The House that Liberalism Built

by Tim Jones7/10/16

Liberalism has evolved to the point where it now dominates virtually every segment of American society: media, academia, entertainment and now even religion and corporate America. The Protestant Church has basically become a wing of the Democratic Party and that stalwart of biblical orthodoxy and tradition, the Catholic Church, is now being sucked into the vortex of liberal culture by many of the recent pronouncements of Pope Francis. Tech giants Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon and all of the other companies of Silicon Valley are populated by liberals. Starbucks and Target have recently professed their love for all things liberal.  

So with American society infiltrated and taken over by Progressivism in every possible nook and cranny, how is that we continue to experience the racial divisions that have exploded during the Obama administration? Does anyone out there find it absolutely bizarre that we have the first black president in history and race relations have never been worse since the tumultuous 1960s. 

The other day Lester Holt of NBC News displayed some rare journalistic integrity with his first question posed to Hillary Clinton in an interview following the Dallas shooting deaths of five policemen, “During eight years of the Obama presidency, the needle on race relations hasn’t moved at all. If anything, it’s gone backwards. What will you do differently to improve them?” Her answer was utter drivel and she spoke of the usual platitudes and banalities such as keeping the “national conversation” going on in order to improve race relations. In a more recent statement, she put all of the blame on white Americans. I assume that includes herself.

So when we continue to hear the complaints and lamentations of senseless killings, it can all be traced back to one thing and one thing alone, the failure of the welfare state built by Democrats to improve the living standards of lower and underclass Americans. (In many ways Republicans have become co-conspirators over time in maintaining the welfare state since they too derive power from it and therefore have a compelling interest in maintaining the status quo.) 

It is demonstrably true that the all of the welfare programs that have kept blacks dependent on the federal government have not moved the needle one degree since their creation by Lyndon Johnson in the mid-sixties. Over 22 trillion dollars have been spent since then on the “War on Poverty” that began with his Great Society initiatives. 

So when I see the rage of blacks and “racial divisions” getting worse, I see them raging against the House that Liberalism built, one that they continue to support year in and year out by voting for Democrats. It’s getting harder and harder to feel sympathy when they’ve been conned into believing their saviors, the Democratic Party, really have a vested interest only in maintaining the status quo in order to sustain their political power while pretending that “we need to change, we need to be better.” This is hollow, deceitful and corrupt rhetoric of the worst kind. And until black Americans wake up to this fact, nothing will ever change.

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12 Responses to The House that Liberalism Built

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The effective takeover of much of corporate America, partly be infiltration and partly by intimidation, reflects the process of Gleichschaltung (coordination) by which the Nazis, using similar methods, took over most private institutions after Hitler became Chancellor. This is no accident, but an essential aspect of fascism (which accepts private enterprise as long as it obeys the will of the Party and the State).

    Of course, it’s been pointed out by a large number of conservatives that the exploding cities have been totally controlled by Democrats for decades. It would help if GOP leaders made the same point, and pressed it home, to such a degree that even the synoptic media had to cover the issue.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    “Black Lives Matter” is basically black separatism because the result will be fewer police going into substantially black neighborhoods. Have fun with the drug gangs dispensing justice in those neighborhoods.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      The cycle of poverty, despair, drugs, unwed mothers, absent fathers, and pay offs from government both local, state and national continues to accelerate at a pace that even surprises the most cynical. We all know where it is headed and the catastrophic loss of lives and treasure that the final catharsis will produce.

      Various groups, separatists both black and white, have predicted a race war since the 50s, mostly they have been wrong, and perhaps they will still be wrong. I wonder how many near misses it will take until the cumulative effect is the same.

      My wife used to say that there is little or no need for me to go armed. She now makes no comment, and it is not because she has given up on the subject.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I think we’d all agree that any negligent behavior by a police officer should be dealt with, regardless of the officer’s skin color and regardless of the victim’s skin color.

        But it seems as if blacks have a thoroughly racist attitude going in. It’s as if they want to excuse blacks for their bad behavior by blaming it all on the occasional arrest-gone-bad (which are quite often completely legitimate arrests that are turned bad because of the black suspect).

        I mean, look who is pushing for “separate but equal.” It’s the Black Lives Matter movement. They want special treatment. Well, it sucks when a white man is improperly treated by the police. But do whites riot?

        The end result of black racism toward whites can only be letting black criminals run rampant, and historically they do the worst damage to other black people. That’s a high price to keep a sense of racial grievance going. Get ready for our own official “no go” zones.

        • Rosalys says:

          If they do indeed succeed in creating no go zones, the people in their neighborhoods will be the first to complain that the police aren’t keeping them safe.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            You would think. But look at Detroit and other cities run by Democrats. Safety, progress, economic opportunity, and just plain happiness can be much less important than a sense of racial grievance…which is, really, just a euphemism now for black racism.

  3. Rosalys says:

    The issue I have with this, otherwise spot on, essay is the title. The House That Liberalism Built? Modern day, mal-named Liberals build nothing! A fitting analogy to their efforts, over the past century or more, would be that of a demolition crew’s careful placement of explosives in a structure tagged for removal.

    Liberalism/Progressivism/Socialism/Communism/Whatever-the-name-of-the-day-ism, do not, will not, cannot build. For all of them, from the useful idiot sort to the spawn of satan variety, intentional or not, the path leads to destruction and mayhem. I decided last week that I will no longer call them Liberals. They are the dark forces of destruction; I will call them the Destroyers.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I can’t name names, but I was bike riding with a card-caring member of the NEA last night. A very nice fellow. And a very liberal fellow. We eventually did talk some politics (don’t remember how we got on the subject, but I’m always game). Touched on BLM. Touched on illegal immigration. Touched on the breakdown of the black family.

    And for teaching technique, I came away (once again) with this vibe from teachers that kids are to be placated, entertained, and atta-boyed into a good education. My view is that, yes, by all means make it interesting if you can, but education is still about eating one’s vegetables because they are good for you.

    I would pull my child out of the public schools if at all possible and join some kind of home-schooling group. It needn’t be overtly religious in orientation. But if the point is to educate, then get on with it. They’re not doing that in the schools. They are molly-coddling.

    And it occurred to me once again how the male of the species, in particular, has lost the ability to be the law-giver, to be the one who draws a rational, fair, and just line in the sand and says “This far and no further.” While talking with t his guy there was never any way to come to any conclusion about any problem because nothing was ever the fault of those who were having problems. The problem was always external to them.

    And that is, of course, the heart of Progressivism/Leftism. The meme is “society” is always at fault (meaning white Christian male straight capitalist society, for the most part). You cannot problem-solve with liberals because nothing is ever someone’s fault. And if you get anywhere near the root of the problem you are “blaming the victim.”

    Out. Get them out of our public school systems. And, men, you need to start acting like law-givers again.

  5. Timothy Lane says:

    Myron Magnet has an article explaining why he considers Obama the worst president in our history, a veritable anti-Lincoln of racial division. He looks at the progress that was being made, and what has happened since the Black God was elected. In conclusion, he points out that the behavior Obamacrats is exactly what one would do if a race war was the goal. The link is:

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