The Left’s Real Agenda

by Tim Jones7/31/15

The Destruction of Conscience — If everyone is guilty then no one is guilty  •  Leftists want to destroy all traditions, boundaries and especially God because they all impinge on seeking unfettered and guilt-free pleasure. They have and continue to dupe a large segment of the population since their agenda is disguised as personal freedom and choice.

But their real agenda is defining deviancy down while in the process (most) everyone buys into their Godlessness and “freedom” to do what makes one feel good or happy without a guilty conscience. Such a seductive message. Who doesn’t want to feel good or be happy. Old taboos become the new normals and life goes on.

It’s like the alcoholic who loves company when getting perpetually drunk because he or she knows they are not the only ‘guilty’ ones. And if everyone else is doing it well that must make it okay. This is why the leftist agenda is so adamant in its support for gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of pot. They know they’ve crossed moral boundaries in a big way so when these things become acceptable and mainstream, the conscience is relieved of its guilt.

Their strategy has succeeded in getting big business into buying into the Progressive promises of their pseudo-liberation. Big business doesn’t want any kind of restraints either that limits the instant gratification that comes with shopping and buying. It’s all too willing to go along with the mainstreaming of deviancy in order to maximize the number of its customers and profits all in the name of not wanting to offend anyone.

The left keeps bashing big business which is both ironic and comical since it has bought into their deceptive agenda hook, line and sinker. “Just Do It”, the famous Nike promotional line, is just a Progressive rallying cry to not let anything stand in the way of seeking happiness and personal pleasure. So go out and buy a new pair of Nike’s and your redemption, salvation and eternal bliss will be complete.

From the article Major U.S. companies go nuts for ‘gay’ rights posted on WorldNetDaily:

“Corporate America has cast its lot with the LGBT activists and Planned Parenthood, apparently deciding it has more to lose by siding with traditional family values.”

Progressivism is the religion of hedonism and nihilism. Follow it to its logical conclusion, without moral boundaries that remove any sense of personal guilt, leads to self-destruction and in turn the eventual breakdown of everything else — family, tradition, virtue, obligation, responsibility, discipline, restraint — in the pursuit of mythical self-liberation and self-realization.

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One Response to The Left’s Real Agenda

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Note that liberals find it more convenient to blame “society” for crimes (collective guilt rather than individual guilt), but also things — cigarettes, guns, SUVs, and anything else they find it convenient to denounce. In this respect, those who are called “liberals” or “progressives” are in fact neither — liberals believe in individual freedom and equal opportunity (neither of which is a modern liberal priority), and progressives were firm believers in middle-class morality (Shaw probably had no use for them).

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