The Borough Treasurer

thebureautreasurerSuggested by Brad Nelson • After serving time for fraud thirty years earlier, Mallelieu is now mayor of Haymarket; Cotherstone is the borough treasurer. Both have served the town well. Then a blackmailer arrives in town to capitalize on his knowledge of their background.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Mr. Kung recommended this book to me originally. Other books by J.S. Fletcher can be found for free at

    Although there may be one or two coincidences that soften the credibility of the plot, the outstanding point in Fletcher’s favor is his smooth writing style. Have you ever had to re-read a paragraph, not because it contained complicated ideas, but because of clumsy structure? This novel (so far, that is…I’m exactly 70% into it) is devoid of that. It reads like velvet instead of sandpaper.

    This is more of a plot-driven novel than a character-driven one. Still, it is not superficial. And although there is little of what one might call “flowery language and descriptions,” this is made up for by just getting on with the story. I’ll grant you that a bit of high literature (in the form of describing both characters and settings) would have added to the novel. However, the less-is-more character of it makes it a pleasure to read.

    And the author has not made the fatal mistake (so far) of an overly complex plot. What he writes is believable rather than eyebrow-raising Agatha Christie fare. I like his style. If the book holds together until the end, I will read another one.

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