The Web of Deceit

by Anniel7/19/17
A member of our family has suffered great physical and psychic harm from a very unprofessional lying professional. At the present time I am forbidden to discuss the particulars of this harm. I can only say that the tentacles of lies this person told caused pain and blame to many innocents along the way and ruptured trust between family and friends.

For several weeks now we and many others have been trying to cope and decide how best to help one another. Every decision seemed to make matters worse. We even argued over whether the liar was evil or insane, or both.

False news and false accusations happened daily. If I could have been where the protagonist was I think I would have pulled his nose hairs all out and maybe tightened his tie really tight. Instead I did the worst possible thing and called some friends to tell them our tale of woe and about some of the people I was angry with because I thought they were causing the problem. So I wound up with a need to repent for my intemperance and ask forgiveness for spreading the falsehoods that I had believed and told about innocent people, when I should never have doubted their fidelity. Our telephones were ringing off the hook for most of two days.

Suddenly, about three days ago, the logjam broke somewhat and we began learning the truth about what was going on. For those three days we have learned of actions being taken for our family by people who are in positions to help or have friends in high places who are also taking action on our behalf. The liar involved does not yet know what is about to descend upon him and he has no way out of facing his own guilt. Too many people in positions of authority over him now know of his duplicity.

I almost feel sorry for him, but I may be the only one who does. I do not think he has the inner resources to deal with exposure, and I do not know if he can be humbled enough to apologize to us all, particularly the one he decided to harm in the first place. My only worry now is if he decides to take some form of revenge and commit further harm. He will be losing a lot but I think he will still refuse to accept blame.

Bear kept telling me that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, and sleep on things before I let my wrath loose. I should have listened to his wisdom and cooled my jets. He and I are now able to return to our life without too much worry, but I, in particular have learned valuable lessons about both the evil of a few people and and of the great kindness and goodness of many other people.

And I have promised Bear, once again, that from now on I will pay more attention when he speaks. • (450 views)

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    The web of deceit or the web of incompetence? Well…a very cryptic post, but necessarily so. For all gathered here, be on the lookout for the growing web of mediocrity and incompetence. It may sometimes look like deceit or be the underlying reason for deceit.

    On a related matter, one of the modern truisms is that a high percentage (if not most) psychological counselors are incompetent. They are a waste of money, at best, and harmful, at worst. I won’t get into many of the details. Suffice it to say, most women, in particular, are unable to deal with the problems of boys. Ritalin is the cure-all drug.

    Sadly, it’s possible that a child in question (I’ll be cryptic as well) could have some kind of split personality disorder, possible the early onset of schizophrenia. You have none of the facts and only my assessment of it. But damned if all the incidents reported don’t sound like some sort of demon possession. As I told my brother (which might be a moot point now…the child is back in the “system”), what the child might need is a good Catholic exorcist.

    Couldn’t hurt. I’ve seen some odd behavior but most reports are second-hand. But if these second-hand reports are true, it would send chills up your spine if I retold them. Rolling on the floor and foaming at the mouth is not a normal thing for a child. Pointing at the wall and seeing a black bear coming out of it with a detailed description of the bear’s long claws is a sobering second-hand account. Given that my sister-in-law is not a reliable witness (in my opinion), I take what she says with a grain of salt. But my brother, who I do consider a reliable witness, has told me some stuff that definitely chilled me.

    They have an adopted daughter and it is becoming dangerous to have this little boy in the house. If even half the tails that I heard last night are true, they were crazy to keep the kid in the house as long as they did. A doctor who treated several members of this child’s family gave my sister-in-law a warning and explicitly told her to distance herself from the child. There is a run of very bad things in that family, including an aunt who committed murder.

    It would seem that my brother and his wife were determined for their own reasons (mostly good ones) to overlook a lot of this. They became (if their stories are true) the frog in the kettle of boiling water while the heat was being slowly turned up. But at the end of the day, as I repeatedly had told my brother, this child might be better off somewhere else. I think his desire to be a good father, and her desire to follow her somewhat bizarre but sincere religious beliefs, led them to stick with this child long past the point when it was obvious that tragedy was heading their way soon. There’s little doubt in my mind that the child, in his more demonic personality, would have hurt their daughter. The mother was already living somewhat in fear of the child.

    So there I told you more than you want to know. Children are often burdened by the misbehavior of their parents (drug addicts) and/or by just bad genes, if you will. Who knows what is going on sometimes?

    • Anniel says:

      Funny you should mention incompetence. I think that is the exact reason this whole mess got started. That and an inflated sense of self and entitlement.
      Mostly I have been upset about my own incompetence in dealing with things in a more adult manner.

    • Anniel says:

      Brad, I’ve been considering your brother’s predicament and aching for what their family has gone through. They will undoubtedly be haunted by what happens to this boy forever. Bless them for their unstinting efforts to help him. I know you have tried to help too.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Thanks, Annie.

        At some point these blessed little children are no longer just victims…victims of their parents and/or victims of their genetic heritage. But right now, you can’t help be see the inherent cruelty of life. Right now, this little boy is but a victim of circumstances.

        Anyone who is for the legalization of drugs has reduced mankind to a theoretical “thing.” Dirtbag culture and dirtbag behavior are amongst the most evil things in creation. Where we might build our own kind of imperfect, but functional, paradise out of life, too often we’re digging a hole and creating our own troubles. Life produces troubles enough without our help.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    As you no doubt are learning, it can be an emotionally draining experience to work out hypothetical and generally negative conversations. Reader’s Digest once had a story about a man wanting to borrow a jack when his car broke down. He worked himself up over how things might go, but in the end it went well. (Of course, this negativity can also jump-start a bad encounter.

    But of course, this is easier said than done, as I’ve found out at rehab, especially when expecting to transfer from wheelchair to bed.

    • Anniel says:

      Timothy, Do you have a gait belt? Once I fell and could not get up. I was just so weak. Our son brought over a gait belt, wrapped it around me, then he and Bear got me up and in a chair as slick as a whistle. Check with the rehab people. Good luck.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        No, although I did at the hospital and I do here at rehab. Elizabeth doesn’t have the strength to contribute significantly, and much of the time the hotel only has 1 person available, so we would still need EMS. Most of the falls came from the increasing weakness of the right knee as a result of my various infections. How much I’ll ever recover is uncertain; my hope is that I’ll be able to use a walker in the apartment and a wheelchair only when I leave it, probably leaving me a virtual shut-in.

        • Anniel says:

          Timothy, One of my friends frequently calls EMS when she falls. They show up pretty quick with their gait belts. But she insists on going out without her walker even, so she carries a med alert to just push a button. I think they have told her not to walk by herself, but she is stubborn.

          I have a handle thigamagigy that fits on the car latch so you can lean on it when you get in and out of the car. It’s wonderful. My son found it on Amazon so I’ll try to look it up and let you know what it’s called.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I think they have told her not to walk by herself, but she is stubborn.

            This stubbornness is solely responsible for my mother being in an assisted living home…at least at first. She broke her hip. She refused to use her cane. Now her memory issues have superseded any physical limitations.

            I will gladly use a cane when the time comes. I can pretend I’m Winston Churchill. Canes can be classy.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            My problem was progressive weakening of the right knee. After a certain amount of time walking and/or standing, it would lock up. I could no longer maneuver and had to fall back into a chair or I would end up falling down. My final fall came as I had almost made in to the toilet from my chair. Elizabeth was behind me and I fell back onto her in her wheelchair, hoping that a couple of minutes’ rest would enable me to finish the journey. But when got up my knee was still locked, and I fell.

            I believe the knee is stronger now, but nowhere near where it needs to be for me to become truly functional again. I doubt there will ever be a full recovery. I hope I’ll be able to manage our hotel room just using the walker, but will probably need a wheelchair for anything beyond that.

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