The United States Is Bleeding To Death

StabbedHeartby Leigh Bravo9/3/15
The United States is bleeding to death under the Obama Administration and it is time for a full transfusion to rid our country of the cancer that is slowly but surely destroying our way of life.

As we watch in horror at the brutal murders committed by ISIS of innocent men, women and children our commander and chief and democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, are claiming Republicans are the real terrorists. As we watch in horror as Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for cash to the highest bidder without parental permission, our so-called leaders, accuse Republicans of advancing the “war on women,” while they continue paying their female workers less than their male counterparts and Obama has offered up an additional $1 million in taxpayer grants to over one hundred Planned Parenthood chapters. While American citizens are fighting to find jobs and support their families, President Obama opens our borders and passes out work permits like candy to immigrants who have broken the law and entered into our country illegally, even after a federal judge ordered him to cease and desist.  The administration has released hundreds of thousands of illegal criminals back into our communities and democratic led cities have created safe havens for  them, while their own citizens are murdered and raped by the very criminals they refuse to deport. The administration refuses to allow our soldiers to protect themselves on military bases by carrying guns, and calls the outright attack by Islamic terrorists on our military bases “work place violence,” resulting in full benefits for the terrorists and denying the same to the military victims.  While we watch in horror as our dedicated police officers are threatened and murdered in cold blood, our so-called leaders turn the other way while rushing to commend the criminals that do the killing.  As our democratic leaders claim they are fighting the war on terror, they do nothing when supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement call for their activists to kill all white people and police right here in the United States,

“Today, we live in a time when the white man will be picked off, and there’s nothing he can do about it,” he said. “His day is up, his time is up. We will witness more executions and killing of white people and cops than we ever have before. It’s about to go down. It’s open season on killing white people and crackas.”

Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan called for black Americans to “rise up and kill those who kill us.”  As he posts his speech on Facebook to over 10,000 followers, there is no concern by our democratic leaders and Facebook refuses to take the video down, while they do not hesitate to remove “milder pages and comments.”

Our military has been downgraded to levels not seen since World War II during a time of increased conflict around the world. While the United States and the American people have been threatened by Islamic terrorism calling for our deaths, our president has chosen to decimate our military instead of our enemies. Meanwhile, our veterans coming home from defending this nation, are not being offered the medical care they were promised. Obama recently claimed,

“The VA is handling millions more appointments, inside and outside the VA, and delivering more care. On average, veterans are waiting just a few days for an appointment. And that’s all good news.”

However, while the Veterans Administration’s (VA) budget increased significantly, the backlog of claims have doubled, wait times have increased and no one has been held accountable for the deaths of our Veterans at the hands of a corrupt government system.

Meanwhile, our public universities and colleges, receiving taxpayer dollars, are teaching our kids to hate America and threatening them with lower grades if they use politically incorrect terms such as “he” and “she,” or refuse to defer to people of color. The American flag is being banned and burned on university campuses while Christian clubs are disbanded or denied club status.

Obama now uses the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to force government funded housing into neighborhoods that hardworking Americans have spent years saving to obtain. In Obama’s world, you do not need to work hard to reap the rewards. You only have to “want it” or feel “entitled to it” to get it at taxpayers expense.

Small business  which employs over 50% of the working population and have generated 65% of new jobs since 1995, are shutting down at record rates under the weight of over regulation and higher taxes.  While the Obama administration bogs down small business in layer after layer of regulations and higher taxes, our government spends trillions of dollars and offers up billions in corporate bailouts, have given welfare and food stamps recipients more and more benefits and food stamp participation is at its highest levels then anytime in the history of our nation.  The Obama administration claims the unemployment rate is down while the labor participation rate is at its lowest since the 1970’s, and the economy is circling the drain. Obamacare is cutting worker’s pay by $22.6 billion per year and has eliminated 350,000 jobs, and the weight of regulations under the ACA is killing small business. Obama refuses to sign onto the Keystone pipeline and refuses to lift the ban on United States oil exports which would lead to our energy independence from Middle East. Meanwhile, the political elite on the Hill have become richer and richer while claiming to do the taxpayer’s bidding.

While over two hundred generals and admirals believe the Iran deal is a threat to our national security,  and Iran’s leaders and its people chant “death to America and Israel,”  the Obama administration gathers thirty four votes from Democratic Senators to ensure the deal will go through. As a result, sanctions will be lifted and Russia is now in negotiations with Iran to send them S-300 missiles, putting them in an even more deadly position to threaten Israel and the United States. Iran will also now have access to over $150 billion dollars to continue it’s financial support of terrorism around the world.

The Obama administration continues to demonize Christians while refusing to identify Islam as having any connection to terrorism around the world and here at home. By his side is Valerie Jarrett, his closest advisor, born in Iran and tied to communism through her family history.

The New York Times says Jarrett is Obama’s “closest friend in the White House”, his “envoy,” his “emissary,” his “all-purpose ambassador,” and the “ultimate Obama insider.” Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank says Jarrett’s connection with Obama is “deep and personal” and that she is “the real center of Obama’s inner circle.”

It is definitely disturbing to know that Jarrett has the President’s ear all while Judicial watch has obtained files from the FBI confirming that her father, maternal grandfather and father-in-law were hardcore Communists. Now we are to believe that the best the Democratic party can offer up is a lying corrupt former Secretary of State who has been proven time after time to have lied and feels she deserves different treatment than the rest of America’s citizens and a self professed socialist, Bernie Sanders. What is happening to the Democratic party?

Admiral James Lyon, who commanded the U.S. Pacific Fleet under Ronald Reagan, recently spoke at a Defeat Jihad Summit, sponsored by the Center for Security Policy. He spoke of a number of failed opportunities by the United States, since the late 1970s, to deal a crippling blow to Islamic jihadism and “change the course of history.” 

 “You know, we all say we have to identify the threat. Well, I think the one who identified it the best was [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan from Turkey when he said, ‘Islam is Islam. There are no modifiers.  Democracy is the train we ride to our ultimate objective. Until you recognize that Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religious movement you never are going to come to grips with it.”

  “The Obama Administration  has a strategy. It is very simple. Any thinking American should be able to grasp it. It is anti American, anti-western. It is pro islamic, pro Iranina and pro Muslim brotherhood.”

As more citizens open their eyes, it is imperative that we vote to change the leadership of our country in order to save the United States from bleeding to death.

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21 Responses to The United States Is Bleeding To Death

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    A very accurate summation. Unfortunately. America can (probably) survive even Barry Screwtape Obama’s demonic reign. But can it survive the voters who chose to close their eyes to reality in order to re-elect him?

    • Rosalys says:

      To answer your question, no! The American citizenry is at fault (or the majority thereof.) 30 years ago a creature such as B. Screwtape O. would never have been nominated, let alone elected. The progressive left has done a bang up job of thoroughly corrupting our society, to the point where aborted babies are treated as a commercial commodity without enough of an outcry to stop the practice. We are a generation which is calling good evil, and evil good. Isaiah warns us, “Woe to them… .”

      • Timothy Lane says:

        It’s clear that the liberal movement has been totally corrupted, and thus actually seem to prefer completely unethical candidates, at least at the top. Unfortunately, this includes the synoptic media, so those who can’t bring themselves to look carefully at what’s happening are unaware of the depth of modern social depravity.

  2. David Ray says:

    Good points all around. Tells me to buy more ammo for my Glock26 and a few 30round clips.
    Facts matter. Thugs don’t.

    • Leigh Bravo says:

      Don’t forget to put some heavy cash in your safe next to that ammo. With the financial markets the way they are, who knows what will happen. The whole economy is standing on a house of cards.
      The uninformed and ignorance of voters is definitely a problem as well. I think a lot of that could be solved by diversifying the ownership of our media. It amazes me that only 6 companies own every form of information out there. It does explain why 99% of everything we hear is liberal.
      I have been talking quite a bit lately with young people….20-30. They are wising up and are at least engaging in what is happening to the country and their futures. Unfortunately the under 20 crowd seems mesmerized with Bernie Sanders and obviously learned nothing in school about the perils of socialism. They also tend to believe anything they hear on mainstream media and out of sanders mouth. That is the generation that needs serious help!

      • David Ray says:

        Your “uninformed and ignorant voters” line reminded me of an informative joke:

        [Ques] What’s the best argument against democracy?
        [Ansr] A five minute conversation with your average voter.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          FDR said that he never mentioned his opponent’s name because there were many voters who voted for whichever candidate’s name was familiar in some way, no matter how vaguely and no matter why (which they probably wouldn’t remember anyway). Of course, he was a New Yorker, and a lot of his party’s voters were immigrants, often uneducated.

        • Pst4usa says:

          That is a gross exaggeration, 1 minute tops and you will have all you need.

  3. Rosalys says:

    “As more citizens open their eyes, it is imperative that we vote to change the leadership of our country in order to save the United States from bleeding to death.”

    It’s would be wonderful to think that people will begin to open their eyes, but I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend among some of my friends; the worse things get and the more blatant the evil, the more many retreat into fantasy land. They just don’t want to hear any bad news, they refuse to discuss any politics, have any discourse on any important topics. They just want to pursue their hobbies and discuss which bakery makes the best muffins. God help us! It’s unfathomable!

    I’ve been reading Jeremiah lately. It’s creepy that with a few name and place changes, he could be speaking to twenty first century America. This does not inspire confidence!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Yes, there’s a reason certain types of diatribes are referred to as “jeremiads”. As I recall, he counseled non-resistance to the Chaldeans because their victory was assured, and Israel would be under their yoke for 70 years. I wonder whose yoke the modern Jeremiah would predict we will be under.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      They just don’t want to hear any bad news, they refuse to discuss any politics, have any discourse on any important topics. They just want to pursue their hobbies and discuss which bakery makes the best muffins. God help us! It’s unfathomable!

      Sister Rosalys. That’s a very astute observation. I get the same feeling here. Few would notice or care if Obama marched every third person off to a detention camp as long as the espresso bars were open.

      Again, I thought you made a keen observation. I hope you will consider writing more. I’d love to get more of that real-world perspective. I would love it if you could commit to doing a weekly or biweekly column (think “Dear Abby” but with an attitude). We don’t really have anything like that here. But I’d be willing to give it a try.

      • Rosalys says:

        “Dear Rosie”
        It does have a certain ring to it! However, I don’t think I’m qualified to be giving anybody advice, least of all the regulars here at ST!

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          “Dear Rosie,

          Where I work I’m surrounded by libtards. All day long they make fun of Sarah Palin and think being gay is on par with winning a Nobel Prize. I try to be civil but deep-down it’s hard to warm up to people who are so lost and stupid. Any suggestions for staying sane in this kind of atmosphere? I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation.


          Harried in Harrisburg.”

          Or just do some common-sense reporting from the field of what you see and hear about topical stuff. Good god, do you really think so much of us regulars here that we couldn’t take some advice? And, really, one should remember that most people who read a forum or article never respond. But they do read. For every one person who responds there are typically hundreds who lurk. So talk directly to them and just assume the rest of us are perfect and without need of change. 😀 Certainly when I’m writing, I’m almost never writing to those here but to that great “mass” out there, or to posterity, or just for my own pleasure.

          But I would love to have someone who could regularly write short pieces, clear, concise, on one topic (or several, depending on one’s style), and had a bit of a sense of humor. I’m sure when I write something it’s “Oh, ugh, Brad again. I can’t slog through all of that now.” I’d love for someone to write a regular engaging column about whatever topic struck them. Light. Pithy. Poignant. Practical. Persuasive. Entertaining. And purely American. I know there are many people who do that out there regularly and automatically around the water cooler. But, I swear, it’s like peeing in front of other people when it comes to getting people to put it in writing. People just freeze up.

          So I know it’s not easy. But I’m always trying to encourage those who have something to say.

          • Rosalys says:

            Dear Harried in Harrisburg,

            The rules of civility are there in place to deal with such situations. Being in business as you are, you don’t necessarily want to alienate the masses, so for most people (who are merely mindless lemmings) you can just smile and say, “Thank you. I will take that into consideration.” You needn’t clarify your point by telling them that such consideration will take you exactly one nanosecond before being tossed into the garbage.

            When the inevitable lesbian or sodomite “engaged” pair come into your shop wanting invitations to what they will erroneously refer to as their wedding, if you don’t want to take the job and you don’t wish to be turned into hamburger by the “black robed society” (a.k.a., the American legal system,) you may inform them that, although your normal turn around for such jobs is say, seven business days, you are currently so swamped with work that you couldn’t possibly have them ready before hell freezes over for about two years. If that doesn’t deter them I would suggest (if you don’t already have one) getting a cat! As everyone knows, cats are always throwing up. When said perverts sodomites come in to collect their invites, you can claim how truly sorrow you are to inform them that, that very morning, “Miss Twinkie” threw up all over them and you will gladly print them up again and have them ready in another two years hence! Remember to always smile and be polite, but firm.

            As for your sanity – my word, Harried! Have you forgotten? YOU are the very essence of sanity! THEY (the liberates) are the very essence of insanity itself! Just keep repeating it to yourself over and over. And if all else fails, just imagine them without their clothes on.

            Love, Rosie

            P.S. It has just occurred to me that the “visualizing nakedness” thing may not produce the desired result if you are a healthy, straight male and the raging lunatic liberal colleague/customer is a cute, 18 to 25 year old blond female. In that case you must try to imagine her as she will inevitably look in twenty or thirty years. It is well documented that feminazism has very deleterious effects upon the human body.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              That’s a pretty good answer, Rosie. We can remember that probably more conservative wisdom is passed on through humor, parables, and other stories than beating people over the head with rhetoric. If you want to do something like this, you’re hired. You could certainly do a Dear Abby shtick (which you seem good at) and combine it with pithy commentary on whatever subjects cross your mind (that is, not every column need be a Q&A…unless you want). And you can do it under the persona of the tough-guy (tough-gal) Rosie. A possible graphic for your column might look something like this:

              Just Testing

            • Timothy Lane says:

              I hope Harried in Harrisburg finds that answer useful. Realistically,a 2-year wait wouldn’t work (the juristocrats would no doubt agree with the faggy-boos that this was discrimination even if you could prove it), but a polite delay of a month or so might be sufficient — as long as it isn’t clear that this is intended as a rejection.

              • Rosalys says:

                As usual, Tim, you are of course correct – a one or two month delay is much more reasonable; but when has the left (especially as of late) ever been reasonable? Frankly, I doubt any excuse (other than, “I am a Muslim!” [watch ]) I’m sure the, “My cat threw up on it!” excuse wouldn’t pass muster either. My purpose was to be snarky, absurd, and hopefully a little amusing.

                I’m not sure I could sustain a “Dear Rosie” column, but there is another bit of absurdity coming from the left (specifically the AGW crowd) which has been sticking in my craw, and astonishingly, I haven’t seen anybody writing about it. So I guess it will be up to Rosalys to do so. (Or maybe Rosie will do it.) It will have to wait a bit as I will be away for a week and much to do in the few days left at home.

  4. Timothy Lane says:

    This may be as good a place as any to mention an article in the Federalist (also appearing in the Claremont Review of Books) on how the changes in Star Trek from the 1960s (when it represented New Frontier liberalism) to the modern versions (which represent liberalism corrupted by the New Left) shows the devolution of liberalism, filled with plentiful examples if the author’s point. The link is:

  5. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    While over two hundred generals and admirals believe the Iran deal is a threat to our national security,  and Iran’s leaders and its people chant “death to America and Israel,”  the Obama administration gathers thirty four votes from Democratic Senators to ensure the deal will go through.

    Mr. Kung has often mentioned to me “Follow the money” in terms of trying to understand what motivates Establishment Republicans. Well, Andrew McCarthy concurs in an excellent article: Why GOP Congressional Leaders Support the Iran Deal in Fact—Follow the Money.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      McCarty’s piece scratches the surface. Let’s run through the situation.

      Business growth in Europe and the U.S. has been less than stellar for some years now. Chinese growth has been on a downward path for at least a couple of years as well. How do we find new business to fill the void left by such slow downs? Iran!!!

      I do not mean that many of these people have not been trying to open up Iran for many years, only that the timing is very favorable for them, especially after the last congressional election before Zero leaves office. There is nothing “the People” can do until 2016.

      What businesses will profit from Iran opening up?

      1. Crude oil. This will not only be good for traders, but will help keep downward pressure on world prices and good for refineries around the world. The Iranian oil industry is antiquated so to update things will require modern technology in the hands of the mainly Americans, but also some western companies. Think of the companies which will profit. Not only the oil majors, but also the drilling and supply companies. Schlumberger, Weatherford, Halliburton. Of course there are many European and a few Asian companies which will profit as well.

      2. Refining. Iran must import distilled products and would love to expand its refining capacity. Who would profit? Foster-Wheeler, the major refiners in the States and Europe and Asia. Engineering specialists and designers. Catalyst producers, instrument and electrical equipment manufacturers.

      3. Aerospace. Not only Boeing and Airbus, but other small and medium airplane manufacturers around the world. Also expect military aircraft manufacturers to profit.

      4. Weapons. Manufacturers around the world will profit but likely mainly Russia and America.

      5. Consumer goods. With the release of $150 billion and the uptick in the Iranian economy, expect the Iranian people to go on a spree buying consumer goods made in the USA and elsewhere.

      6. Mining and metals industries. Iran has large deposits of metallic ores which they are keen to export. This will bring in hard currency and expand Iranian business contacts around the world.

      7. Power Generation. Big business for GE and others.

      8. Automotive. How many hundreds of thousands will be sold to the country?

      The list could go on in great detail. The fix has been in since the end of 2014, latest. Again, note the relation to the 2014 elections.

      The people like Corker and McConnell who are behind this win whatever happens. It is unlikely the idiot electorate will get rid of them in the next election, but even if these traitors lose, they will be rewarded with cushy jobs or board positions for their pains. This is the essentially corrupt thing about our system. It has always been around, but it is only with modern “scientific” governance, i.e. the bureaucratic welfare state, that it has grown to such monstrous proportions. Corker and several others should be taken out and hanged, but that is not going to happen so lie back and enjoy it.

      If one wishes to find a positive here, one could theorize that the geniuses in our government are trying to support a potential counter-weight to Saudi Arabia which has grown so wealthy and powerful since the fall of the Shah. Before his fall, Iran was truly a country which we worked with in order to play balance-of-power politics in the Middle East. I doubt we have anyone so clever in our State Dept. these days.

      And the Saudi’s have spread so much corrupt money around our elites that one would think they could buy off the types like Corker and McConnell. But who knows, perhaps they are tired of being soaked and have cut back on the flow of money.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Thanks for the detailed assessment, Mr. Kung. This site can therefore expect a surge of money and support because of all this. I’m looking forward to it.

        It’s obvious to people such as you and me, Mr. Kung, that giving nukes to Islamic crazies is a bad idea…even if in the short term you can make money off of them.

        If one wishes to find a positive here, one could theorize that the geniuses in our government are trying to support a potential counter-weight to Saudi Arabia which has grown so wealthy and powerful since the fall of the Shah.

        No doubt people rationalize this evil in a number of ways. One of the ways I parse this phenomenon (other than what can be explained by cold-blooded avarice) is that one of the interesting phenomenons of our time is the making of moral midgets. The Left is made up of moral midgets. Libertarians, by and large, are moral midgets.

        So it’s become easy to pretend that allowing Iran to have nukes is no big deal. In fact, given that anti-Semitism is often a backdrop to one’s worldview, it can be seen as an absolute good. Add to that the naive romanticism of Islam that is built into your typical college graduate these days (and for the last 40 years or so). They are the “religion of peace,” a once great civilization that has all the impulses toward enlightened democracy as Thomas Jefferson did. Don’t laugh.

        With Iran nuking up, the Saudis will have to follow suit. And there is some irony in that the Saudis spent so much money making Dhimmis of us all with their propaganda to the point where we’d make a deal like this with the “religion of peace.” They have, in some respects, purchased a real existential threat to their very survival. As much as we might suppose Iran will first use its nukes against Israel or a major Western capital, I find it much more plausible that an internecine conflict is where nukes will first be exchanged.

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