the hummingbird

by Gibblet9/12/16

a chirp, and then a zip I hear
and from my muddy knees I stir
to see it hovering in mid air
a winged rainbow hanging there

with long beak glistening like a spear
to claim the nectar hidden where
the flower blooms at stem’s bent end
amidst the garden bed I tend

and with keen eyes it glares at me
to size me up as if to see
that for the prize should we contend
what would be the final end

I know this bird without a tweet
who seeks the blossom juices sweet
I’ll weed another place to see
if hummingbird will follow me

Gibblet 9/9/2016

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2 Responses to the hummingbird

  1. Rosalys says:

    Hi Gibblet. After reading your comment on your “Brad’s Way” poem, that you got no response to your other poetry, I just had to seek it out to find what the fuss was not all about. I begin with your “the hummingbird.” I’m not a big fan of the sort of serious poetry, which would get one recognized as one of The Great Literary Geniuses! I much prefer the charming whimsey you have presented here. And I like limericks – so keep ’em coming, Brad!

    I would say that I admire good writing, but my sin nature takes it far beyond – I envy!

    • Gibblet says:

      Rosalys, Thank you for taking time to read my poems. Now I know that when I submit a whimsical poem or limerick, it might a light to brighten your day!

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