The Prince of Peace Revealed Why They Hate Us

Christby Linda Harvey   12/23/15
The whole world waits this week for the advent of Jesus, for healing by the baby in the manger who became the Prince of Peace – because our divisions remain wide, our differences dramatic.

And that’s true even among professed Christians, some of whom have foolishly donned the Muslim hijab as a stand against the “oppressed.”

As a chorus of voices decries “hate,” it’s time to search our hearts while we use our heads. If we are Christians, that begins with a review of what the Lord already taught us about disputes and division.

Our leftist political leaders and many in the media ponder, “Why do they hate us so much?” Hillary Clinton thinks it’s Donald Trump’s fault, that he’s “ISIS’ best recruiter.” Attorney General Loretta Lynch promised to prosecute those whose rhetoric was too anti-Muslim.

Lynch has not promised to protect those inundated by hateful rhetoric from “LGBT” sympathizers and radical feminists, a daily occurrence for us pro-family and pro-life advocates.

Perplexed about the growth of ISIS and jihad in general, many assent to American guilt and assume we are obligated to modify our behavior based on the enraged reaction of those who want to set off bombs, shoot up company Christmas parties and fly planes into buildings.

There is another possibility. Unjustified hate is common to the human race, and we should expect it and prepare adequate emotional, political and spiritual defenses against it.

America may no longer be a predominantly Christian nation, but the words of Jesus should still convict many of us: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:18). Christ revealed the reality of unjustified hatred and that we should expect this in the course of living a fully engaged Christian life.

And He should know. Crucifixion is a horrendous death, yet it’s what the Creator of the world suffered at the hands of His creatures. It’s a daunting vision of what peace may have to look like before the world finally understands.

America is not perfect, but neither are its citizens hateful. It’s just that sensible Americans want safety for their families. It’s not “Islamophobic” to evaluate oppressive ideas and reject them and even go the next step – withhold hospitality to those with a “jihad orientation.”

Psalm 94 lifts up the cry of the oppressed: “How long, Lord, will the wicked, how long will the wicked be jubilant? They pour out arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting.”

Nowhere does Christ say, “And even if some don’t recognize Me as Savior and preach a false faith, it’s important for you who say you love Me to show respect to their beliefs and bow before their demands.” This would not be the message of the Christ of the Bible.

But back to why they hate us. Another reason might be lack of respect. We are acting like pathetic weenies who don’t know what we believe. Jihadists at least have a clear vision.

Avowed Christians are busy fawning before this false, oppressive and barbaric faith. Christian college professor Larycia Hawkins has now thankfully been put on leave from Wheaton College after she pledged to wear a hijab to stand in “religious solidarity” with peaceful Muslims because we “worship the same God.”

Where does a faculty member at a Christian college get such outrageous ideas? Islam is far from Christianity. Allah never had a son named Jesus, and in Islam, there is no crucifixion of Christ for the sins of believers, so to claim compatibility is to profess not just theological ignorance but a cold heart toward our resurrected Lord and His marvelous work of salvation.

That salvation is open to Muslims, too, by the way. There’s nothing exclusive in the claims of Christ. It’s only humans themselves who choose to shut themselves off from salvation by unbelief or false faith.

Sadly, Muslim communities are bastions of isolation, limiting access of especially women and children to different ideas. There’s nothing per se wrong with headscarves, but to do so in honor of Islam (which means “submission”) is to honor its false god and assent to its anti-freedom, un-Christ-like ideas.

The hijab to me represents the oppression Islam inflicts on its women.

By contrast, professors like Hawkins seem to be bypassing great opportunities to witness to Muslims about the Gospel. Why not proclaim that, unlike Allah, the one true Almighty God gives everyone free will, which is why our culture, founded on Judeo-Christian principles, starts with religious freedom as a basic premise?

Why be defenders of alleged “victims” who really aren’t? Hawkins and some of her students rush to the side of people who may be condoning the murder of innocent Americans in their workplaces, as they shop, or even children at school.

The silence of moderate Muslims is truly deafening. As they enjoy the benefits of American life, could they not find the human rights’ conviction to speak out and police their own?

So, we don’t need to figure out why they hate us. We know why.

Jesus told us. They love the darkness and their sin more than the light (John 3:19). Darkness can take the form of idolatry, jealousy, pride, needing approval from a peer group ( instead of God), covetousness, or sexual sin.

What is the answer? Later verses in Psalm 94 provide the reason for our hope: “Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers? Unless the Lord had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death. … But the Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge.”

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s remember that Allah will bow before Jesus, and so will we all.

Jesus rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nations prove the glories of His righteousness.

And the wonders of His love. Have a Merry Christmas.

MissionAmericaThumbLinda Harvey is president of Mission America and hosts a talk show on Salem affiliate WRFD in Columbus, OH. • (1518 views)

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25 Responses to The Prince of Peace Revealed Why They Hate Us

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I probably come off sometimes as obnoxious talking about the namby-pamby Christians whose first instinct is “social justice” instead of, well, the teachings of the Bible. Marx takes priority over Mark…and Matthew, Luke, and John as well.

    I read this article this morning and about fell out of my chair. Goodness sakes. The world has not lost its ability to talk sense. But it’s becoming rare. Thanks, Linda, for allowing me too reprint this here. Merry Christmas.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    This is why many non-Christians hate Christianity (I call them christophobes, and note that many atheists seem particularly hostile to Christians in a way they often never are to adherents of other religions, such as Islam). As a conservative, I can note that many liberals seem to hate conservatives in much the same way (which I call dextrophobia). I don’t hate liberals for disagreeing with me, or even disrespect them; we’re all wrong on occasion, after all. I don’t even hate them for their lack of integrity, though I do lose respect for them; again, we’re all imperfect. But for hating me for my views, I do hate them back in return — a deep, abiding, passionate hatred that doesn’t apply to those (few) liberals who don’t hate conservatives.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Our leftist political leaders and many in the media ponder, “Why do they hate us so much?”

    Jihadists at least have a clear vision.

    There is nothing complicated about the root of Jihadist hate. They do not hate us for what we are, but for what we are not, i.e. Wahabis, Salafists or Twelvers (all fundamentalist Muslims). The Koran is quite explicit as regards to fighting against the infidels to further Islam. In fact, the Koran divides the world into two spheres, the House of Islamic Peace and the House of War, i.e. everyone else.

    Some less than thoughtful persons keep on pointing out the the Jihadists have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims. This is faulty reasoning. The reason more Muslims have been killed is that the main battle taking place is within Muslim countries (this is a battle for the control and heart of Islam) and those Muslims being killed by the Jihadists are of two types, 1) those who are not “true” Muslims because they are not as fanatical as the Jihadists so they deserve to die, or 2) people who may be good Muslims but whose deaths are the inevitable cost of waging a holy war. They will receive their just reward in any case, so the Jihadists don’t have to be too concerned about them.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      That’s a very good point. They hate us (and everyone else that doesn’t follow their pre-medieval satanic cult) for what we aren’t — how true, and yet it never occurs to anyone (including me) to phrase it that way.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Thanks. I get tired of all these politicians and pundits claiming the Jihadists hate us because we love democracy, modernity, fill-in-the-blank.

        The points these people make are all symptoms of our basic failing not the basic failing itself, i.e. we are not adherents of the pre-medieval satanic cult.

        We could give up modernity, democracy and just about everything else which is valued by the West, but there are only two ways to mollify these Satanists.

        1) All of us to convert to Islam and follow their Dark Age belief,

        2) We allow the Satanists to conquer the world by force, but do not convert to their Dark Age belief. We will then have to accept servitude which would include the enslavement of non-Muslims, the not so occasional execution for not accepting Islam, second-class legal rights for all except Muslims.

        I do not see how the above points can happen, so the only logical course is to eradicate these vermin like we would rabid animals.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I see Rush Limbaugh agrees with me. Finally, someone with a huge audience is coming out and calling the spade of Islam the spade it is.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    One of the interesting aspects of Christianity, proper, is that a proper adherence to it is supposed to be uplifting, both for the mind and the soul. Consider the moral and intellectual retards being produced by our Leftist secular society. This is, to a large extent, the “New Man” that the French Revolutionaries had in mind.

    And this man is thin, shallow, and not particularly good. But what the culture at large has taught is that to believe in religion is to believe, as a popular atheist notion puts it, that you believe there is a flying spaghetti monster in your garage. Believing in God is said to be a mark of being baffled, if not intellectually and morally corrupted.

    But it’s just the reverse. Linda Harvey surely could go on and on about the touchy-feely aspects of Christianity, about loving one’s neighbor, turning the over cheek, walking the extra mile, seeing Christ in every beggar by the side of the road. And all this is good and legitimate Christianity.

    But that is not all there is to it. And the liberal Christians (that is, fake Christians) have simplified it down to Kumbaya Christianity where no one ever has to be judged. But this is wrong because we are, and should be, commanded to hate evil. And there are several intrinsic aspects of Islam that are hate-worthy.

    The moral inversion that has happened in our society has infected Christians as well. So this article by Linda was extremely refreshing. There are still people out there who get it. And they have to moral courage to take the slings and arrows from the Kindergarten “adults” out there who will call them “haters” for adhering to Christianity and actually distinguishing between right and wrong.

    Linda wrote what wise adults, particularly wise Christians adults, write.

  5. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Unjustified hate is common to the human race, and we should expect it and prepare adequate emotional, political and spiritual defenses against it.

    I tend to agree with Michael Savage that liberalism is a mental disorder. I believe, for many, what lies behind their rabid hate of Christianity is the emptiness of their lives. There is a huge void in them which cannot be filled. (It makes me think of the Goldie Hawn character in the movie, “Death Becomes Her”.) They won’t admit it, but I believe they envy the Christian’s faith and security in his belief in God.

    They do not hate Islam as they did not grow up in a Muslim world and have no emotional relationship to it. To their minds Islam is anti-Christian so it is good. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Whatever the basis of the emotion is, I have no doubt that you’re right that the key is their familiarity with Christianity. Elizabeth thinks most christophobes are angry at God, often by way of whatever church they were raised in. So they hate Christianity and Christians in a way they hate no other religion and its adherents, even when they define themselves as militant atheists.

  6. Rosalys says:

    A friend of mine, whom I had always thought to be a Christian, being very liberal has modified her beliefs over the years in obeisance to PC. She has embraced the celebration of homosexual “marriage.” She also has a Muslim, hijab-wearing friend, saying she is a lovely person and that Islam worships the same god Christians do, the only difference being that they do not believe Christ to be God or the Son of God. Well pardon me, but isn’t that the point? I, too, believe that Liberalism is a mental disorder. It makes people illogical, believe lies and develop crazy ideas.

    In a recent FB posting, concerning the House voting to reject Obama’s climate change regulations, she wrote, “Hatred of the president outranks any care for the planet or future generations.” She does those with a differing opinion a gross disservice by attributing rejection of climate change solely on racism (I have seen her opinion on those who dislike Barry O – it’s because he’s black!) Maybe we can’t stand the President because he is a Communist and is doing his best (and very successfully, I might add!) to bring America to her knees and destroy our country. Maybe our “denial” of AGW is based on the weighing of the evidence for or against. I’m sure it would horrify her to be told that her easy and cavalier dismissal of differing opinion is every bit as hateful as that which she attributes to “the right.”

    I have a real concern for her soul. She is very devoutly Episcopalian (which is not necessarily the same thing as Christian); but how far can one stray from the path before you find yourself on another road altogether? If we are not to judge, it is motives, as one cannot see into another’s heart. Actions we can judge, and we do it every day. Even those on the left do so, but disingenuously because they will deny it.

    Regardless of the current state of our world and country, and the insanity which abounds, I can and do wish you all a happy and joyful Christmas, because if there is one never-changing constant, it is that Jesus Christ is God and Lord of all!

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      the only difference being that they do not believe Christ to be God or the Son of God. Well pardon me, but isn’t that the point?

      No, Dear Rosalys. Whether your friend is aware enough to admit it, the point is that she is celebrating Leftism as a religion, not Christianity.

      Christianity is about the Creator of the universe, and the Creator of all creatures, giving us a do-over, a chance at something better through personal (not societal) transformation, although and because we are consistent and persistent f*ck-ups.

      It could be that Christianity is merely an invention, but it is what it is. And it most certainly is not meant to be the incarnation of PC, Karl Marx, or Saul Alinsky.

      “Hatred of the president outranks any care for the planet or future generations.”

      Again, she is showing that her religion is atheistic Leftism which has no other concerns but material concerns (parsed through the prisms of race, class and gender…and usually environmentalism as well). It can’t have any other concerns.

      Anyway, keep the faith — keep the real faith — Sister Rosalys. And have a Merry Christmas.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Some years ago, when Pope Benedict pointed out that Muslims had gained converts with the sword rather than persuasion, the Episcopalian leader was critical with the usual psittacine attacks on historical Christians. What made it interesting is that she referred to Christians, in general, as “they” rather than “us”. There are indeed Episcopalians who are real Christians, and who look elsewhere (such as to the Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria) for leadership. But the top hierarchy is basically the same today as Unitarianism.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        One things humans are very good at is simple-mindedness and avoiding moral responsibility. Men, and women, will always tend toward their normal ways and then put the gloss of religion on top to legitimize those ways. One way to do that is to filter out the difficult aspects and eat only the layer of vanilla icing on top. This is what those who spout “diversity” do and can never, ever find a behavior that should be condemned (for to do so is to be a “hater”).

        A real Christian doesn’t deny there are homeless people, for example. He or she simply expects to look into the individual cases and not use “the homeless” as either mascots to show how supposedly “nice” or “socially conscious” you are or as a cudgel to hit Western Civilization over the head with (the root of “social justice”). To look beyond the simple-mindedness and at reality is not uncaring. It is the only way to really care and to move beyond mere posturing, for having real facts (as opposed to “feel good” facts) is the only way to solve a problem…assuming that problem-solving rather than narcissism is the point (not always a sure thing).

        A real Christian understands that welfare is not charity and that charity is very, very difficult work because, ultimately, true charity is looking into the eyes of the salt of the earth and caring for them and finding fruitful ways to help them. It would certainly occur to a Christian to love those in need or who have gotten off track. It would not occur to a real Christian to blame “society” for the individual actions of people or to simply redefine sin as “good” because that’s how Oprah has decided the issue on TV.

        We may all be children of God but we are not meant to remain children. We are meant to grow in wisdom. And the comic-book like slogans from Leftist Christians (or, just “Leftists”) is the antithesis of wisdom.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Some years ago, when Pope Benedict pointed out that Muslims had gained converts with the sword rather than persuasion, the Episcopalian leader was critical with the usual psittacine attacks on historical Christians

        The below link is to an interesting piece which shows how Christians’ views regards Islam appear to have changed over the last 700 years.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Well, that’s very compatible with Pope Benedict’s comments. The problem is that Islam was, and remains, a religion and political ideology designed for Arab desert raiders. This makes it incompatible with modern civilization. Some versions are able to escape this trap (such as the mystical Sufis), but the common versions in most of the Muslim world haven’t.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I also read that article by chance the other day. It’s a very good one.

          Clearly a religion or ideology can appeal to men’s better natures…or their worse ones. But that ship has sailed regarding Islam. There have been so many victim groups declared that is is impossible for all these victims to say “Yeah, we’re all victims except for that group.”

          The propaganda is thick. Most people are given ideological cover by saying “What about the crusades?” My sister gave me that line this weekend, and I told her that the Crusades were a defensive effort against Islamic invasion, whatever the faults of some of the Crusaders may have been.

          But women, in particularly, are thoroughly habituated into the mindset of victimology that it leaves no room for the thing that they must do: discriminate. They must be able to weigh the differences between actual kinds of beliefs in the actual real world. Instead, most people have been simple-mindedly propagandized into the victim ideology of Cultural Marxism. Women have been taught that they are victims and men that they are victimizers (“white privilege” even).

          So there is no room left to reexamine these beliefs in order to note what is out there in the real world. And why should they? What benefit is there for stating truth in the real world these days? I read where New York just passed a law where you could be fined $250.000 for not using the right fake pronoun for the sexually baffled (transgender). Instead of men being rightly mocked for pretending they are women, we now have laws meant to intimidate us into silence.

          So what chance is there for your typical idiot Progressive to note that the doctrine of Christianity is much different from Islam? None. Massive blood hasn’t even been able to turn their head s on this one.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      A friend of mine, whom I had always thought to be a Christian, being very liberal has modified her beliefs over the years in obeisance to PC. She has embraced the celebration of homosexual “marriage.” She also has a Muslim, hijab-wearing friend, saying she is a lovely person and that Islam worships the same god Christians do, the only difference being that they do not believe Christ to be God or the Son of God. Well pardon me, but isn’t that the point? I, too, believe that Liberalism is a mental disorder. It makes people illogical, believe lies and develop crazy ideas.

      From what you have described, I strongly doubt this woman is a Christian. As regards her embrace of “homosexual marriage” you could refer her to my short piece on this subject, which you were kid enough to complement. There is more in the Bible to support my thesis if she wishes to read the words.

      I see no problem with having Muslim friends, but one must know that the Koran explicitly states that Muslims should not have non-Muslim friends.

      And when anyone says Muslims worship the same God that Christians do, I find there is little point in continuing the conversation. The intellectual vacuousness of such a statement is simply too profound to be overcome.

      How does the Holy Trinity square with Islam’s Allah? What you dimwitted friend doesn’t appear to get is that when a Muslim says, Christians and Muslims worship the same God, they are telling are not being honest. Muslims do not think the Trinity or any other idea of a Christian God is the same as Allah. They are saying we worship the only God correctly, you don’t.

  7. SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

    I can find no way to really distinguish between hate, extreme dislike, offense, distaste, detest, loathe, abhor, despise and on and on. So one day the bright stars in America will label a smile an offense and we will all meet new friends in jail or prison

  8. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I read this article this morning about the husband of an NPR woman getting beaten up by blacks on a DC subway…and the race of the attackers never being mentioned by her.

    This is a sick ideology…as sick as racism itself. It’s stupid, dumb, blind, and narcissistic. But what else can you do if you’ve been taught that to “discriminate” is bad? Well, you need to discriminate between good behavior and bad behavior. Maybe all people are as stupid as liberals. Under the smarter-than-thou liberal paradigm, if you mentioned that gangs of blacks are commonly beating up white people it would cause white people to hate black people.

    But whatever the case may be, aren’t we intelligent enough and compassionate enough to discriminate between what some sub-cultures are doing (based on various beliefs, likely racist) and what everyone, regardless of color, ought to be doing? So it’s okay for blacks to beat up on white? How is this good?

    Apparently liberals are so wedded to their suicidal belief (about Islam, about blacks, about queers, about “climate change”) that you can literally beat the hell out of them and they will say “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This has come up here before. If a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, it turns out that liberal ideologues are immune to such lessons.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        This is funny. No, I won’t even say “Funny but sad.” It’s thoroughly funny that a liberal gets the living shit beat out of him and there is no desire by the NPR spouse to even identify the suspects. Clearly this is racist-inspired black thuggery. And NPR and those like this stupid broad have a heart of darkness, for their “niceness” in not reporting black racism is aiding and abetting these thugs.

        Same with Islam. These “nice” and “sensitive” multi-culti people are laying the groundwork for mushroom clouds over Europe. I’m just guessing that will happen first in Europe, even before Israel, if only because the Islamic jihadists know Israel will strike back. Now, that fact could play in the hands of those for whom an apocalypse is the way to the Caliphate. But Europe is clearly a soft target, easily pushed over and already invaded by hordes of terrorists.

        I would say that we could “watch and learn” but few will learn even if Paris were to go up in smoke. They’d learn no more than they did from 9/11 or from the hundreds of major attacks by Jihadist in the last couple of decades. And, by the way, the Crusades were a response to Islamic Jihad. These evil nuts and their perverted ideology have been a plague on mankind since the 700’s.

        Liberals are nuts. I don’t mean to use intentionally provocative language. I’m not angry. I’m not lashing out. I’m just saying they’re nuts. They are a doomsday cult of denial. One of the shows I’ve been watching on Netflix is “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” This is, at best, so-so television, but I enjoy it for various reasons, not least of which is laughing at it. I’ve watched about 30 shows so far and there has not been one non-white criminal, except in smaller, off-center roles. But the main bad guy is always white. Always.

        This is truly funny. And sad. You see the kind of willful propaganda inherent in so much of Television. I might do a proper review of the show. But that’s it in a nutshell. Oh, and this show is funny because it’s also pornography for women. I call it “The man-hating show.” I tell my brother, “Hey, do you want to watch another episode of the man-hating show?” Women must really get off on this. Men are always the bad guys. Well, there have been a few bad women, but they are rare…and always white, of course.

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