The Making of a Movement

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What is it that makes a TEA Partier? Well, I guess that is truly hard to pin down – but I’ll give you my thoughts, and tell a bit of my journey there.

TEA, Taxed Enough Already. This movement has its roots in fiscal responsibility, and the notion that our Nation simply wastes too much money. Without that common bond, I guess we’d all still be Libertarians, Constitutionalists, the Religious Right, the Moral Majority, Right Wing Conspirators, Conservatives, Crackpots, the Paranoid, Disgruntled Republicans….just about any voter that doesn’t fall neatly into the GOP or even the Dem Party.

TEA (Taxed Enough Already) – that’s what started it. Ballooning budgets and rising taxes. What happens if this spending is left unchecked? Do we just continue to drift towards wealth redistribution and a more powerful, centralized government? You may have seen some of our earlier members decked out in colonial garb. The passion and dedication has always been strong, and the parallelism to those days should not be casually dismissed.

TEA – the spending has got to end, and the government has got to shrink. Omnibus Spending Bills? Nearly $1t in a Stimulus Package? Buying out GM? Rewriting contract law? Dictating R&D and manipulating Wall Street? Too Big To Fail? 100 weeks of unemployment benefits? ObamaCare? This was nuts. This was not America. This has to stop! Thank Heaven Scott Brown broke the Super Majority lock being elected to the Senate, and the midterms are on the horizon.

TEA – Wow, the movement sure did grow! So much was happening so fast, everyone could find something to freak-out about. Our Country was heading in the wrong direction and we needed to change course. Everything being done, was done via the Dems alone. They gleefully froze out any GOP input, not caring such input was representing millions of Americans. They even manipulated around Scott Brown and rammed ObamaCare through. Republicans threw every wrench they could into the works thinking, “If only we can hold on until the midterms, then we can stop and undo all this madness!”

Part 2:

TEA – or perhaps “sea” is more fitting. We caught a wave, and a Red Tide washed over the Nation – a veritable Red Sea emerged! Our Nation was ready to attack some long standing and terminal problems we’ve been ignoring. America was talking about how our Country is living solely upon its credit card – a dangerous concept every American could understand. Jobs were gone, nest-eggs had disappeared, companies went out of business, Obama was directing taxpayer money to friends and supporters as paybacks; Obama was “Mr. Potter” (Its a Wonderful Life). As things went south, he sat there buying up assets and gathering power – sticking taxpayers with the tab. In fact, he was ready to raise all our taxes to continue this spree. A screeeeeeeeching halt occurred in the Lame Duck Congress. The Omnibus failed and the Bush tax cuts remained in place, but nothing comes to a dead stop. Our slamming on the brakes left skid marks in the form of extending unemployment benefits.

TEA – John Boehner, who lead the GOP in united opposition to the Liberal’s policies in the earlier Congress, wept as he took the Speakers gavel. This man was just given the hammer to drive the stake into the heart of Big Government, and he had the backing of a large majority of Americans. Yes, Republicans did not flip the Senate, (and the lack of support the RNC and some PACs, Rove most publicly, offered some candidates was the first sign of problems), but after pulling the Omnibus and tax hikes – this was obviously a different Senate.

TEA – for the nearly 100 freshmen going to DC, orientations were planned. These Congressmen were sent to do a specific job, and we were going to have them prepared to do it, we were going to protect them from immediate indoctrination to “business as usual” in Washington. Why, the “Young Guns” , whose tax policies, and Paul Ryan, the unofficial “debt dork” in Congress, have the understanding of the situation (and now the support) to put it in place. Why, we will even soon be rid of ObamaCare, an atrocity with minimal support outside of Dem leadership, as Mr Boehner proclaims he will “starve the beast.”
The luster is returning to our “shining city upon a hill” at last!

Part 3:

Wow, talk about a screeeeeeeching halt! The House Crier, er….Speaker, spent the better part of the spring and summer undercutting the very Representatives, and their constituency’s directive, that placed him in power. He frittered away time trying to orchestrate this “Grand Bargain” with the President, the same president who’s policies were so overwhelmingly rejected by voters just a few months earlier. Months negotiating away leverage he was granted by the people; months of helping to change the “conversation” America was having over growing debt and the scope of government’s growing role in our lives; months eroding the foundation laid to repair America’s ills, our debt, our waste, our restrictions, the abuse of power and disregard of the Constitution and law, the instability of existing entitlement programs, the perpetuation of waste and excess; months of pivoting from “starve the beast” to “we only control 1/2 of 1/3 of the government”. Our deficit guru was missing in action after having been bought, er appointed, Budget Committee Chair. A fine and influential post, but useless if not used to keep and defend our task.

TEA – or is it the TEAsed Party. We saw Europe, we saw Minnesota, we saw “Fleebaggers”, saw Democrats announcing they won’t run again. We heard in the MSM how Obama must pivot, as did Clinton, after suffering such a midterm rebuke, we saw the multiple failings of the Left in Wisconsin, the disbelief of our situation as Americans looked upon Occupy Wall Streeters storming Maddison, Federal employee/unions demanding taxpayers continue to fund benefits of members, even as our homes were foreclosed upon, our jobs disappearing, our savings being spent just to survive, and government “assistance” roles exploding. We TPartiers were justifiably confused and (more than) a little bit concerned. What the heck is wrong with Republican leadership?

Then we “got” it. It was time to fish, or cut bait. The Budget Control Act of 2011 vote; the Spending Cap Crisis; Government Shutdown Day – it became crystal clear that Boehner never meant any of his bemoaning during the 111th Congress.
It was never about fixing the Nation, it was all about being recognized and “respected” in DC. It wasn’t the PATH Obama/Reid/Pelosi took that bothered Boehner, what John couldn’t stand was being irrelevant under Super Majority rule. • (1047 views)


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Home is the Detroit suburbs, though I spent some years in Rochester, NY. Thus, I'm quite familiar with what a fiscal, societal, and governmental failure looks like.
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7 Responses to The Making of a Movement

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    “Taxed Enough Already” is certainly true. But the only reason the TEA Party movement wasn’t called “Abysmal Statists Suicidally Hemorrhaging Our Land Effectively Socialistically” is because of the acronym that would produce.

  2. pst4usa says:

    Well we hoped they could stop the madness, but now that they have the chance to do things like defund 0bamacare, force 0bama to violate the Constitution again by attacking Syria for unknown reasons without Congressional approval, or actually cut the size of the government,(remember that congress is supposed to hold the purse string). They look to John Boener to lead, good luck with that.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      They look to John Boener to lead, good luck with that.

      I’m assuming that was an intentional misspelling. If not, it suits him. Only thing is, a boner shows more sense of direction than this guy.

      • pst4usa says:

        So true Brad, and yes it was. One thing you can say for the member in which we speak, in most cases, it knows just where it wants to go.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Geoph, I put that section in as Part 3 since it seemed to go with the others and didn’t really say enough to be part of its own article. Thanks.

  4. Timothy Lane says:

    It was careless of me not to notice this previously. There are a couple or points to make. For one thing, the Sequester forced through as a result of the 2011 budget negotiations (and the readiness of most Republicans to stand up for it) has worked to keep Obama from jacking up spending as he wanted. For another, the effectiveness of the TEA Party movement can be seen in effort by Obama Gang enforcers to attack grassroots conservative groups.
    On the other hand, it’s hard to defend the actions of the Republican leadership. A recent estimate is that only a couple dozen Republican hawks will support the Syria war resolution in the House — but the top leaders were quick to endorse it.

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