The Dream Poem

by Fashqn1/26/17

I still remember a dream where you spoke to me with love
Assuring me that one day I’d be with you in Heaven above

You turned to me and spoke my name and there was no fear or dread
Though I knew you’d seen each thing I’d ever thought, or done, or said

I knew right then , beyond any doubt, as I stared into your face
That all had been forgiven me and I was covered by your grace

But that dream happened years ago and somehow along the way
I lost the peace that filled my heart when I awoke that day

I cannot seem to hear your voice, or picture you at all
The truth of you I’ve known for years feels locked behind a wall

There’s such a heavy hurt inside; each time I call Your name
I can’t recapture what I felt; and nothing is the same

I read the Psalms and realize that David had doubts too
But faithfully he still pressed on and trusted his soul to You

I’m trying now to follow His example and find relief
Pretending that my heart is not afraid or filled with grief

But with each hour that passes; every day; and every week
I long to know that all is well; I long to hear You speak

For as I look around me at the gifts I have down here
I realize that none compare to feeling Your presence near

While I am grateful for each blessing that daily comes my way
I know I’d find such peace inside if I could hear you say

That I am on the right path still; and one day I will see
All Your glory , in that place, that you revealed to me

There seems to be no one around who fully understands
I feel I’m lost and all alone in a foreign distant land

But one thing I can say for certain ; one thing that is true
Though I may doubt I’m in Your will; I’ve never doubted YOU

I know how wonderful You are; how mighty and how strong
I’ve shared my love for You with others; I’ve worshipped You in song

I’ve knelt beside my bed in prayer ; sharing how I feel
Because I have a deep belief that You are good and real

I hope that knowing this will help me hold on every hour
Relying not on feelings but remembering Your power

I come to you with a humble heart, Lord, asking just to know
That confidence and joy I felt in that dream of long ago

Written by T. Helms

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