The Farce of Congressional Hearings

Hearingby Anniel3/7/16
After following what has happened to The Benghazi Families, Mark Steyn/Judith Curry, victims of crimes by illegal aliens, and now the ICE Agent, why would anyone on God’s green earth subject themselves to the insanity of a Congressional Hearing? Are the witnesses even heard? Are they ever respected as human beings?

Let’s start with the Benghazi Families, those attention seeking liars, according to the oh-so-honest Hillary Clinton and some members of Congress. Patricia Smith was denied information about her son Sean’s death when the State Department, under Hillary, said she was not “a direct family member.” Really? His own mother?

Glen Doherty’s sister, Kate Quigley was made to feel guilty when Hillary lectured her on her need to feel pity for the “uneducated” Libyan people and Clinton said that Ms. Quigley needed get over her own problems.

There are so many visuals showing how often Hillary lied about Benghazi, and that she did so with a straight face. That her followers believe her in spite of irrefutable proof baffles honest people.

All of the Benghazi family members at Congressional Hearings were belittled and ignored when they gave testimony.

At Congressional Hearings on Global Warming, both Mark Steyn and Judith Curry, were treated abominably by both Democrats and eGOP members until they took matters into their own hands. See Stubborn Things article Mark Steyn Goes To Washington (12/29/15), and Steyn’s own column for details.

Victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens and their loved ones might as well speak to the walls for all the good Congressional hearings do them.
Donald Trump has highlighted their sufferings at many of his “Build the Wall” rallies. Are anyone but Trumpsters listening? Not so you’d notice.

And now the former marine and ICE Agent turned ICE Union Representative, Chris Crane, has added his testimony as to what occurs at Congressional Hearings. His story concerns Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight Hearing just before their bill was put on the floor. The news of Crane’s testimony lasted all of three days because no one wants to hear about it. Breitbart News presented the story, and, yes, the questions by Breitbart are so repetitive as to be boring, but the question is not only is it true, but does it continue to show a trend of dishonesty, particularly on the part of Rubio, his cronies and Congress? See: Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them

No one, not even Rush, seems willing to touch this story with a 10-foot pole. Why? Are they afraid to question Rubio’s conservative principles? Do they not believe the story Crane tells? Rubio’s response about Breitbart taking part in “conspiracies theories” was so ludicrous as to be laughable.

The information I take away from these situations is that more Americans need to publicly walk out of demeaning Congressional Hearings, and then let their voices be heard in other public venues such as letters to the Editors of local news sources, complaints to local, state and federal legislators, anyplace they can get a hearing.

How does a citizen demand Redress of Grievances? One site gives an overview.

After reading this site it would seem that any serious effort based on First Amendment Redress of grievances has never been anything but a POLITICAL ploy for a very long time, AND THAT ANY PETITION FOR REDRESS RECEIVED BY ANY BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT CAN SAFELY BE IGNORED, just thrown in the trash can of history. Why should that be? How have we as citizens let it happen?

Maybe we really do have no other choice than to become supporters of the Convention of the States movement.

The Kabuki Theater of the entire government continues unchecked by anyone, including We the People. We have so much to be angry about and no one in the DC corridor seems to even notice. I guess they think they are invulnerable and better than we are. • (718 views)

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The First Amendment gives people the write to petition for a redress of grievances, but makes no promises as to what will result. As for Congressional hearings, they can be useful when the congressthings are actually interested in learning something, but those aren’t the ones receiving the most PR (for various obvious reasons). The problem is that the Demagogues, being liberal, have totally closed minds impervious to (and uninterested in) any contrary and thus inconvenient facts. GOP Beltway Bandits are the same where their political agendas are concerned.

    • Anniel says:

      I don’t suppose Trey Gowdie ever really believed he could make much of a difference when he had to sit on a committee with the idiot Elijah Cummings, but he paid a terrible political price when even his constituents began to lose faith in him. The things I’ve heard for several months now are that Gowdie made a lot of furious noise, but never had anything to show for it. And weren’t the Dems Trying to bring a lawsuit against him? Yep, just try and PROVE anything at a Congressional hearing. Spitting in the wind for sure.

      Rubio should fold up his tent and steal away in shame.

  2. GHG says:

    Yes, We the People no longer have a representative government. That includes the people who are angry because they realize it, as well as the indoctrinated drones who don’t.

    I in no way equate this problem with the Nazis treatment of the Jews except for one aspect – the lack of fight by the Jews against the Nazis that I think was the result of a slow imperceptible change and an almost unfathomable realization of what was happening to them too late to mount a defense. Likewise the American public has been slow to realize the sea change in the relationship between the government and the governed and now find ourselves at a profound disadvantage to fight against the tide.

    I fear our fate is sealed but I don’t want to go down without a fight.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      There is one interesting link to the Nazis here. Hermann Göring was asked by the psychologist Dr. Gilbert at Nuremberg to explain the Führerprinzip. He noted that in the Weimar Republic, the government had accountability without power. The Nazis reversed this. So the liberals who seek to eliminate accountability for their behavior in power are acting in accordance with Nazi principles.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I in no way equate this problem with the Nazis treatment of the Jews except for one aspect – the lack of fight by the Jews against the Nazis that I think was the result of a slow imperceptible change and an almost unfathomable realization of what was happening to them too late to mount a defense.

      I think your interpretation of what happened to Jews in Germany somewhat off base.

      The Nazi’s were a racial socialist party. They made no secret of their hatred of the Jews even before coming to power. Once they obtained power, they steadily moved to disenfranchise Jews from German life. Jews were encouraged to emigrate, but they could only take a small amount of property and money with them. In spite of that, between 1933 and 1939 something like 305,000 of the 522,000 thousand Jews in Germany left. After Krystalnacht in late 1938, there could be no doubt in anyone’s mind about Jews’ future in Germany.

      I happened to have had close personal contact with between 10 and 20 of these German Jewish emigres and they knew what the Nazi’s were about. Unfortunately, the German Jews had become very integrated into German society and many felt more German than Jewish. Even knowing what the Nazis were doing, it was emotionally difficult to leave. It broke their hearts.

      What’s happening here is very different.

      • GHG says:

        Mr. Kung, you’re quite right – a poor analogy. There are too many differences to use it to highlight a similarity. The point I failed to adequately make is there is an element of gradualism in both which fostered a reluctance to believe the unbelievable which was that their friends and neighbors had become their enemies. It is likewise in our situation albeit not life and death as it was for the Jews in Nazi Germany (again – apologies for the poor analogy).

        When one sees Obama with his daughters it is apparent that he loves his children and wants the best for them the same as the rest of us want for our children. The thought that he wants to tear down our way of living is dismissed without further thought – it is assumed he just has a different philosophy to achieve what is best for all. Those not paying attention beyond Obama’s photo opportunities have been unaware that he is the enemy of our culture and now that that realization has finally started to dawn on more and more people it may be too late to mount a defense.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          Thanks GHG,

          I just wanted to make clear that what we in America have allowed to happen to us, is very different from what happened to the Jews in Germany.

          • David Ray says:

            What makes it clearer is the book “From Darwin to Hitler”. It’s a book that wouldn’t surprise me if half the people that visit this site hasn’t read already.

    • Anniel says:

      I’m not sure how some things work, but – for about a week before Rubio began the “small hands” kerfuffle, the news made a big deal about Hitler’s nether regions, lack of one testicle, small penis, and I wonder if this was a set-up to equate Trump as Hitler in the minds of voters. Are dishonest politicians like Rubio that idiotic? Personally, I really don’t care to hear about men’s pissing contests, of any sort.

      Mr. Lesser, I’m with you. Freedom is too precious to lose, and it is not “free.” Any suggestions about what we can do?

      • GHG says:

        Any suggestions about what we can do? Only the ultimate – prayer and lots of it.

        I’ve often pondered the question how did we get here? and I don’t mean metaphysically. I mean how did we come from the founding of our country to where we are now. There are touchstone points along the way but it has been a gradual and multi-faceted set of events and cultural changes that have us here today. I believe there has been maleficent influence to steer us off course. Maybe it was always inevitable – the “human heart” is what it is. But it is the human heart that is the thing that must be changed for evil to be stopped. So while I find it interesting to theorize how we as a country ended up where we are today, it all boils down to the only thing that will make a positive difference is each individual heart within the collective turning to and relying on the providence of God. And isn’t that the human story from time immemorial.

  3. David Ray says:

    Sandra Fluke only supports your article. Her “congressional hearing” was only a mere PR optics sham. (Hence she got fawning, uninterupted time with the cameras pulled in close so as not to reveal the lack of live bodies & lack of real interest.)

    • Timothy Lane says:

      That wasn’t an official hearing. The Demagogues had pulled out one of their witnesses on the subject of the constitutional aspects, and offered Fluke at the last minute. The GOP said no since she wasn’t going to address the actual topic. So the Demagogues held their own “hearing” to puff Fluke.

  4. David Ray says:

    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse would hate this article.
    He’s so disgracing himself in a hearing (he wants to sic the FBI on any who differ on bullshit global warming, er, i mean Climate Change)

    At least Sandra Fluke’s time was only a staged event. Senator Whitehead seeks to use the force of Uncle Sam against any in business. (Mark Stein isn’t at this hearing.)

    Just a thought, but if Anniel were to categorize & document these “hearings”, it’d be a good work.

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