The Man Who Knew Too Much

Suggested by Timothy Lane • A family vacationing in Morocco accidentally stumble onto an assassination plot. The conspirators are determined to prevent them from interfering. Includes Doris Day singing the Oscar-winning “Whatever Will Be, Will Be.”
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Music doesn’t merely show up and help with plot exposition, as it does for example in Calamity Jane (also featuring Doris Day, and in which she sings another of her most famous songs, “Secret Love”). There are two places where music plays a key role in advancing the plot, and one of them is “Whatever Will Be, Will Be” — which became Day’s signature song. There’s a certain amount of mild comic relief, not least in the ending when Jimmy Stewart (Dr. Ben McKenna) tells the guests who have fallen asleep waiting for them, “Sorry we were gone so long, folks, but we had to go on over and pick up Hank.” It took a large part of the plot, including two of the three deaths in the movie, for them to accomplish this.

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