The Con Is Up

by Tim Jones2/7/14

And the truth is finally coming into the light  •  The silver lining of Obama’s presidency is that the con is finally being exposed. The Democrats’ real objective is to expand the government, get as many people on the payroll as possible, get as many people on its entitlement programs as possible (including illegal immigrants by executive action) and wah-lah, you continue to grow the political base of the party exponentially. Thankfully millions have seen through the con which is why we now have an all-Republican Congress.

For years Democrats have perfected the art of projecting their hidden agendas and objectives onto Republicans as being the party big business, the rich and and by extension the selfish. It is truly an amazing thing to see when you strip away the veneer of their pretense and success of pulling off a kind of moral inversion trick where you have created an identity and image for yourself (the Democrat party) as the altruistic and compassionate ones while successfully painting your ideological opponents (the Republican party) as the greedy, evil, corrupt, selfish and uncaring ones.

The template was first created back in the days of Tammany Hall where the Democratic political machine in New York City provided the patronage to thousands of immigrants the jobs they needed thereby insuring their loyalty and in turn their votes. It’s easy to make the case that this was Lyndon Johnson’s objective with his Great Society program that created the welfare state and has grown into the monstrosity that it is today.

Entitlement has become just another form of patronage that insures the loyalty (and then the votes) of the beneficiaries of governmental programs. So when the welfare state secured the entire black vote for decades, Democrats continue to use the template and precedents created by Tammany Hall and the Great Society in the same manner. Obama has virtually ignored his black constituents his entire presidency on economic matters because he knows their loyalty is forever secure. His goal now is to secure the loyalty of the Hispanic vote for generations to come just as LBJ did with the blacks. Thankfully the truth is a hard thing to hide.

For the millions of Democrats that vote from their heart and out of compassion because they believe this is what the party stands for have been taken for a ride and played liked a fiddle. And for the tens of millions of others either on the government payroll and or on government handouts, they know who their master is and aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them. Their loyalty and their vote for the ‘Party of Big Government’ is secure. The only problem now it that you can’t keep the truth hidden forever. It will always eventually find its way into the sunshine. The con is up.

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3 Responses to The Con Is Up

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Very accurate. Note that Theodore H. White pointed out in The Making of the President that even in 1960, black voting in inner-city precincts was virtually unanimous for the Democrats — because of welfare, not civil rights. Nat Hentoff found out a few years later when he tried to improve ghetto education that Adam Clayton Powell opposed his efforts — uneducated welfare recipients were his voter base. And even Democrats like Bobby Kennedy, who claimed to want to raise the inner-city blacks up, chose not to fight against their misbegotten leaders.

    This is why I referred to the Obama electorate in 2012 as the leeches and sheep coalition.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The problem is, as Lincoln said, “you can fool some of the people all of the time.” And this percentage has grown tremendously over the last few decades.

  3. Sotto Voce says:

    Accurately encapsulates the motive behind the left’s methods, and for those who are paying attention, the con IS up. However, the battle to roll back the assaults on our freedoms is going to be daunting when so many of our so-called leaders on both sides have been corrupted by the siren call of power fueled by money.

    One small note to the editor: It’s “voila” (French for “there it is”), not “wah-lah”.

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