States]. Can you explain precisely how China created the concept of global warming?” one reporter asked. Trump replied:

I said that in a very sarcastic fashion—but it’s helping China because China is doing very little about global warming and this country has gone overboard. You saw what happened the other day with President Obama’s bill. It’s going to put costs out of control, and we have to compete with China. We have to compete with the rest of the world. China loves what we’re doing on global warming, that I can tell you. You go over to China and see what their factories are doing. Their factories are doing absolutely nothing having to do with global warming and they won’t for many, many years. China is making it impossible between their devaluations—I was just talking about with somebody who really knows the subject—their devaluations and the whole thing with global warming, China is making it impossible for our companies to compete and we better get smart on this.

The one thing that I remember about growing up in the black community is the sport of what we called “telling an individual about him or herself”.  The republican establishment and the mainstream media is afraid of Trump because he is not afraid to tell them about themselves. He does it so easily by not mincing words and by his refusal to use political correctness. I would not want to be onstage debating Mr. Donald Trump if I did not have my stuff together. During his stop in Hampton, New Hampshire, he made the following comments about other politicians and his challengers for 2016:

Everybody that puts money up for Jeb Bush, it’s like he’s a puppet. He’s totally controlled by these people. Jeb Bush is controlled by the people who put up the money and so are the other candidates. I don’t want money from people, other than small donations because I have so many people writing. One woman sent $7, another sent $20. I love that when they invest in my campaign. They invest. I don’t want that for the money, I want that because psychologically I think it’s great.

About Jeb Bush and his response to the questions about whether or not it was a mistake to go into Iraq:

First of all it took him five days before he could give an answer. And after the pollsters told him what to say, he’s now trying to backtrack—

Lindsey Graham:

I was attacked by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and he had two points but now he has zero.

Rick Perry:

I’ve been attacked now by now Perry of Texas and he went ehhh like a rocket ship except in the wrong direction [while swooping his hand downward].

About Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s challenge to do the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS research:

He spends all this time and effort and money on an Olympic bid and then he goes out talking about Ice Bucket Challenges? Get a real mayor.

When I look at Mr. Trump’s approach at addressing the issues that are affecting America, I believe that he is the only candidate on both sides that will be able to reach any voting bloc. He has been accused of not being a polished politician. That translates to him not being phony. The average American (regardless of race) appreciates someone who is a straight talker (regardless to whether or not he she agrees with them). The first black President and the democrat party have lied to the black community. The phony establishment republicans are afraid to go into the black communities because of the fear of offending someone (saying something that might be mistakenly taken the wrong way). Mr. Trump appears to be comfortable in any environment. Therefore, he would not be afraid to go into the black community with his message.  If he goes into the poor black community with the following message, I believe he will get at least 50% of the black vote:

I am the only candidate that wants to protect this country from the illegal aliens that are coming here to take your jobs. As president of the United States, I will build a wall to protect our borders. I will deport the illegals. I will bring back the jobs that have been shipped overseas. I will put in place real job training programs. I will support school choice as an alternative to the failing public school system. I will establish programs that will help black Americans start small businesses in your communities. 

The democrat party has taken poor black Americans for granted for far too long. They believe that poor blacks are satisfied with government handouts and that blacks do not really want education and jobs. That is why you never hear democrats addressing jobs and education when they speak in poor black communities. The common denominator in every speech given by democrats in front of poor blacks is some kind of supposed injustice. If one would just look back at the 2014 mid-terms, it is clear that the democrats have misjudged the black community. I see blacks staying home in 2016 and not voting for Clinton or Sanders. If that were to happen, it would help the republican candidate; however, it would be even better if some blacks voted for the republican ticket. The Republican Party is the only party that can help poor blacks Americans. We just need to make sure our nominee is the one that can reach them.

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9 Responses to Trump Is The Only Candidate That Can Get The Black Vote

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    China is indeed doing something about global warming aka climate change aka climate disruption. They’ve promised to start reducing their carbon emissions in 15 years in return for the US (at Barry Screwtape Obama’s behest) wrecking its economy now. Well, to a liberal, that distant promise is the same thing as action.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Colin Flaherty, author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, has an article at American Thinker this morning: Marco Rubio: The Newest Member of Black Lives Matter.

    If what he quotes Rubio saying is accurate, it just goes to further my suspicions of this clown:

    “It is a fact in the African-American community around the country, there has been for a number of years a growing resentment of the way criminal justice and law enforcement interact with the community.”

    That is Rubio’s way of saying cops have a distressing habit of arresting black people when they break the law — which they do in distressing amounts.

    Rubio once again shows how devastating “compassion” has been to the black community. As Thomas Sowell notes, you’re doing no one a favor by excusing him from the normal requirements of civilized behavior.

    Yesterday I was watching the first 90 minutes of the extended version of “Fellowship of the Ring.” With some effort, Gandalf has convinced Bilbo to part with the ring of power. Bilbo gifts it to Frodo just before departing Bag End for good to live in Rivendell. Gandalf then introduces Frodo to the ring of power and warns him to hide it and to tell no one about it. After learning of the dangers of owning the ring, Frodo urges Gandalf to take it:

    FRODO: I’m giving it to you.
    GANDALF: Don’t tempt me, Frodo. I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand, Frodo, I would use this Ring from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.

    Although Lord of the Rings is just fantasy fiction, Tolkien has captured something timeless and profound about the human ability (or wizard ability) to deceive ourselves about our rightness in gaining power in order to do good. When Rubio talks about the police “interacting” with blacks, he’s using a euphemism for the police doing their job in regards to criminal behavior. We see the creeping evil entering the life of our nation through such trickery.

    One could say the equivalent of the ring of power is the enormous power wielded over our lives by Washington DC — particularly the president. So it matters to note now who has the devil in the corner of his eyes and is doing Sauron’s bidding.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This is why there’s a certain amount of libertarian respect for Tolkien. There can be little doubt that the Ring of Power today represents unrestrained government (which is what liberals seek and GOP Beltway Bandits fail to oppose adequately). I suspect Tolkien himself would agree (and Lewis as well, based especially on That Hideous Strength, which in fact has a brief reference to Tolkien’s world).

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        God only knows what Libertarians are thinking.

        Certainly I can see these little munchkins running around thinking they are Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortensen as they fight against the gathering blackness of Abraham Lincoln and the necessity to drive on the right side of the road (a clear act of coercion by the government).

        Or maybe their ears perked up when they found that the Hobbits loved to smoke various kinds of “weed.”

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Well, it’s clear in the novel that pipeweed is tobacco.

            • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

              Congresswoman Barbara Jordan understood very clearly the fact that our insane immigration policies would hurt poor blacks first and hardest.

              It has been hard to watch people go about their lives while the country is being taken from them and changed in ways no average American would believe.

              I only hope you are correct that blacks will vote for Trump. I also hope enough people are now awake to the danger threatening this country that, even if Trump does not win, they will push back against the Leftists demagogues and crony capitalists pushing for amnesty.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              Some blacks do see how liberalism has harmed them — in the loss of jobs to mass immigration, in the loss of lives and quality of life to unchecked criminals, and in the loss of religious freedom to militant social liberalism. But will it be enough to make a difference?

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    There is a strong prejudice in the typical black mind (Obama said “typical white person” therefore it’s okay for me to say “typical black person”) associated with the GOP: GOP equals “Doesn’t really care about black people no matter what they say”.

    Hey, as conservatives, we can relate. When nearly every one of these Establishment GOP politicians talks about the problem of illegal aliens, we know most won’t do anything about it. We don’t believe them. And for better or for worse, the stereotype of the GOP in the minds of most blacks is a bunch of rich white guys who may condescend from time to time to speak of the needs of the black man, but they don’t actually care.

    Ignorance, paranoia — and the reality that the GOP doesn’t particularly care about conservatives either (that is, it is correct to distrust them) — keeps them on the Democrat Party plantation (who shouldn’t be trusted either, but that’s another story). This is how culture works. It’s not a black thing. It’s a people thing. Dennis Prager is brutally honest about being brought up as a liberal Jews, by liberal Jews, surrounded by liberal Jews. It was no easy thing for him (smart as he is) to escape that. The prejudices that liberal Jews have are passed on in Amah’s milk.

    Yes, the GOP is cowardly and often stupid. But they are aware of this problem of how they are perceived by minorities. It’s just that they’ve assigned conservatives and authentic Christians to be the “Jews,” the scapegoats. They believe if they all sound like Mike Huckabee (who I guess had some real success in getting the black vote), they can win without all those “divisive” conservatives and real Christians.

    In practical terms, it means being “Democrats Lite.” And whether these Establishment GOPers are sincere or not, why would you go for a cheap imitation if you are amongst the forever aggrieved? And most don’t. For the GOP to succeed, they must offer a clear alternative to grievance, victimhood, racial prejudice (whatever it is called and however it is justified), socialism, etc.

    The reality is, as Rush Limbaugh states, we conservatives don’t parse people via color. And we want what is best for everyone. We want people of all colors to achieve. None of that plays into either the prejudices and machinations of the GOP Establishment or the typical black mindset that feeds on the paranoia and stereotypes that keep them distrusting others and solidly on the Democrat Party plantation. There are indeed people to distrust…conservatives and authentic Christians are not amongst these.

    How do you change that when the media and others regularly lie and feed the delusion that black people don’t commit more crimes, it’s just that the cops pick on them or that they are somehow “underprivileged” and thus not responsible for their behavior? That’s a great way to create sociopaths but doesn’t actually do much for blacks trying to create a better life.

    And, long story short, because Trump is identified more with being a successful businessman of the brash and non-Romney type — and especially is identified with being in the most popular party of all, the Entertainment Party — I think a lot of blacks will look at him with a more open mind…especially when they see him trashing the Establishment Republicans — a trick McCain has tried to pull by bashing conservatives to send the message, “I’m not one of them.”

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