Timothy Lane

Timothy Lane was an Army brat, his father having graduated from West Point in 1945, and thus grew up in a variety of locales from Monterey, California to Athens, Greece before his father was killed in Vietnam while commanding the 39th Engineer Battalion. The family, with long-time Kentucky roots (Abe Lincoln is a maternal cousin), moved to Louisville after that, and he’s lived there ever since.

Having developed a variety of intellectual interests when young (many of them rather morbid, such as fascinations with poisonous snakes and deadly diseases), he went to Purdue, majoring in computer science and minoring in history and economics. Despite many bumps in the road, he programmed professionally until 2000, and then briefly worked as a temp (having become an experienced touch typist from his many years editing the science fiction fanzine FOSFAX, officially published by the Falls of the Ohio Science Fiction and Fantasy Association). Later he began to write professionally, though this has been a very intermittent source of income, leaving him heavily reliant (at least until he goes on Social Security or finds a really good market for his writing, of which the former is much likelier) on the income of his housemate, Elizabeth Garrott (a somewhat bilingual child of missionaries to Japan).