The Sky is Not Falling

SkyNotFallingSuggested by Pokey Possum • Everywhere we look there is evidence of our culture’s steep decline. Chuck Colson equips readers with the truth about the most difficult cultural and moral issues of our day and brings clarity and sanity to a world that seems to have gone mad.
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2 Responses to The Sky is Not Falling

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Pokey. I have a feeling that Mr. Colson is addressing the same general issues that we do here at StubbornThings: The culture is going nuts. What kind of a foxhole does one dig while it does so?

    Chuck has the religious answer. Perhaps their are secular aspects to that answer we can explore as well while avoiding the Utopian impulses of either the Left or the Libertarian right. And for $3.03 for the Kindle version, that seems like a very fair deal for this 252-page book.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Could be interesting, but I will say that the title gives me a different image — say, a refutation of global warming aka climate change aka climate disruption alarmism. I see James Hansen as Chicken-Licken, Michael Mann as Henny-Penny, the Goracle as Goosey-Loosey, and Barry Zero as Turkey-Lurkey.

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