The Party of Good Intentions

GoodIntentionsby Tim Jones5/16/15
For Democrats Good Intentions Always Trump Bad Results: How Liberal Policies Put People in Danger  •  Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Vietnam years, the Democrat Party unilaterally designated itself the Party of Good Intentions and therefore seems to believe it has a monopoly on being the compassionate ones. And the mainstream media along with Hollywood and academia continue to try to keep pushing the country in a leftward direction with its agenda of political correctness and emotional manipulation.

It has been a long time in the making, but reality is catching up with the truth. Basically the left and their mindset of moral relativism denies the limitations that exist in the real world and what happens when those limitations aren’t recognized or respected. The problem for the left is that feelings can end up being a bad guide to reality, and when reality comes crashing in and explodes (literally at times) their myths, then people get hurt.

For example, there has been the movement to convert public restrooms into places of transgender access. That this proposition was even being considered or implemented in some places is stunning. It is clearly an invitation for poseurs, i.e., a person who pretends to be what he or she is not, to invade the very personal space of women for sexual voyeurism or even the worst case scenario, rape. But with the left and the Democrats, feelings must not be hurt even at the risk of putting others in danger.

What may be the most egregious example is the left’s sympathy with radical Islam, whether they know it or not, that’s born out of cultural relativism. It was bizarre to hear them on television and on social media attacking Pam Geller, the head of Stop the Islamization of America and the organizer of the Draw Mohammed event in Garland, Texas, where two Muslims wanted to replicate the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Thankfully they were unsuccessful and ended up losing their own lives.

The left lives on in denial of the very real threat that radical Islam represents to the country. There will be a day of reckoning for the left and unfortunately for the country when the inevitable happens and another 9/11 occurs that will kill a massive number of Americans.

Because reality is catching up with the truth that liberalism is a failure, the left has now resorted to blatant lying bordering on hysteria in advancing its agenda of complete government control and of destroying boundaries disguised as good intentions. Ben Shapiro put it succinctly in writing “Why The Left Lies”:

“The left’s myth-making will continue. And there will never be consequences for that myth-making because … their failures spring from caring, no matter who gets hurt.”


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3 Responses to The Party of Good Intentions

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I think the key to figuring out how liberals prioritize which groups receive attention first, even at the expense of other liberal identity-politics victim groups, is primarily based on numbers — the smaller the minority, the higher the priority. Of course, they also have a general mindset of categories (race, sex, sexual preference) and a rough set of priorities.

    Muslims are considered non-white, and thus receive protection as a racial group (and are a small minority in America, which makes them by definition a victim group everywhere), whereas Jews are considered white, and thus opposed as an oppressor racial group (again, this applies everywhere, even in places where Jews are hunted to death by far more numerous Muslims).

    In this respect, we might notice that the “transgendered” are a small minority, and thus receive absolute priority. It doesn’t matter what this does to anyone else, and the obvious consequence of enabling voyeurism and rape is something they refuse to consider. And as long as they control the appearance of reality, nothing matters — least of all the actual harm done.

  2. Anniel says:

    The constant lying with no thought behind it is destroying any confidence the people might have in the political leadership. Even if a good and honorable leader comes along, no one will believe it. I think Ben Carson is good and honorable, and he speaks out, but I’m not sure he’s ready yet. Can you imagine the lies that will be told about him? We need a real shake-up in both parties and truth to be told about what we face from jihadists, homegrown or not.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      One problem with a totally corrupt political leadership is that it leads to a corrosive cynicism that accepts such corruption grumpily on the grounds that “they all do it”. Such cynicism fails to consider that even if true, punishing the guilty might induce some others to refrain from misbehaving if only due to caution about the consequences.

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