The New Year is Upon Us

2015NewYearby Anniel  12/27/14
It seems but a moment from Christmas, the season of joy, to New Year’s, the day of reckoning. Already we are somewhere near the beginning of the 2,015th year from the birth of our Lord, and what lies in store for us now?

More Obama/Congressional/Judicial/Bureaucratic idiocy? More war at home and abroad? More atrocities at the hands of fools? More Gruberizing? The New Year is by tradition a time for looking both backward and forward – we hope with some degree of realistic dignity and sanity. But the wrecking crew around us has been doing so well at shocking us and freezing our responses that it has become hard to keep a grip on anything, let alone dignity and sanity.

I hunted for an old poem that gives me a sense of how the New Year sometimes seems, and this year does it ever:

Any Millenniums Today, Lady?

As I was wandering down the street
With nothing in my head,
A sign in a window spoke to me
And this is what it said:

“Are your pillows a pain in the neck?
Are they lumpy, hard or torn?
Are they full of old influenza germs?
Are the feathers thin and forlorn?
Bring ’em to us,
We do the trick,
We return your pillows, spanned-and-spicked,
Re-puffed, replenished, re-curled, re-ticked.”

As I was wandering down the street
With too much in my head,
The sign became a burning bush,
And this is what it said:

“Is the world a pain in the neck
Is it lumpy, hard or torn?
Is it full of evil ancestral germs
That were old before you were born?
Bring it to us,
We do the trick;
In twenty-four hours we return the world,
Re-puffed, replenished, re-ticked, re-curled.”

As I was wandering down the street
I heard the trumpets clearly,
But when I faced the sign again

It spoke of pillows merely.
The world remains a derelict,
Unpuffed, unplenished, uncurled, unticked.

By Ogden Nash

So here we are in that really derelict world, still unpuffed, unplenished, uncurled, unticked, wishing we could heal the lumps and bumps and do away with the old evil ancestral germs. What a task we have before us friends, just trying to speak truth in a world shorn of that very fragile commodity, a world where there are people in every country who relish lies and tumult more than peace and joy.

The task laid upon our shoulders seems insurmountable, almost debilitating in the immensity of the suffering about us. Yes, a tremendous
task indeed. Yet these are the times we are given. We are the people the Great God works through.

As long as we keep the faith, and nourish our hope and charity, then there is a way that will open to us. I promise to remind you, if you promise to remind me. • (1217 views)

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4 Responses to The New Year is Upon Us

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    We shall see if 2015 is a much-improved version of 2014. Given who’s running things here in America, I wouldn’t bet on it. Perhaps, if we had leadership that was on our side, things might work better. Perhaps, if colleges didn’t serve all too often as liberal madrassas, things might work better. Perhaps, if journalists chose to report the truth instead of propagandize on behalf of their political agenda, things might work better. But that is a lot of perhapses, and none of them seem at all likely.

  2. Misanthropette says:

    Another year; more hope, more faith, more love, more cheer. I wish rather than believe 2015 will set right the innumerable wrongs we endured in 2014; truly an “Annus Horriblis”.

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