The Comedy of Terrors

ComedyOfTerrorsSuggested by Timothy Lane • A horror spoof in which a funeral director, who is in arrears on his rent, aggressively pursues customers to bolster his business–and the fact that they haven’t died yet doesn’t seem to dissuade him.
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    In this, Basil Rathbone plays Price’s landlord, and Price later is surprised to realize how long it took him to choose him as a customer — it’s like killing two birds with one pillow (that being his preferred tool of drumming up business). But Rathbone has a problem with catalepsy, which makes it very amusing when Joyce Jameson sings “He is not dead but sleepeth” at the funeral, unaware that this is literally true).

    Eventually Rathbone goes through the funeral home like an avenging angel but is eventually disposed of by Price, who is left exhausted. Karloff, as his father-in-law, gives Price some of the “medicine” he keeps in a bottle with a skull-and-crossbones — and then is sadly disappointed that this emptied out the bottle. (Jameson had been protecting him from it whenever Price served him so, but she had just run off with Lorre, who is Price’s assistant and loves her singing voice. In truth, she’s a fine singer until she gets to the end of a song, at which point her inability to end properly shatters glass.)

    At the end Rathbone wakes up again, so after all of that Price is the only one dead.

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