The Yutes and The Lexington Green

by Pat Tarzwell   4/19/18
We had an event here a few nights ago that I thought would be interesting.  The event was titled Shelton Innovators Spring Picnic.  This was put on by a local high school and I thought as an inventor, I would like to meet some of these kids and see just what innovative things they were up to.

Well color me surprised when I got there and found out that innovation had absolutely nothing to do with the group or the event.  The event was a fund raiser for the group. The group, funded mostly by us suckers…err…I mean tax payers, needs more money.  You see the group exist, (some might say),  to pay the government rent on a building they built at our expense and to provide a safe place for kids to go after school to hang out, play games and be fed a meal. (I seem to remember that as being called home for my kids), but I digress.

The purpose of my visit was to find some innovative yutes. So I wander into the back room where a few of teenagers were gathered and begin to talk to them.  Actually I was impressed at first with these kids, but then I overheard a small group bashing England and all of Western Civilization, so I listened for a bit. When I could take no more, I said: Do you guys understand all of these things you are bashing England for were the norm in all the world, and if it were not for England would most likely still be around today? That the only reason you are free today to say such stupid things is because of what England did for the world?

So I began to tell them just a brief glimpse of how England, and by extension America, are unique in the world, we actually fight to make others free. We are the ones who  stopped things like slavery, burning witches, and having rulers above the law (well for a while anyway). We brought the idea of real equality to the world, not this crap you are being fed in schools today.

Well, I looked around and you would have thought I was handing out candy. These kids were hearing that America is not rotten to the core for the first time in their lives, and they were lapping it up.  But it was short-lived; one of the bureaucrats who was in charge of these kids must have heard the conversation and decided he needed to break this up, so he came in and sent the kids away to go mingle with the crowd, bus tables, or do anything, just run away from this lunatic who is filling your head with these terrible radical thoughts.

It was fun while it lasted. But I just wanted to pass along what I thought was good news, that there are some yutes who are still open to the truth, that they can have hope, that the country that they live in is not as bad as what they hear about from their teachers, the news media, and the left (sorry that was redundant). They just need to hear it from someone or somewhere.

So speak up, stand up, and do not be afraid to correct these yutes or our country will be having another Lexington Green moment, but this time the yutes will not be holding the line; this time it will happen without the shot, and it will not be heard around the world, but will die, without a sound or voice.

Pat Tarzwell was born conservative, runs a successful hi-tech business, and lives a red-state life in a deep blue one. • (123 views)

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Who knows, maybe many will remember what you said, or even look things up. You might have mentioned the origins of the song “Amazing Grace” if you had time. That’s also a good lesson in redemption. Obviously, they wee eager to receive the message, which is very good news, as you observed. How many Americans know that the Salem witchcraft trials were the last in America, and ended up rejecting (too late for those who were hanged, or in Giles Corey’s case pressed to death with stones) spectral evidence, after which there were no more convictions.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I had a similar experience on a flight from Denver to DFW last year.

    Sitting in the same row with me were a young white man of 23 and a young black girl of 18. Somehow we got into a conversation and the young lady brought up Trump’s comments about the rioting which had been going on in Charlottesville. I told her that I had been out of the country for the previous two weeks so did not follow the details, but that from what I had heard, Trump’s comments were correct and not at all provocative. I explained why and that got us into a deeper conversation.

    For the next couple of hours, I gave an almost non-stop lecture on:

    1. The Constitution
    2. History of Slavery
    3. Media
    4. History of the USA
    5. George Washington

    I explained to the kids that in order to understand and judge what was happening in any situation, one had to have context and context meant knowing history. Only in this way could a person compare and understand life. I explained too many of today’s schools and the media pretend that things happen in a vacuum and hold up a non-existent perfection as the benchmark with which to compare the actions of their opponents. I explained this is dishonest nonsense as none of us is perfect. What is important is to try and see how a society, civilization, person acts over time and is that society, civilization, person trying to improve and increase liberty?

    I was still talking as the jet landed. Both kids kept saying they had never been taught this in school and wanted to know more. The girl asked me for some books to read that might increase her knowledge and understanding of the U.S.A. and George Washington. I told her to read Flexner’s four volume biography on George Washington and Paul Johnson’s “History of the American People.”

    After that flight, I was slightly more hopeful for our country, but have to admit, the struggle is still very much against us.

    • pst4usa says:

      Thanks for doing that Mr. Zu! It would have been nice to have more than a few minutes with these kids as they really seemed interested. Mayb the worm is turning.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Or maybe it just never turned the other way as much as it seemed. Naturally they would regurgitate what they were taught at school, but the students you and he encountered obviously wanted something different.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I was not sure where to put this post so decided to choose Pat’s article.

    I was looking up information on the Southwest pilot who safely landed that plane which had lost one engine. I went to Wikipedia and saw that the Wiki blurb was under consideration for deletion.

    I read the piece and can’t see why this would be under consideration for deletion. Can any of ST’s readers explain this to me?

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      The only thing I could find was this, Mr. Kung:

      flying a part-time schedule of 8–10 days per month so that she could raise a family too.

      Despite her accomplishments as a pilot, maybe it’s still verboten to give any weight to the family rather than all to the career and forwarding female hegemony. There’s also this:

      She married Dean Shults

      A man? She married a man?!! There’s also this:

      They have two children – an adopted girl, Sydney, and boy, Marshall

      Girl? Boy? Those are outdated notions. I don’t know who or how these Wiki articles are changed, deleted, etc., but surely this aspect of her biography may be a grave sin:

      She is a devout Christian, teaching Sunday school

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I had the same thoughts, but wanted to get input from others. I also noticed “God” in the footnotes. Tsk, tsk.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    A couple of the qualities that Pat has (and I’m just trying to butter him up for more donations) is patience and knowledge (as opposed to fake-news). To reach yutes, it requires both. I find it very difficult.

    Oh, I can make it through the first four or five parries and thrusts, the first several times you have to deal with fake news, various prejudices, shibboleths, virtue signals, etc. I can calmly sit down and talk to anyone for five, maybe ten, minutes even if I think they’re a complete nut case.

    But Pat can verify (remember Sharie’s restaurant?) that after about ten minutes or so, I lose my patience. So God bless those, such as Pat and Mr. Kung, who have both knowledge and patience and can give another point of view to the yutes. I’m glad to be here to support spreading these success stories and being a resource, no matter how small, for those looking to jump outside the Progressive fishbowl they’ve been put in.

    But don’t ask me to exceed ten minutes.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      So God bless those, such as Pat and Mr. Kung, who have both knowledge and patience and can give another point of view to the yutes.

      Those two kids in my row had no place to go. The plane was full and the flight was bumpy. Buckle-up!

      That being said, they truly were interested and asking questions throughout the flight.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Having a captive audience doesn’t hurt. Still, there’s a possibility that yutes find Progressivism to be the malnourishing sawdust of a religion that it is and that there is more to life than superficial virtue-signaling and grievance.

        How to present that? There needs to be a concerted and focused effort. Alas, with public schools, the media, and the entertainment industry propagandizing 24/7, it’s a tough nut to crack.

    • Rosalys says:

      I have problems talking to people, too. My problem is a lack of articulateness. I also don’t have as much knowledge as youse guys, but I know a lot more than the average Joe out there (I know – that isn’t a very high bar!) And I am impatient, though I am working on that.

      • pst4usa says:

        Rosalys, I certainly do lack in articulatmess, but my love for this experament we call America and my kids and grandkids, drives me to fight for them. As I have told Brad many a time, people will not change until a certain pain threshold is high enough to make them want it. That level is different for each person, and the left knows this, so they will do whatever it takes to anestitize the people as long as they can. That is simple, it just takes bread and circus, in other words more money. We can be a small offset to the title wave coming from the other side, but only if we speak up when we can.
        You however, are plenty articulate and far more intelegent than I. I just have the advantage of being a fighter all of my life and I learned a long time ago, that how I feel after doing nothing when faced with bullies, is far worse, than the beating I might recieve. Have courage, it gets easier the more you do it.

  5. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I’ve been watching this hit-or-miss Twilight Zonish Netflix original series called Black Mirror. Be careful before you watch this series. It’s riddled with some awful stuff.

    But there is some good stuff as well. I highly recommend season 4, episode one USS Callister and especially season 4, episode 2 Arkangel. This is a terrific episode about a mother whose child becomes lost (but is found again). This scares her into buying into a new implant technology which (via a pad) she can not only track where her daughter is but actually see what she is seeing. There are some other creepy features as well. But all the time while watching this I’m nodding my head, “Oh, hell yeah, mothers would do this.”

    I skipped over to season 3, episode 1 Nosedive. Basically it’s Facebook “likes” on steroids. Everyone receives a ranking from 0 to 5. Access to commercial flights, as well as being able to rent a decent car, is dependent upon your ranking. So everyone in this world is wearing shit-eating grins and posting stuff in order to raise their ranking.

    Again, I’m nodding all through this, but not in regards to “if” such a thing will come to pass, but knowing that it already has to a great extent.

    And it was the final push for me to delete my Facebook account which I did. I rarely use it and have been thinking about jettisoning if for a long time. This episode pushed me into action.

    I wouldn’t say that the concept of this episode was played out as well as it could have been. But the message was clear. More yutes should watch this episode. Teaching kids to disengage from the Likeocracy would be a good thing.

  6. Rosalys says:

    There are at least two things which we who love truth, justice, and the American way have going for us.

    First. It has been suggested by several online sites I visit regularly, that (horrific as it is to realize/imagine/think!) the cesspool culture has become so ubiquitous, that we could almost call it mainstream. That makes US the counterculture! And y’all know how the yutes like to distinguish themselves from the generation before them. The pendulum, she does swing.

    Second. There is a BIG event coming up in seven years; the sestercentennial (I had to look that word up!) celebrations of the United States of America will begin in April of 2025, with the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. (Actually, I suspect that little old Rhode Island will get a jumpstart in 2022, with the 250th of the Burning of the Gaspee celebration. Sometimes I’m proud to be a Rhode Islander!) And these celebrations will continue for seven years (ten in RI.)

    I remember the 225th, and it was a big deal. The celebration and reenactment of the Surrender at Yorktown was awesome, but it didn’t quite percolate down to the general population of non-history buffs they way the Bicentennial did. The 250th will be different. There is something about round numbers, something about a zero or two at the end of a number, which will penetrate the psyche of Americans (especially those who have been intentionally starved of the information and history which would allow them to be proud of their heritage,) like nothing else will. 250 years is a quarter of a millennium! Some numbers do have a certain magic about them.

  7. Timothy Lane says:

    I came across an article on Hot Air about a DC councilman who went to the Holocaust Museum after making a weird comment about the Rothschilds controlling the weather. He and his aides were remarkably ignorant, as when someone wondered if the Warsaw ghetto was some sort of gated community, or if the stormtroopers around a women carrying a message about defiling her race were bodyguards. The link is:

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