The Conscience of a Liberal

Conscienceby James Ray Deaton3/6/16
It’s really getting old to constantly see all these press conferences, articles, prepared statements, blog posts, tweets, twitters and tattles in which some Democrat/liberal/progressive spills his guts in a public cri de coeur about how he cannot in good faith support, vote for, stomach, stand, countenance or in any way accept Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democrat nominee for president of the United States.

Conscientious pledges not to vote for Hillary are just getting out of hand and becoming too numerous to count. Democrat elites and pundits denouncing her candidacy proliferate daily. The televised announcements from failed past Democrat presidential contenders pointedly denouncing Hillary and her presidential bid only serve to drive home this point. Personally, I feel that calling Hillary a fraud, a phony and a con-woman does nothing but bring down the level of political discourse in this election.

We all know HRC is an old-school, longtime speechifying, screeching, lying, lamp-throwing, foul-mouthed, emailing, foundation rigging, bimbo-destroying political hack — but at least she didn’t ride a down escalator with a bad comb-over and big ego when she officially announced her run for the presidency. (She didn’t do that, did she?)

And we all know this and that scandal has followed virtually all of Hillary Clinton’s political life from Whitewater and Rose Law Firm billing records, to bimbo eruptions, to the White House travel office, Craig Livingstone investigations, Chicago Mercantile Exchange cattle futures, Benghazi, top secret emails, bathroom servers, etc., etc, etc. But, really, what difference, at this point, does it make? It’s like asking what the meaning of the word “is” is. When you get to that point in a discussion, it’s better to just move on to a new topic.

You can’t help but be impressed by all these (public) demonstrations of integrity and upstandingness. To denounce Hillary and her sleazy ways is a true act of political courage.

But isn’t all this Hillary bashing simply a day late and a dollar short? With her wins on Super Tuesday and her super delegate pledges, Hillary looks to be on track to win her party’s nomination. Even voters who feel the Bern are unlikely to stop the Hillary Express. The 2016 Democrat convention in Philadelphia will likely be more of a coronation than a nomination. Conscientious objectors aside, Hillary Clinton is likely too big to fail. Unless, of course, FBI director James Comey, casts his vote against a Hillary Clinton administration. Then all bets are off. But even then, nothing is certain and a question arises: Can a sitting president pardon herself (and/or her husband) for past and future crimes?

James Ray Deaton, one of six known conservatives living in Berkeley, Calif., is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.
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7 Responses to The Conscience of a Liberal

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Yes,, she can pardon herself, if the Gangster-in-Chief doesn’t do so for her. But she won’t have to worry even if Comey recommends indictment. Top enforcer Lynch will never do so unless the Ganglord tells her to, and this will only happen if the synoptic media discover where they’ve hidden their own conscience (assuming it still exists) and push him to do so despite what it would do to the Party.

    Something like this once happened in Louisiana. A governor (Earl Long) had been put in the loony bin by his opponents, but he was still governor and fired the director of the asylum and replaced him with someone who let the governor out.

  2. Tom Riehl Tom Riehl says:

    Am I alone in recognizing this as a screeching indictment of our treatment of Trump? Too funny. Political courage, indeed.


    I don’t know how to react to Deaton’s piece. First, I’m not aware of any vast number of important Democrats declaring that they can’t in good conscience support Hillary. Second, if this were to occur would it not be a welcome sign that there was some tiny element of decency left in the Democratic Party? Third Deaton seems to suggest that it’s somehow too late to make a big deal out of Hillary’s criminality and total lack of integrity – unless those passages were intended as satire.

    Most of the powers in the Party are still behind Hillary – Obama hasn’t allowed her to be indicted and the super-delegates have favored her over Sanders (as Deaton noted, although with her lock on the black vote she really hasn’t needed them).

    Hillary Clinton is a fundamentally dishonest human being, apparently committed numerous crimes while Secretary of State, and is completely unworthy of being President. Republicans had better to be ready to start saying so during the fall campaign; until then, I for one rejoice if any Democrats (other than Jim Webb, who’s driven by his own ego) display a single ounce of integrity and refuse to support her.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This is why so many of us suspect that it was a parody reversal of Establishment Republican hostility to Trump — even though his misdeeds pale in comparison to Slick Hilly’s.

  4. David Ray says:

    Well we know Billy Dale or Juanita Brodderick won’t be voting for “Sir Edmund” Hillary.

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