The cancer of Trump supporters

by Brad Nelson9/4/16

Trump apparently gave a pretty good speech at a black church in Detroit yesterday. Both Clinton and Trump were invited to speak and only Trump showed up. Part of Trump’s speech was posted in an American Thinker article:

For centuries the African American church has been the conscience of our country.  It’s from the pews and pulpits and Christian teachings of black churches all across this land that the civil rights movement lifted its soul and lifted up the soul of the nation.  It’s from these pews that our nation has been inspired toward a better moral character, a deeper concern for mankind, and a spirit of charity and unity that binds us all together.

The African American faith community has been one [of] God’s greatest gifts to America and to its people.  There is perhaps no action our leaders can take that would do more to heal our country and support our people than to provide a greater platform to the black churches and churchgoers.  You do right everyday by your community and your families.  You raise children in the light of God.  I will always support your church and defend your right to worship.

This is boilerplate “kiss the baby” kind of political stuff. But it’s a departure from claiming that Ted Cruz’s father helped assassinated JFK. It’s the crazy man looking sane, even presidential, which we’ve all been hoping he’d do (and make it real, not just be a prop).

Well, I’m certainly convinced the man can read someone else’s speech. I’ll give him that. And he did show up in a territory one would think politically hostile to him.

Curious, but expected, is the top post by a wanker at America Thinker who, instead of snatching victory from the jaws of victory, snags the petty small-mindedness of yet another embittered Trumpkin. andrewfalcon writes:

Continue to make your idiotic statement that “Trump is not conservative.” We never said he was, and so what if he isn’t. I haven’t seen any evidence that anyone “conservative” has accomplished anything that’s slowed down the leftward lurch in this country that really began accelerating 25 years ago, when guess who showed up on the national scene? That’s right: the Clintons. And now, here they are again, trying for another lease on the WH.

Continue to make your idiotic statement that “Trump is the only candidate who ran in the GOP primary that would lose to Clinton.” No. Trump is the only candidate who has even a smidgen of a chance to withstand the blow torch that the media, DNC, and Clinton machine are ready, willing, and able to throw in the direction of any GOP candidate. Everyone of the other 16 would have been starting the slow fade by now. For details, see Dole, Robert; McCain, John, and Romney, Mitt. Bush 43 lucked out and didn’t run against a Clinton or 0bama. That’s the reason he won 2 squeakers, not that he had any better goods than the other 3.

Continue to make your idiotic statement that “Trump is nothing but a crude loudmouth who only made it because his daddy gave him an inheritance; he’s nothing but an orange baboon.” Blah! Blah! Blah!

You can go right on making your idiotic statements, but please don’t continue to think you’re fooling anyone that your protestations are in any way related to wanting a change from the status quo. That you’re just so pure of heart that you couldn’t possibly consider voting for someone who is so vulgar as Donald Trump. Please, enough of the vapors and clutching at pearls. Admit it, you want Clinton. Join the handful who come around here and freely admit they’re Democrats who want nothing more than the opportunity to throw a t u r d in the punchbowl. You gain nothing from continuing to wail for that mythical “conservative” superman who should rise up from who knows where so Trump can be kicked to the curb. We have no more use for your idiocy than we do for the self-proclaimed marxocrats. At least they’re being honest about who they are. #NeverTrump, you’ve been outed for the frauds you are.

Is the point to beat Hillary or to mock, berate, and otherwise abuse people who have very good reason to question Trump’s fitness for high office? That was a rhetorical question. Don’t answer it.

And then listen to the rest of the lunatic Trump supporters who can’t wait to put the capital “V” on vindictive:

Of course. They don’t care who wins or loses as long as they get to keep the cushey government gig. We used to execute traitors.

One decent person, in response to the insane andrewfalcon, tries to talk sense to this ferocious zealot:

Trump’s Finest Hour. Yours – not so much. He is out building bridges now. You are still bleating old war cries and gloating. Put away the sword and join Trump in adopting a humble and prayerful attitude. Otherwise you undo the goodwill he is fostering now.

His reward for talking sense? The_Heretic70 answers:

Are you stupid? Or just whiny?

Although Hillary is certainly corrupt and the far Left is a nasty bunch of people, it is arguable that the rank-and-file supporters of Hillary (or at least those who will vote “D” in the presidential race) are much more decent people than the Trump supporters. One ought to have a healthy amount of trepidation regarding empowering either camp with the presidency, but especially the fascistic Trump forces.

Brad is editor and chief disorganizer of StubbornThings.
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Brad Nelson

About Brad Nelson

I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.
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25 Responses to The cancer of Trump supporters

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    From the beginning of his candidacy it was clear that a significant percentage of his supporters actually are lunatics, bigots, malcontents and just despicable people.

    Unlike the Left, they continue to spew their filth even when you agree with them on certain points. The philosophical Left wants converts, these people want to burn down. They are that stupid.

    The hate (and I rarely use that word in politics) simply oozes out of them. It is impossible to have any type of discussion with them.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      The Left wants converts, these people want to burn down. They are that stupid.

      That’s a very thoughtful and important distinction, Mr. Kung. Of course we recognize amongst a large chuck of the Left (in fact, core to their dogma) the desire to destroy and tear down just for the sheer joy of doing so. We’re dealing with people who are unhappy and vengeful and just want to make other people share their misery.

      It would appear that the general culture has tacked Left in a great many ways, for many Trump supporters (perhaps most of the hardcore supporters) seem to share this trait.

      One thing to notice is that Trump and his mindless minions are first and foremost hostile to conservatives and their values. That some supposed conservatives have come out in support of this man shows how shallow the conservative gene pool has been for some time. I agree with the person (I forget who) who originally wrote that conservatism has devolved from a movement wherein the point was to pass legislation and wield power in conservative ways to a mere identity.

      So who does the rational, patriotic American want to empower, Hillary’s criminals or Trumps deranged zealots? It’s by no means a clear call.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I am convinced a good number of Trumpkins of this sort are leftist, such as union members who have lost their jobs to illegals. They certainly aren’t conservatives who respect property and rights.

        So who does the rational, patriotic American want to empower, Hillary’s criminals or Trumps deranged zealots? It’s by no means a clear call.

        Drop the names Hillary and Trump and you have an age old political question.

        The advantage with crooks is that one can to some degree predict their actions and reason with them as to whether or not a particular action is worth the repercussions which might result from it.

        With zealots, not so much.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          We can pray that Trump will be a good president should he be elected. But it is a foolish man who overlooks this man’s raucous flaws and the ill nature of many of his supporters.

          And perhaps you’ve just restated P.J. O’Rourke’s witticism about Hillary being “wrong within normal parameters.” There’s something to be said for taking the known crook over the zealot.

          Either way, I truly believe that Trump’s foul character is reflected in the supporters you typically see online.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          No doubt many Trump zealots are leftists. It’s likely that some of them in fact are leftist trolls, hoping to drive some people to Slick Hilly. Art Buchwald gave many examples of similar ideas in a piece he wrote on the 1964 campaign, and Robert Heinlein had a number of items like that in his story “A Bathroom of Her Own”. (He also said many of the political tricks in the story were ones he had used in his own brief political history — but he would never say which.)

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            It’s likely that some of them in fact are leftist trolls, hoping to drive some people to Slick Hilly.

            It is no doubt true that many of the insane bloggers during the primary and now were and are leftist trolls. I pointed this out early in the campaign, but have no idea how many people paid attention.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I think you’re right, Timothy. And Sean Hannity is secretly one of them.

            I’m not so much caught up in the mindless partisanship of it as I am watching the ratchet click Left and seeing supposed conservatives defend this. Amazing. I realize that conservatism as an active political movement either is thinner than I had supposed it whores itself very easily for a shot at power.

            As I said, being part of the “Holding Your Nose Brigade” and voting against Hillary makes some sense. I have no argument with that. But what a bizarre election cycle. And note that I’m seeing things long-range. I (and Mr. Kung) have long talked about the “little monsters” being created by our fatherless society (and created by a whole host of other ill influences, of course).

            That’s why I say I’m not coming at this blinkered, stuck like a fly on flypaper looking at this from a partisan divide. I see our civilization tumbling in stages. Trump/Hillary are simply an affirmation of this. No way in any America that makes sense do either of these low-lifes get to where they are now.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    By Trump supporters, I suppose you refer specifically to zealot bloggers. Even Ann Coulter isn’t quite that bad.

    Incidentally, some days back I read about a pair of polls, one in Nevada and one in Arizona. In one, most respondents preferred to vote for an arrogant ass rather than an unrepentant criminal. In the other, most respondents preferred to vote for a loud-mouth jerk rather than a habitual liar. Theoretically this is good news for Trump.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Timothy, who knows how online relates to offline regarding a great many things? But there is a preponderance of such abysmal Trump attitudes online. It is so consistent it seems at least representative of something.

      If, say, all of Mother Teresa’s advocates were disagreeable assholes and pinheads, I might wonder about this lady’s character if she draws such supporters to her.

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    However badly many Trumpites behave on the Internet (and probably in person), so far they haven’t gotten violent in a way that many leftists do. His rallies have repeatedly been targeted by leftist activists, most supporters of Sanders but no doubt including many who now support the Fire Witch. And certainly she has expressed no objection to their shenanigans, and has actually supported (as have virtually all Democrats) the often-violent behavior of the Occupiers and Black Shakedowns Matter.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I hope Trump wins (because Hillary could indeed be worse) and that the adults around him will keep wiping off a little of that clown makeup. I’m not committed to “never Trump” like the airhead dolts brand all those who have a problem with this jackass (and who rightly have a problem with Hillary as well).

      It’s not enough to bludgeon supposed “never-Trumpers” with loud rhetoric in order to cover your own candidate’s faults and your own mindless zealotry. We conservatives were told from day one that we didn’t count, both by the way Trump treated Cruz and by the way he dismissed the idea of needing unity in the party to win. If you want more damn votes, go and get them. But it seems, as Mr. Kung has surmised, what the moral and intellectual idiots want is simply payback. And it shows.

      Berating rational and morally sane people for looking askance at this boob of a man is not the way to get it done. The way to get it done is getting this boob of a man to stop acting like a boob of a man and like someone worthy of being a Republican president of the United States. And it’s no use squinting your eyes and pretending his is the second coming of Daniel or even Ronald Reagan. It’s not up to the sane part of the electorate (what is left of it) to squint their eyes. It’s up to Trump to live up to the standards of the Republican Party. Something clowns (they come in all varieties) such as Paul Ryan should do as well.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        So the song for 2016 could be “Send in the Clowns”. I’m sure Stephen Sondheim would have mixed emotions about that.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Ain’t it a bitch?
          Aren’t they a pair?
          Hillary cackling like mad
          Trump in orange hair
          Send in the clowns

          Ain’t it a shit?
          Can you approve?
          One a security risk
          The other a boob
          And where are the clowns?
          Send in the clowns.
          Don’t bother they’re here.

          Sung to the Judy Collins version, of course.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I now curseth thee, Timothy, for putting the damn song in my head. It’s going to be there all day long now.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    While understanding that half the reason Will writes what he does is to seem “reasonable” to the liberals on ABC (“conservatism” is a book-selling proposition and an identity of muted respectability, not activism, and much of the respectability is a function of how you are perceived in the eyes of liberals), I think he does make a few good points in Donald Trump’s Rise Reflects America’s Decay. A few choice quotes:

    The Republican party’s candidate evidently disdains his credulous supporters who continue to swallow his mendacities.


    “Charismatic authority,” wrote Max Weber in 1915, seven years before Mussolini’s march on Rome, causes the governed to submit “because of their belief in the extraordinary quality of the specific person. . . . Charismatic rule thus rests upon the belief in magical powers, revelations and hero worship.” A demagogue’s success requires a receptive demos, and Trump’s ascendancy reflects progressivism’s success in changing America’s social norms and national character by de-stigmatizing dependency.s


    Urban without a trace of urbanity, Trump has surrounded himself with star-struck acolytes (Mike Pence marvels at Trump’s anatomical — “broad-shouldered” — foreign policy) and hysterics (Rudy Giuliani: “There is no next election! This is it!”). When Ferdinand VII regained Spain’s throne in 1813 he vowed to end “the disastrous mania of thinking.” Trump is America’s Ferdinand.


    The American project was to construct a constitutional regime whose institutional architecture would guarantee the limited government implied by the Founders’ philosophy: Government is instituted to “secure” (the Declaration of Independence) pre-existing natural rights. Today, however, neither the executive nor legislative branches takes this seriously, the judiciary has forsworn enforcing it, and neither political party represents it because no substantial constituency supports it.

    Conservatism is dead. I agree with Will. No substantial constituency supports The American Project as described by Will.

    The ease with which Trump has erased Republican conservatism matches the speed with which Republican leaders have normalized him. For the formerly conservative party, the Founders’ principles, although platitudes in the party’s catechism, have become, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, “a kind of civic religion, avowed but not constraining.”

    The beginning of conservative wisdom is recognition that there is an end to everything: Nothing lasts. If Trump wins, the GOP ends as a vehicle for conservatism. And a political idea without a political party is an orphan in an indifferent world.s


    Conservatism’s recovery from his piratical capture of the conservative party will require facing unflattering facts about a country that currently is indifferent to its founding.

    I’m extremely disappointed in those who either voted for Trump or support him in any way other than holding one’s nose and voting against Hillary. But I have to live in Realityville, as Rush often says (and he is not living there himself at the moment as he makes light of, and seemingly promotes, Trump’s proposal to add another massive Federal entitlement).

    Hillary will likely win in a landslide. In retrospect, I think two important things were established in that first debate: One, Trump is a one-trick pony, an interesting sideshow at best (who was not at all interesting during the first debate and proved to be easily bated by Hillary). Two, Hillary did not look crazy or irresponsible. She stayed on her anti-capitalist message based on the modern civic ontology that we are all victims of various external hobgoblins, particularly those who organize under the banner of the Republican Party.

    Hillary just needs to stay on her feet and not foam from the mouth to win this. Donald showed no reason to vote for him. Everyone knows Hillary is corrupt. But that matter less than that she forwards the civic religion of Progressivism where kumbaya vibes radiate continuously from the mantras “diversity, multiculturalism, equality, and tolerance.” And as noted by a recent article I read, the point now of government is not the protection of inalienable rights but the eradication of pain.

    Catholics know that their popes can be deeply flawed (as Francis is) but they don’t give up on the overall project. Progressives (we are all Progressives now to one extent or another) are the same. And Trump does have an appeal as a certain type of Progressive. He supports abortion and Planned Parenthood. He supports men peeing in women’s bathrooms. He supports a whole bunch of core Progressive things like that.

    But what he doesn’t have is the claim to the kind of moral authority that Hillary does. And it’s not my moral church that she’s a cardinal in. But she is a cardinal in the civic religion of Progressivism. Trump is kinda-sorta on the margins of that because he’s a media star. And angry people love his bombast. But overall, he does not forward any kind of appealing civic morality as morality is understood today. He makes a few good points. Many people will nod in agreement. But all Hillary has to do (a very big if…she should pay big money to the Kung and Nelson political consultant agency) is avoid sounding like everyone’s screeching ex-wife, continue to pound Trump as an apostate of “true” Americanism (as Obama does in constantly saying “That is not America”), and seem like a reasonably pleasant and competent person.

    No one cares about policy, per se. The details don’t matter. Just paint the villains plainly and then show you “care.”

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I believe I read that article by Will (and if not, I eventually will), or at least comments on it. I’m not as pessimistic as Will is, though the situation is dire indeed.

      Herold’s The Age of Napoleon notes that the European monarchies were poorly represented in that period (which no doubt helped the Corsican), and Spain was the worst of the lot. In particular, he notes that Ferdinand (then the heir, his title being Prince of Asturias) hated his father, his mother, and the chief minister (Godoy) — and that only after a very large number of Spaniards died on his behalf did they learn that those were his only good qualities.

      An interesting response to college lunacy that could go here as well as anywhere was reported by Jazz Shaw at Hot Air. When the University of Michigan gave its students the right to choose how they’d be called, including some suggested genderless pronouns, conservative activist Grant Strobl chose “His Highness” for himself. Jazz Shaw noted that he isn’t a royal — but then, someone with a Y chromosome is equally not really a woman. It’s a good send-up, and it will be interesting to see the response.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I’m not as pessimistic as Will is, though the situation is dire indeed.

        Although I think Will makes many good points, I parse what he says in terms of “the drama of the day” (which Rush is now painfully and routinely doing). Will is a prognosticator-for-hire and that’s it. Endlessly talking about how many Jeffersonian angels can dance on the head of a Washingtonian pin is his trade.

        Reality is different outside his bubble. Will is right about many things, but his is a “right” that is merely rhetorical, a parlor game at best. In the real world outside his bubble there are often harsh realities.

        One of those is that any Republican is going to have to play the “I feel your pain” angle. The nice thing is that he can do so honestly if he would simply point out the pain inflicted by the Democrats in the name of “nice.” But he has to be honest and forthright about it. The facts (if not always the emotions) are on his side if he will take his own side.

        What is Trump? He is doing what no other conceivable candidate could have done. He’s making Hillary look reasonable.

        “His Highness.” Love it.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      America appears to be quickly descending into “rule by capriciousness.” This is, pretty much, the way humanity has been ruled throughout most of history. Has America had its moment in the sun?

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